Corporate Media Celebrates FBI Raid Days After Ivanna Trump’s Death

If this doesn’t tell you everything you you already knew….

Imagine you are one of the Trump kids and days after your mother’s death the DoJ/FBI invades your home with 30 guns over which looks like yet another “Trump/Russia” hoax to try and make it look like that Donald Trump is a foreign spy….

Governor Ron DeSantis and Kari Lake at Turning Point Action in Phoenix

If you want to see what the new MAGA Republican Party looks like and what they believe this is for you. 

Former Network Exec: Why “Hollywoke” Hates Captain Kirk and Luke Skywalker

Former network executive Paul Chato explains what is wrong with Hollywood and why so much content is written so poorly. 

Please Hollywood Realize That It’s Not Going To Work – Chris Gore

Chris Gore is a writer, comedian, author and television personality who has built a solid reputation as a hilariously outspoken voice in the entertainment world. As a teenager, Chris founded the brutally honest magazine Film Threat, which began as a fanzine while he was a college student in Detroit. As Film Threat evolved into a respected national magazine, he relocated to Los Angeles. The print magazine was retired in 1997 when it was re-launched as a web site. found a huge audience online and was named one of the top five movie web sites by the Wall Street Journal.

Chris has appeared as a film expert on MSNBC, E!, CNN, Travel Channel, and Reelz Channel. Chis has also hosted shows on FX, Starz, IFC and G4TV’s Attack of the Show as the show’s film expert. His weekly movie review segment DVDuesday was among the most popular on G4.

Chris is also an author, having written The 50 Greatest Movies Never Made and The Complete DVD Book. His book The Ultimate Film Festival Survival Guide is considered the bible of the industry and is required reading at film school.

One commenter added so appropriately: 

Gene Roddenberry was a veteran with 89 combat missions; the Enterprise crew were professionals who respected the chain of command. The modern Trek writers have watched every season of Grey’s Anatomy; they believe Star Fleet’s best and brightest would behave like teenagers on a field trip.

Documents Trump Declassified in January 2021 Revealing FBI/DoJ Criminal Acts in Russian Collusion Hoax Missing.

Journalist John Solomon went to the National Archives to check on the documents that President Trump declassified in January of 2021. They are gone.

Operation Crossfire Hurricane records President Trump declassified in January 2021 are missing from the National Archives, taken by the Biden Justice Department. These are the documents that prove the FBI/DoJ manufactured the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

Copies of these documents were almost certainly held by Donald Trump at Mar-a-Lago. 

FBI Search Warrant Fishing Expedition: Demands Every Document Trump Ever Saw as President

The Fourth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states:

The right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures, shall not be violated, and no warrants shall issue, but upon probable cause, supported by oath or affirmation, and particularly describing the place to be searched, and the persons or things to be seized.

There are overly broad illegal search warrants that are fishing expeditions and then there is this, which is broad to am entirely new level as it literally covers document Donald Trump ever saw as president, even if he wrote a note on a napkin for a fan.

The entire search warrant is in the SCRIBD document below, but take a look at this: 
How can every document Donald Trump has ever seen as President somehow become probable cause for a crime? Search warrants are supposed to be, by law, very limited as to what and who is to be searched  specific to probable cause. The fact that a low level magistrate judge even signed off on this needs to be examined very closely.

There are certain facts and legal principles when it comes to a President that Americans should to keep in mind when they see the press throwing words like “espionage” around. 

1 – There are already several copies of any classified documents made before it hits the president’s desk. So it is not as if the National Archives does not have access to these records, unless of course the DoJ and FBI was hiding them from the National Archives as well.

2 – The president can declassify anything at will and when he does so the classification markings on the documents do not magically vanish like disappearing ink.

3– Like Article 2 of The Constitution says all executive power resides within the president so technically it is impossible for Donald Trump to mishandle classified documents.

When President Obama took 33 million documents when he left, Judicial Watch sued wanting them either made public or copies sent to the National Archives, the judge tossed the case stating that it is impossible for a president to mishandle classified information because when it comes to classification a president is essentially sovereign.

4 – If this really was about national security why were key Members of Congress left in the dark? Marco Rubio is Vice Chair of the Senate Select Committee on Intelligence which oversees our nation’s intelligence and national security apparatus. Rubio should have been notified as a matter of law, which the FBI/DoJ conveniently ignored. 

5 – Donald Trump owns Truth Social which makes him a journalist and a publisher. This may very well mean that he is protected by the Supreme Court decision New York Times v United States.  This decision says that journalists who posses and publish classified information are protected by the First Amendment because “Only a free and unrestrained press can effectively expose deception in government. And paramount among the responsibilities of a free press is the duty to prevent any part of the government from deceiving the people.

