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Political Careers Will End.

How many times has this happened? Republican’s like Pat Toomey and Ben Sasse say all the right things. Judge nominees like John Roberts, Amy Barrett, Brett Kavanaugh, and Doug Souter promise to obey the Constitution and the moment they get … Continue reading

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Q-Anon is Likely a Deep State Disinformation Campaign

The claims are based on a few “super sources”. The claims are uniform across many groups and individuals and almost always invariably end up being wrong. They told citizens that it’s OK and to “Trust the plan” (aka do nothing … Continue reading

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Trespassing Equals Terrorism and Insurrection Now?

When the Kavanaugh protestors breached the Capital and the Senate building the media praised them. Occupy lefty types have “breached” the Capital and government buildings since the 1960’s. Remember sit ins? Bernie Sanders bragged in his book how he occupied government … Continue reading

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