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Why the Supreme Court overturning ROE v. Wade is constitutionally correct.


The legal reasoning used in ROE v Wade was “outcome based” and used pretzel legal logic to get where the judges on the court wanted it to go. This behavior undermined the legitimacy of the court. Many left of center legal scholars who are pro-abortion have said the same in their writings.

No rational person wants nine unelected elite law school grads to decide our social issues. That is what elections are for.

Does anyone seriously believe when the 14th Amendment was passed in 1868 that it was Congress and the States’ intent to create a constitutional right to abortion?

The majority of the world does not allow late term abortions and in that the United States was an outlier. This court decision does not ban abortions at all, it simply leaves it to the states to decide for themselves.

This does not mean that “Republicans want to ban birth control” or any such thing. These new rulings are simply making the point that if the Constitution does not address an issue it is left to the political process. It’s called democracy.

Justice Alito wrote of Roe

Roe was on a collision course with the Constitution from the day it was decided… Wielding nothing but “raw judicial power,” the Court usurped the power to address a question of profound moral and social importance that the Constitution unequivocally leaves for the people.

Kari Lake Puts Democrat Attack Ads on Her Twitter Feed – LOL

When the Democrat attack ad is so over the top and silly that you wonder if it came from the Babylon Bee why not take ownership of it for a good laugh?
Candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake certainly is having all the fun. 

CNN Tries to Ambush Kari Lake. Instantly Regrets It (video)

CNN vs candidate for Arizona Governor Kari Lake. Bust out the popcorn!

Does Civilian Ownership/Carry of Legal Guns Affect Homicide Rates? Yes, But Not In Ways Many Would Anticipate

The United States is the gun capital of the world. Is it also the murder capital of the world? The recent Supreme Court ruling striking down restrictions on concealed carry prompted us to take a look.
According to the Rand Corporation, only 0.4% or 123 out of 27,900 gun control studies met minimum academic standards and many of the 123 were still flawed. In short academics on politically charged subjects produce politically motivated junk science in order to please peers and get grants. 

“Science” has been corrupted by money, bribes, kickbacks ands politics. The Pfizer documents released by the court show that they, as well as  government, knew that most of the claims about the properties and effectiveness of the COVID poke were false or exaggerated. Claims of catastrophic events of global warming alarmists have also repeatedly shown to be untrue, and leaked emails from top climate scientists show how they punished and smeared scientists who posted honest data sets and manipulated the peer review process to push an alarmist narrative. 

Bill Whittle, in this analysis below, takes the raw homicide statistics from organizations such as the United Nations and compares it to who and what places have the highest levels of civilian ownership of legal firearms.

The United States is the gun capital of the world. Is it also the murder capital of the world? What would happen if we eliminated the top few progressive cities ran by Democrats who have strict gun control and looked at the rest of gun packed America? How safe would it be? 

If “good guys with guns” just make things worse. Than why are there not mass shootings at gun shows? Why do politicians who insist you and your children have no guns to protect them, have armed guards protecting them and their families?

Why is the IRS stockpiling ammunition? 


“How does the dissent account for the fact that one of the mass shootings near the top of its list took place in Buffalo?

The New York law at issue in this case obviously did not stop that perpetrator.”

Hearings show Uvalde had a complete failure of political leadership.


We hear much about how the police failed in the Uvalde shooting, but after watching hours of hearings in the Texas State Legislature it becomes clear that the failures were largely political. 

The biggest failure was Police Chief Pete Arredondo.  Arredondo, according to the hearing, made every wrong decision possible with one Texas Senator describing him as “turning into protoplasm” when shots were fired.

Chief Arredondo, who has just successfully ran for local council, behaved as a politician, not a tactical law enforcement officer. Arredondo even went so far as to lie to arriving Texas DPS and federal officers who responded telling them that they had the shooter cornered and were in negotiations even as the shooter was still shooting students.

Eventually responding officers and even some parents started taking things into their own hands to get students to safety.  According to the hearing, one Texas DPS officer was with an Uvalde officer waiting as Chief Arredondo ordered and eventually wanted to start clearing rooms and get more students out. The Uvalde officer wanted to get approval from a supervisor to do so and the Texas DPS officer responded, “He’s not my supervisor” and started getting students out.