The Biden White House, Attorney General Garland, FBI Director Wray, and most every FBI Agent who has a law degree knows this very well. 

It is reasonable to assume that at least some of these documents, unclassified by Trump towards the end of his presidency, expose “Operation Crossfire Hurricane” which was the effort to manufacture evidence to frame President Trump with the “Russian collusion” hoax. In short it is likely that DoJ/FBI is trying to cover up their previous crimes.

UPDATE  – John Solomon: Operation Crossfire Hurricane records President Trump declassified in January 2021 are missing from the National Archives, taken by the Biden Justice Department. These are the documents that prove the FBI/DoJ manufactured the Trump/Russia collusion hoax.

This might explain why the FBI refused to let Trump’s lawyers observe what was searched and taken. This is unusual. What was the FBI trying to hide? The Democrat/corporate media point of view seems to be, “No one is above the law, therefore anything we want to Trump.” 

Below you will find analysis from the former Chief of Staff of the Department of Justice Mark Levin, Prof. Alan Dershowitz, Prof. Jonathan Turley and former Supreme Court Law Clerk Mike Davis.

The full search warrant:. 


Here is former U.S. Attorney Andrew McCarthy saying just what we said about how broad and illegal the search warrant is:

Now we know another reason why the search warrant was so overly broad, they seized documents covered by attorney-client privilege in regards to Trump’s civil lawsuits over the Russian collusion hoax.

Shideler: To save the rule of law, the FBI must be destroyed. This is how to do it.

Our coverage of corruption and lawlessness at the FBI has been extensive, literally going back years. In the upcoming days we are going to revisit some of the worst abuses of the FBI.

We must face facts that the FBI has a culture of corruption and election meddling going back to J. Edgar Hoover. This culture took root at the FBI’s founding and has only gotten worse to the point where it is now intolerable.

The FBI has failed repeatedly at stopping school shooters it was actually surveilling at the time, they have failed to protect us from Chinese espionage more times than we can count, they failed to arrest Chinese honey pot spies who were sleeping with Members of Congress, they failed to protect our nuclear secrets at Los Alamos, they failed at 9/11, the FBI was warned about the Boston Marathon bombers and failed, they have failed when it comes to fentanyl and human trafficking. The FBI refuses to track ANTIFA violence. FBI couldn’t stop Epstein, in fact they covered for him, just as they covered for the sexual abuse of our Olympic gymnasts.

Kyle Shideler of the Center for Security Policy explains why Congress must hold fast and declare at the outset, one way or the other, the FBI is finished, with no quarter given. If they don’t the FBI will target steadfast Members of Congress one at a time until resolve to replace the Bureau wanes.

Kyle Shideler:

The FBI’s actions over the past six years make perfectly clear that the FBI is more than willing to serve as the enforcement arm of the Democratic Party. It serves as its patron’s shield in matters large and small. It exonerated Hillary Clinton for her illicit server. It raided James O’Keefe and Project Veritas when Joe Biden’s daughter lost her diary. It eliminated investigation into Black Lives Matter and other black identity extremists because those pursuits annoyed the Democrats’ Congressional Black Caucus. It refuses even to utter the word “Antifa” while churches and pregnancy centers are fire-bombed. It continues to cover up for Hunter Biden’s corrupt dealings with enemy nations, along with his indulgence in criminal prostitution and drug abuse.

But the FBI has also served as the Democrats’ sword as well. It knowingly laundered the Russian collusion hoax, lying in order to secure FISA warrants. It ambushed the president’s sitting national security advisor in a nonsense perjury trap. The FBI hunts down January 6 protesters while dodging congressional inquiries about the role of federal agents in provoking the incident. The FBI ginned up a fake kidnapping plot in Michigan to instill fear of right-wing terrorism, manhandled the former president’s lawyer, and shackled one of his former high-level aides.

And it has now raided the former president’s home under a mere pretext, while the Democrats openly crow on cable news about using a political prosecution to prevent Trump from ever again being able to serve in office.

Other attempts to rein in the FBI short of its abolition have failed. The FBI shows nothing but contempt for those authorized to oversee it. It routinely ignores inspector general investigations. It fails to prosecute or punish those who overtly violate established policies. It refuses to answer legitimate questions from Republican committee members. It doesn’t even respond to congressional letters of inquiry. It punishes FBI whistleblowers and seeks to purge from its midst those agents who aren’t in lockstep with its new praetorian guard role.

Shideler explains how to break up the FBI responsibly:

Begin by separating out the FBI’s component parts. The FBI’s crime lab, statistical services, and National Crime Information Center service could be pulled out and left as independent agencies with the sole job of supporting other federal, state, and local law enforcement agencies with their scientific and data capabilities.

Parcel out the FBI’s criminal justice division and its tasks to the various state-level bureaus of investigation. Provide direct federal funding to compensate for the extra workload. Let them primarily make state-level cases, in state court, for the crimes committed within the physical boundaries of their states. It’s not as though kidnapping, bank robbery, drug dealing, or racketeering went unpunished before the FBI came along. White collar, financial, and cybercrimes can be handled by the U.S. Secret Service. Federal crimes whose perpetrators directly cross state lines can be given to the U.S. Marshals Service to track down. Unlike the FBI, the U.S. Marshals are largely scandal-free, and have a long history of cooperating successfully with state and local law enforcement.

For the disgraced national security division, divide up the FBI’s counterterrorism portfolio among the remaining federal law enforcement and homeland security agencies with a role to play, and the various state and regional JTTFs.

Please read the rest of the column and get more details at American Greatness.

Attorney General Merrick Garland Lied in Press Conference Over Motion Filed in Trump Raid

Lies of omission are still lies and doubly so in matters of law.

Biden Administration Attorney General Merrick Garland stated that his Department of Justice (DoJ) filed a motion to unseal the warrant “in light of the former president’s public confirmation of the search, the surrounding circumstances, and the substantial public interest in this matter,” but that isn’t the whole truth. Then Garland proceeded to virtue signal about how even handed and fair they are as you can see in the video below. “

What happened to justice being about “the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth?”

The judge, Magistrate Bruce Reinhart, who was a lawyer for the infamous child trafficker Jeffery Epstein, and who trashed Trump on social media, signed off on the warrant to raid Trump’s home, but even though it is common for low ranking judges to simply be a rubber stamp when it comes to search warrant requests, this was no ordinary search warrant, this was an unprecedented raid on a former president, over a common dispute that former presidents virtually always have with the National Archives over what is personal property and what should go to the archives. Judge Reinhart should have denied the warrant and told the DoJ to simply serve a subpoena and let it all get hashed out in court. Reinhart is facing a breathtaking amount of pushback. 

Judicial Watch filed a motion to unseal the warrant on August 10th and Magistrate Reinhart approved and ordered it.

AG Garland tried to make it look like he filed a motion to unseal the warrant in the name of transparency, but that is not the case, he did it because the judge ordered it

Epoch Times

Former federal prosecutor Mike Davis went even further, saying the raid may have been illegally invasive.

“Under the case law, you can’t do a home raid if you can secure the documents through less intrusive means,” he told “Bannon’s War Room” on Aug. 9.

The FBI had to first determine that requests for the documents or even subpoenas wouldn’t be sufficient, said Davis, who formerly advised Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) on judicial nominations and now heads The Article III Project.

“There’s zero evidence” that Trump wouldn’t have cooperated, Davis said.

“There was no allegation or evidence that he [Trump] was destroying any of this evidence or putting it into the wrong hands. This is banana republic-level tactics from the Biden Justice Department,” he said.

Even if Trump took classified documents, he took possession of them when he was still chief executive and had the authority to declassify them, according to Davis.

[Christina] Bobb suggested that the invocation of classified documents was a disingenuous attempt of “shrouding this in a national security blanket.”

Editor’s Note

Readers should keep in mind it was Attorney General Garland who sent DHS and FBI resources against parents speaking up at school board meetings by declaring them to be domestic terrorists. He did so without revealing his conflict of interest that his family is in the business of publishing Critical Race Theory (CRT) materials to sell to schools. 




It looks like Megyn Kelly and Andrew McCarthy were right, it was a fishing expedition

Megyn Kelly: BS! The White House is Lying. Prof. Jonathan Turley, Alan Dershowitz, Tulsi Gabbard, Scott Adams & More. Legal Analysis on FBI Trump Raid.

There are several videos below but we encourage you to watch them all. 

Attorney and talk host Megyn Kelly speaks with famed law professor Alan Dershowitz and rising legal star Harmeet Dhillon with some excellent legal analysis you wont see on CNN. 

Famed law professor Jonathan Turley, who like Dershowitz is a Democrat, in his own gentle way, takes the FBI/Democrat legal narrative apart. 

Tulsi Gabbard (another Democrat) , Senator Rand Paul, Jesse Watters, Marco Rubio and Leo Terrell deliver hard hitting commentary. 

Famed author and Dilbert cartoonist Scott Adams uses a long form Socratic method dissecting the FBI/Democrat narrative, his videos are long but so worth your time. If by the end of watching you are not convinced what he is saying is true, nothing ever will.  

Judge Who Signed FBI Raid Warrant Trashed Trump on Social media, Worked for Jeffery Epstein, Democrat Donor.