Unfortunately the law makes the highest ranking local official the site commander and in this case that was Chief Arredondo. 

The failures did not stop with Arredondo. The school board did not follow state guidelines on physical security. The fence around the school was easily bypassed and had gaps. Many of the locks could not be engaged from the inside. The classrooms 111 & 112 had misaligned door striker plates rendering the locks ineffective because the locks could not latch. Teachers had reported the problem but the doors had remained that way so late students could just push open the door instead of having to be let in even if the door was “locked.” The shooter knew this. There were too few armed school resource officers to cover the school buildings as early press reports show that the school board did not think it necessary.

Matt Tiabbi, Glenn Greenwald: Before Trump the corrupt establishment of both parties agreed more than not. How Trump changed everything.

What you are about to see is a year of honest political reality brought to you in forty minutes. This maybe the most important video you ever see.

When Obama took office Matt Tiabbi and Glenn Greenwald were darlings of the progressive secular left of the Democratic Party. Now, the Twitterati calls them “right wingers.” What changed and how did they come to discover that “partisanship” before Trump was a “Truman Show” put on to keep you in the dark.

Tiabbi explains how the Democrats, along with corrupt Republican leadership such as the Bush/McConnell branch of the party, were making the wealth gap worse. There was no daylight between the Bush/Obama handling of the 2008 financial crisis.

MAGA Republican Myra Flores Flips South Texas Congressional District Held by Dems for Decades

Our initial impression is that the Mexican born straight talking political star is a force of nature that comes across as very likable.

Leading AZ Gov. Candidate Kari Lake Blasts Mike Pence for Caving on Border Enforcement (video)

Kari Lake: “A lot of people are disappointed in Mike Pence” for many reasons…

In the interest of full disclosure, while V.P. Pence and are not friends, yours truly has known him since he was a local radio host in Indiana.  He is a very nice man, but that is also his problem. Pence has shown time and time again he has no stomach for conflict. He caved repeatedly to the corporate media/Democrat narrative when he was Conference Leader in the House, he caved on basic First Amendment freedoms and other areas when he was Indiana’s Governor and he has continued to cave when pressured. He is a great guy who is simply a disappointment. 

Biden Admin Holding Citizens Who Took Selfies on January 6th /w No Bail, Abusive Conditions, Solitary Confinement, No Trial.

And when you have lost moderates like Dilbert cartoon creator Scott Adams….

And of course they really want o distract form this….

Leftist Violence Escalating. 14 Pregnancy Centers Attacked. More…

Supreme Court Unanimous: Gun “Red Flag” Seizure Unconstitutional

Not only are so called gun red flag laws unconstitutional on their face, as they require you to prove your innocence and if you cannot afford a lawyer you are out of luck, their application is often malicious. 

Contested divorces often ended up resulting on one or both partners calling the police on each other to get their guns confiscated for spite. Democrats prosecutors using them to target Republicans and more. 

The Supreme Court ruled in a unanimous 9-0 decision in CANIGLIA v. STROM that “red flag” style seizure of a citizen’s guns were unconstitutional and that community caretaking laws do not apply to someone’s private home.. They violate multiple amendments to the Constitution as well as basic due process rights. 

Of course the Washington Post disagrees with the Supreme Court because they believe they know better… The corporate media lies so much now that most people do not pay them any mind.

Tucker Carlson has a great video explaining all this: 

Bill Barr’s DoJ used the same “Geofencing” tech to prosecute suspects 2000Mules used to track ballot harvesters.

UPDATE – Democrats move to ban the sale of phone geotracking data.

But now he claims it has been debunked.

Barr said “in my opinion” which lawyer speak legally means he knows he is not making a statement of fact. I can say in my opinion the Moon is made of cheese under oath because an opinion is legally not a statement of fact.

If former Attorney General Bill Barr thinks  geotracking/geofencing technology has been debunked, why was his Department of Justice (DoJ) using it to find suspects and prosecute people? 


Geofence warrants: How police can use protesters’ phones against them.