Judge Bruce E. Reinhart

The judge the FBI went to not only has made social media posts trashing President Trump, but judge Bruce E. Reinhart, was a prosecutor against Jeffery Epstein, who it seems suddenly came into some money to start a criminal defense law firm and within days of quitting the prosecution team his first client was the infamous child sex trafficker Jeffery Epstein. Reinhart directly represented Epstein’s top co-criminals including his pilots.

There is a talking point going around that Reinhart is a “Trump appointed judge.” Newsweek reports that Reinhart, as a magistrate, is such a low level judge that his appointment was handled by underlings and that President Trump likely never heard of him. Robert Barnes reported that most of Trump’s lower judicial appointments were picked by Senator Mitch McConnell. 

Reactions to FBI Raid of Trump’s Home at Mar-A-Lago

We would like to start out with own own take. We have covered FBI corruption over the last 15 years rather extensively. Most people, unless they have done a great amount of reading original sources, have the slightest idea how how corrupt and far gone the FBI/DoJ have fallen.

It has gotten to the point where the DoJ Inspector General, Michael E. Horowitz, has released so many reports on FBI violations and DoJ prosecutorial misconduct that in several of his published reports he says that they do more wrong than right when following the law and process.

This includes manufacturing evidence to set people up, entrapment, manipulation of evidence, concealing evidence from the defense and the court, openly lying to the courts and more. There are even guilty pleas on record from FBI lawyers for doing just that.  

Keep in mind that former presidents have security clearances. They are often asked to comment and review on items by current administrations. Also, keep in mind that nothing gets to a president’s desk that has not already been copied many times over so it is not like he could have had anything exclusive.

This next fact is quite amazing. the judge the FBI went to, Bruce E. Reinhart, was a prosecutor against Jeffery Epstein, who it seems suddenly came into some money to start a criminal defense law firm and within days his first client was the infamous Jeffery Epstein.

Famed Clinton political strategist Dick Morris made it clear, Republicans play by the rules, Democrats don’t.

Former FBI Asst. Director Chris Swecker: 

Former Deputy Assistant Attorney General Tom Dupree and former U.S. Attorney Guy Lewis:

Donald J. Trump’s response:

Chris Salcedo:

Sharyl Attkisson Posts Timeline of FBI/DoJ Surveillance Abuses Going Back to 2009

Veteran former CBS lead investigative reporter Sharyl Attkisson who now hosts her own Sunday show “Full Measure” has posted a timeline of FBI/DoJ surveillance abuses going back to 2009. 

We are posting a small sample of it here, please go to Sharyl’s web site to see the rest: 

Related: Collusion Against Trump timeline

10 times the intel community violated the trust of US citizens, lawmakers and allies

January 21, 2009:

President Obama takes office; pledges unprecedented transparency.

April 2009:

Someone leaks the unmasked name of Congresswoman Jane Harman to the press. According to news reports, the Bush administration NSA incidentally recorded and saved Harman’s phone conversations with pro-Israel lobbyists who were under investigation for espionage. The story is first broken by Congressional Quarterly’s Jeff Stein.

December 17, 2009:

The Obama administration prosecutes FBI contractor Shamai Leibowitz for leaking documents to the media in April 2009. Leibowitz says he leaked because he felt FBI practices were “an abuse of power and a violation of the law” which he reported to his superiors at the FBI “who did nothing about them.”  (According to the ACLU: “Amazingly, the sentencing judge said, ‘I don’t know what was divulged other than some documents, and how it compromised things, I have no idea’.”)

Click here to read “Timeline of alleged sabotage of Trump in 2016 by Democrats and Ukraine.” 


The IRS secretly begins “targeting” conservative groups that are seeking nonprofit tax-exempt status, by singling out ones that have “Tea Party” or “Patriot” in their names.

Army intelligence analyst Bradley Manning begins illegally leaks classified information to WikiLeaks revealing, among other matters, that the U.S. is extensively spying on the United Nations.

Obama Attorney General Eric Holder renews a Bush-era subpoena of New York Times reporter James Risen in a leak investigation.

Obama administration pursues espionage charges against NSA whistleblower Thomas Drake. (According to the ACLU: spy charges were later dropped and Drake pled guilty to a misdemeanor. The judge called the government’s conduct in the case “unconscionable.”)

May 28, 2010:

The government secretly applies for a warrant to obtain Google email information of Fox News reporter James Rosen in a leak investigation, without telling Rosen.

September 21, 2010:

Internal email entitled “Obama Leak Investigations” at “global intelligence” company Stratfor claims Obama’s then-Homeland Security adviser John Brennan is targeting journalists.

“Brennan is behind the witch hunts of investigative journalists learning information from inside the beltway sources,” writes one Stratfor official to another.

The email continues: “Note — There is specific tasker from the [White House] to go after anyone printing materials negative to the Obama agenda (oh my.) Even the FBI is shocked. The Wonder Boys must be in meltdown mode…”

“The Wonder Boys” reportedly refers to the National Security Agency (NSA). Brennan later becomes President Obama’s CIA Director.

Former CIA Director John Brennan

Early February 2011:

After receiving an anonymous tip, CBS News investigative correspondent Sharyl Attkisson begins researching the Department of Justice “gunwalking” operation nicknamed “Fast and Furious” that secretly let thousands of weapons be trafficked to Mexican drug cartels. One of the “walked” guns had been used by illegal aliens who murdered U.S. Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry in December 2010.

February 22, 2011:

CBS’ Attkisson breaks news about “Fast and Furious” on The CBS Evening News.

After the story airs, the government issues an internal memo that seeks to “push positive stories” to contradict the news.

“Given the negative coverage by CBS Evening News last week…ATF needs to proactively push positive stories this week, in an effort to preempt some negative reporting, or at minimum, lessen the coverage of such stories in the news cycle by replacing them with good stories about ATF.”

March 4, 2011:

CBS News’ Attkisson exclusively interviews sitting ATF special agent John Dodson. He gives a firsthand account contradicting government denials re: Fast and Furious.

May 2011:

White House recruits democratic operative Eric Schultz to spin on Fast and Furious and to counter the House Oversight Committee’s investigative work on the case. (Schultz previously served as intern to Sen. Charles Schumer and Hillary Clinton.)

Please continue reading this long chain of abuses HERE

FBI meddling in third election in a row

The FBI meddled in the 2016 election on behalf of the Democratic Party when they covered for Hillary Clinton’s skirting of the Federal Records Act with her illegal private email server. They covered use of the Clinton Foundation to launder bribe money from foreign interests. 

Hunter Biden took in $31 million dollars on behalf of foreign interests without registering as a foreign agent as required by the Foreign Agent Registration Act (FARA) and when the evidence on his abandoned laptop came out shortly before the 2020 election the FBI/CIA said it was just Russian disinformation which they knew was a lie.

Of course we cannot forget about the Trump/Russia hoax where the FBI lied to the FISA Court and manufactured evidence against Trump in league with Hillary Clinton and her corporate law firms such as Perkins Coie.

The FBI illegally surveilled the Trump campaign on behalf of the Democrats. The corporate media said it was all a conspiracy theory until the FISA Court documents were released, the DoJ Inspector General launched an investigation confirming it all. Court mandated discovery as well as an order from the former Director of National Intelligence forced the release of internal FBI documents confirming details of the conspiracy.

The coming election the meddling is being revealed  by whistleblowers at the FBI. Whistleblowers say Director Chris Wray has been placing corrupt,  politically partisan agents in key ranking positions in Washington DC. 

These agents, among others, Bryan Auten, Timothy Thibault, Richard Pilger and Steven D’Antuono have been pushing the Trump/Russia collusion hoax that Vladimir Putin rigged the 2016 election to help Donald Trump. They have been falsely labeling evidence revealed in Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop as “foreign disinformation” and putting that evidence is a restricted folder so most FBI agents cannot see it. These agents have also been blocking 2020 election fraud evidence and investigations. 

In the case of Steven D’Antuono , he has a record of using illegal methods to entrap citizens in “crimes” the FBI actually planned or helped orchestrate. His misconduct earned him a promotion to the DC Field Office and has been placed in charge of the January 6th investigation. 

Whistleblowers say that these agents have been engaging in political double standards in favor of Democrats at most very opportunity.

When called to testify Director Wray and DoJ officials tell lie after lie and/or just claim to know nothing about the agency and agents they run.

Recent Supreme Court Decision Likely Forces “Assault Weapon” Ban Hearing By End of Year

Justice Clarence Thomas

Democrats in state legislatures and some judges who have decided to be political hacks instead of legal minds do everything they can to get around the law or on some cases openly defy it using any cute language or technical trick they can come up with.

This lawless point of view is actually pushed by far left neo-marxist law professors in law schools as they teach, as Justice Scalia once warned,  that since the Constitution was written “by old white guys” the Constitution and the Bill of Rights are not valid or “equitable” so any way you can think of to get around them and defy them is academically valid.

However it seems that the new conservative majority on the Supreme Court, when it comes to the 1st and Second Amendments, is not having it. 

Maryland recently passed an “assault weapons ban” saying that said rifles were outside the 2nd Amendment because they have a military purpose. This not only goes exactly against recent Supreme Court rulings but also against U.S. v Miller (1939) which banned short sawed off shotguns because they did NOT have a military purpose. 