The searches, sometimes known as reverse location requests, increased fivefold from 2018 to 2019.

Thousands of people have been arrested nationwide following protests over police brutality sparked by the killing of George Floyd, who died after being pinned down by officers in Minneapolis. On Tuesday, BuzzFeed News reported that the Drug Enforcement Agency had been given authority to conduct surveillance on protesters.

Geofence warrants, sometimes known as reverse location searches, are just one of those tools. They effectively allow police to get information on every protester through one single request. Google, which gets the majority of these requests because of its location history feature, said it only provides data from that feature, which needs to be opt-in.

Google saw a 15-fold increase in geofence requests from 2017 to 2018. The following year, it increased fivefold, the company said in court documents. A New York Times report from April 2019 found that Google received as many as 180 requests a week. 

Forbes reported in December 2019 that in an investigation from the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives, Google provided records on 1,500 phone locations from a reverse location search.

Former Leftists Brandon Straka and Tim Pool: How We Realized Corporate Media Narratives are Lies. Present a List. (video)

Megyn Kelly, Jason Miller, Tucker Carlson calling out deceptive video edits and brazen lying by January 6th Committee

All while still claiming that Russia rigged the 2016 election and the Trump/Russia hoax, calling for violence against Supreme Court justices an claiming the Republican’s have rigged the upcoming  mid terms. See our previous piece on this HERE

Kash Patel was in the White House on January 6th. The “committee” does not want you to know this. You can see an extended interview with Kash Patel HERE. After watching you will understand why the “committee” did not want Patel testifying on live television. [Editor’s Note: If you do not subscribe to the Epoch Times, you should.] 

Congressman Scott Perry, a Pennsylvania Republican who chairs the conservative House Freedom Caucus, on Friday emphatically denied Cheney’s allegation made during a prime time Jan, 6 House committee hearing Thursday night.

“The notion that I ever sought a presidential pardon for myself, or other members of Congress, is an absolute shameless and soulless lie,”

Department of Defense Now Admits Biolabs in Ukraine After Lying for Months.

After denying the labs exist and lying about them for months, the Department of Defense has admitted that the labs are there….but now they are expecting us to believe a new story, including the guile of accusing other countries of spreading misinformation about them.

Their previous lies were not very good ones.

See out previous coverage of the evidence about the biolabs HERE.

[Editor’s Note – Links should be fixed.]

Senator Obama in Kiev, Ukraine being shown a tray of weaponized Anthrax. Source : Andrew Weber with the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (shown right). This is one of the biolabs corporate media, “fact-checkers” and the Biden Administration claimed do not exist.

Dems Pushing Violence and “Election Fornication” on Eve of January 6th Hearing

The Democrat leadership, after brazenly advocating violence against Supreme Court Justices, have blocked a proposed law to get them security. 

Some Democrats  still claim that the 2016 election was stolen by Russia, in spite of the fact that the Trump/Russia evidence was fabricated by the Clinton Campaign along with elements of the FBI/DoJ. Democrats now claim that Republicans are going to steal the midterm elections. All while they are pushing their phony January 6th narrative that almost no one believes.

In the mean time audits, indictments, new investigations and other evidence such as the new 2000 Mules documentary continue to pile on evidence that President Trump may be correct about the election problems in 2020. 

You cant make this stuff up. 

Tucker has the video.

Megyn Kelly calls out the January 6th Committee for more lies and deceptive edits:

Meme of the Day: The Democrat Grift Game

How the Democrat grift game works. Ever wonder why they keep getting richer when they do not produce anything? While we get poorer?

Every new Congress there is a massive new infrastructure spending bill.  We would look like Wakanda by now…

Remember when Baltimore received 17 billion in federal funding and they still could not even do garbage collection.

Democrat Party law firm has “special relationship” and “shared work space” with FBI.

Politically motivated lies and dirt become politically motivated FBI investigations of Republicans. This is beyond inappropriate

These are the details as to why and how the Sussman trial was rigged form the start. The Judge is married to a lawyer who represents a major Trump/Russia hoax conspirator, sever al jurors were Clinton donors and one juror even knows Sussman.