Democrats in the Congress are also trying top pass a similar unconstitutional ban. However in the case of Congress the Democrats know full well that ban will be struck down and they are doing this to virtue signal and please their base and fund raise off of.

Armed Scholar on YouTube explains: 

FBI Director Wray Still Sticking With Trump/Russia Collusion Hoax

There comes a time when someone has lost so much credibility violated the public trust so many times that the benefit pf the doubt afforded to normal people is no longer applied.  FBI Director Chris Wray stepped over that line long ago as you can see by our voluminous coverage of his lies and corruption.

The answers Congress gets form Director Wray can be summed up on the following: 

1 – “That is an ongoing investigation” – even after three years where whistleblowers are telling Congress you are burying the evidence. 

2 – “That is very concerning and I have put in place rules to address that” – only to have the DoJ Inspector General Report that not only are the violations not fixed, they are getting worse. 

3 – “The FBI is not in the habit of targeting journalists and innocents based on political ideology” – while FBI SWAT teams and agents continue to do just that. 

4 – “I don’t know about that so I will follow up with an answer in writing” – only to tell the Congress in writing that he refuses to answer the question.

5 – “I am not familiar with that or that particular person” even though they hold high ranking positions on the DC Field Office. 

FBI Director: We Are Too Busy to Protect Supreme Court Justices From Intimidation, But Grandmas Who Took Selfies at the Capitol….

Disgraced FBI Director Chris Wray

There comes a time when the corruption and lies are so bad that the pretense of “objective” reporting has to be set aside in the name of the truth when that truth is a threat to the country.

FBI Director Chris Wray is corrupt and lawless. An examination of not just our coverage of FBI misconduct, but the Department of Justice Inspector General who has released report after report showing how the FBI breaks more rules than they follow.

Whistleblowers at the FBI have revealed that Director Wray has brought four of the most partisan and corrupt FBI agents to Washington DC and put them in charge of politically sensitive investigations to weaponize the FBI against Republicans.

US Code section 1507 makes it a crime to “protest” a judge in order to intimidate them into changing a legal decision.  Democrat pressure groups put out the home addresses of Supreme Court Justices, followed them to restaurants, but out cash bounties to report any places that they went. Democrat members of Congress encouraged this behavior as did the Biden Administration who were angered about a leaked decision that reversed Roe v Wade.

The FBI flat out refused to enforce the law. Director Wray says they are too busy. But they are not too busy sending FBI SWAT teams after innocent journalists. They are seeking out and arresting elderly people who were at the Capitol taking selfies on January 6th that were let in by police. These people have been held without bail while the government violates their right to a speedy trial and does everything they can to resist court mandated discovery.  

Wray has also sent the FBI after critics of the Chinese Communist Party as well as conservative activists such as Brandon Straka who never went into the Capitol on January 6th but got the SWAT treatment anyways.

Guess who is running the FBI Washington DC Field Office….

FBI Director Chris Wray, according to his own testimony before Congress, seems to know next to nothing about what is going on in the Washington DC field office and several of his Deputy Directors.

Remember that “plot” just before the 2020 election of so called “right wing white supremacist Trump supporters” who were out to Kidnap Michigan Governor Whitmer?

In short, twelve of the “plotters” were agents or civilians paid by the FBI. A lead agent and a highly paid informant were involved in other criminal activity of their own. One of the civilians caught up in the FBI plot was mentally deficient, described by a psychiatrist expert witness as one who “presents extraordinary susceptibility to influence and suggestion.” The FBI also resisted court mandated discovery.

The Jury was incredulous by the FBI conduct. Two were acquitted and for two more their trial was declared a mistrial.

This was yet another attempt to engage in election interference by the FBI.

To see the details of just how improper and illegal FBI conduct was see:



The agent overseeing the entire illegal entrapment operation, Steven D’Antuono, is now in Washington DC and is in charge of the January 6th investigation. 

Another Whistleblower: FBI Targeting Conservatives, Republicans, Veterans, Revolutionary War Buffs, as Violent Domestic Terrorists

A whistleblower at the FBI leaked this “confidential” guide to violent extremism. You will find many of the symbols familiar as they often appear on state license plates, on mugs and hats sold in gas stations all over Texas, references to the Alamo all over San Antonio, and imagery often used by U.S. Special Forces, Revolutionary War re-enactors etc. 

While we are not familiar with every symbol listed, The Punisher Skull is routinely worn by Navy SEAL’s when they are hunting ISIS or Al-Qaeda terrorists. Here is one of the most famous Navy SEAL’s of all time Chris Kyle: 

Famed Navy SEAL Chris Kyle

Here is an image from the hit movie about Chris Kyle “American Sniper”

The Spartan Helmet badge is often worn by Army Rangers:

You can find this mug, or one much like it, or hat, T-shirt, flag, bumper sticker, etc in pretty much every gas station and convenience store in the state:

Needless to say Senator Ted Cruz is not happy. This is a must see:

The FBI says with a “disclaimer” that they know that the overwhelming majority of people who like/use/wear these symbols are not domestic terrorists, but if they really meant that it defeats the purpose of producing such a guide in the first place as Liz Wheeler so eloquently points out:

Page two of this document is also troubling. 
Notice where it says that violent domestic extremists consider Vicki Weaver and Ashli Babbitt to be martyrs. It is worth pointing out that both of these women were unarmed and gunned down by federal agents. 

Vicki Weaver was holding her baby and was a threat to no one when she was executed by FBI sniper Lon Horiuchi. The State of Idaho tried to prosecute Horiuchi so I guess they are violent domestic terrorists. The jury in the Weaver trial must also be domestic terrorists because they acquitted and when the surviving Wavers sued the FBI for the wrongful deaths of their family members the FBI settled for millions of dollars. 

Domestic terrorists all apparently.

When an unarmed black man is killed by police do the FBI label the protestors “domestic terrorists?” In the cases where some of these protests escalated to genuine violent riots the FBI still did not deem or charge anyone from BLM to be domestic terrorists even though the riots resulted in billions of property damage and up to 30 people killed. Most rioters had their charges dropped.

The lies from the FBI are an insult to the intelligence of the common citizen. 

Whistleblowers: Same FBI Agents Who Quashed Hunter Biden Investigation, Pushed the Trump/Russia Hoax, Posted Trump Hate on Social Media, Also Blocked Ballot Fraud Investigations

A small cabal of lead agents at the Washington DC FBI Field Office have weaponized the office on behalf the the Democrats according to FBI Whistleblowers.

Keep these FBI agents names in mind: Bryan Auten, Timothy Thibault, Richard Pilger and Steven D’Antuono.

Agent D’Antuono was the agent in charge of the fake Governor Whitmer kidnapping plot that the jury tossed out over FBI entrapment and other misconduct. So of course he was put in charge of the Washington DC Field office and in charge of the January 6th investigation.

Someone brought these four most corrupt agents together at the DC field office. Someone placed them in ranking positions in the FBI to be able to intercept cases and/or evidence of political consequence. All while Director Wray claims that he knows nothing. In reality it seems that they are Chris Wray’s “Four Horseman.”

It gets better. Remember when IRS leadership such as Lois Lerner was caught targeting conservative non-profits under Obama? Richard Pilger was working with Learner in an effort to engage in politically motivated prosecutions.

Sen. Grassley’s letter to the FBI via The Daily Signal:

The assistant special agent in charge of the Washington Field Office, Timothy Thibault, tried to quash any investigation of Hunter Biden by ordering the matter closed “without providing a valid reason as required by FBI guidelines.”

The whistleblowers claim that Thibault “attempted to improperly mark the matter in FBI systems so that it could not be opened in the future,” Grassley says.

The whistleblowers also told Grassley, according to his July 18 letter, that Thibault routinely “opened or approved, investigations based on unsubstantiated or unverified statements sourced to biased media publications.” But in other instances, he “declined to open or approve investigations based on partisan objectives, notwithstanding the existence of proper predication.”

Grassley previously complained to the FBI about Thibault’s activities after Thibault posted anti-Trump, politically charged, pro-Lincoln Project social media posts.

As Grassley said in a May 31 letter, those social media posts and other disturbing information related by the whistleblowers raised serious ethical concerns and “call[ed] into question ASAC Thibault’s ability to perform the duties and responsibilities of an FBI agent objectively and without bias.”

He’s right.

Grassley says that Thibault, “while overseeing and directing the FBI’s most significant Federal public corruption investigation, traveled to the Czech Republic” to attend a seminar with Nellie Ohr, an employee of Fusion GPS.

Fusion GPS is the consulting firm that “created anti-Trump propaganda for use by the Hillary Clinton Campaign and Democratic National Committee and was involved in the fake Alfa bank narrative.”

Funny thing—as soon as Grassley sent his May letter to the FBI, Thibault’s social media posts disappeared.

But it gets worse. Richard Pilger serves as the head of the Election Crimes Branch of the Public Integrity Section at the Justice Department. As former DOJ lawyer J. Christian Adams explained, Pilger “blocked numerous election crime investigations” and “was lionized on MSNBC“ for his opposition to investigating election fraud.

Grassley even issued a report in 2021 as part of the oversight work done by the Senate Judiciary Committee that had an entire section devoted to Pilger’s apparent misconduct based on testimony from senior Justice Department employees.

According to Grassley’s July 18 letter, Pilger and Thibault were the individuals “deeply involved in the decision to open and pursue” the Justice Department’s investigation of Trump’s campaign, its advisers, and “individuals linked to electors during the 2020 election.”

And what is that investigation based on? According to Grassley, the whistleblowers told him that this investigation was initiated in substantial part on “January 2020 CNN news articles which relied on information derived from a liberal non-profit” organization.

The whistleblowers also claim, Grassley says, that the memos reviewed by the attorney general and the FBI director to approve the opening of this investigation “included selective assertions created in large part by Thibault and either removed or watered-down material connected” to left-wing entities.

Furthermore, Grassley says that “multiple whistleblowers” have said Thibault, Pilger, and other FBI personnel employed “double standards” and “did not support FBI agents seeking to follow normal investigative procedures related to investigating election crime allegations during multiple presidential elections.”

Grassley concludes his July 18 letter by voicing the concern all of us should have: “that political bias by a select group of Justice Department and FBI officials has infected the Justice Department’s and FBI’s usual process and procedure to open and pursue high-profile and politically charged investigations.”

The Iowa Republican goes on to say that if “these allegations are true and accurate, the Justice Department and FBI are—and have been—institutionally corrupted to their very core to the point in which the United States Congress and the American people will have no confidence in the equal application of the law.”

Rubio: Biden is Turning the Military into a “Woke Social Experiment” While China is Building Aircraft Carriers.

Tulsi Gabbard: Democrats Have Weaponized the FBI/Department of Justice Into a Political Hit Squad

“This is the telltale sign of an authoritarian regime…”

20+ year Military Vets Were KGB Spies

In case you thought that the hit TV show “The Americans” about KGB agents trained in American culture and planted in the United States with false identities was all just made up. Think again.

Primrose had security clearances, access to sensitive equipment and technical information and worked for a defense contractor after military retirement.

Hawaii News Now:

A couple living quietly in Kapolei for years were actually Russian spies, federal agents with the state Department Bureau of Diplomatic Security Service allege.

Walter Glenn Primose, also known as Bobby Edward Fort, and Gwynn Darle Morrison, aka Julie Lyn Montague, were arrested in a raid Friday morning.

Government records said the couple assumed the identities of dead babies from Texas in the 1980s, then used those identities to obtain Social Security cards, passports and driver’s licenses. Both are charged with identity theft, lying on their passport applications, and conspiracy to commit crimes against the United States.

Retired FBI agent Tom Simon believes these are preliminary charges designed to “get these people off the streets and begin negotiating with them and seeing what they know and their willingness to cooperate with the U.S.”

The criminal complaint said Primrose fraudulently enlisted in the Coast Guard in 1994.

“The Coast Guard has one foot firmly planted in the world of law enforcement and the second foot in the U.S. military and the intel community,” said Simon, owner of Simon Investigations.

Attorney Kevin O’Grady, a former military prosecutor, said Primrose’s security clearance could have provided the Russians with valuable information.

“They engage in counter terrorism and counter drug operations and things like that,” he said.

Primrose worked as an avionic electrical technician, serving 22 years before retiring.

“Enough information disclosed publicly can enable the enemy to put pieces together and that can tell the enemy a lot about us,” O’Grady said.

After retiring from the Coast Guard in 2016, Primrose was working as a U.S. Department of Defense contractor until his arrest Friday.

“It’s absolutely staggering to me the amount of time and effort the Russians put into this particular project,” said Simon, referring to the criminal allegations.

“This was not a quick hit to steal some records to get back. This was decades in the making.”

The criminal complaint against these two alleged KGB spies can be found HERE –

Australian Senator: Klaus Schwab’s “Green New Deal” Bankrupting Australia



Kari Lake Way Up in AZ Governor’s Race. Corporate Media Either Ignored or Smeared her. Millions in Attack Ads.

It has gotten to the point where good candidates do not even need corporate media. 

One big interview local corporate press offered her they backed out on when they realized that Lake’s team films everything so no one can do a special edit smear job on her. They literally said, If you want the interview we can have cameras but you can’t.

$10.3M Settlement in First COVID Vaccine Mandate Class Action Suit Involving Healthcare Workers

The Defender:

Chicago’s NorthShore University HealthSystem today agreed to a $10.3 million settlement in the nation’s first classwide lawsuit for healthcare workers over a COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Today, Liberty Counsel settled the nation’s first classwide lawsuit for healthcare workers over a COVID shot mandate, for more than $10.3 million.

The class action settlement against NorthShore University HealthSystem is on behalf of more than 500 current and former healthcare workers who were unlawfully discriminated against and denied religious exemptions from the COVID shot mandate.

The agreed-upon settlement was filed today in the federal Northern District Court of Illinois.

As a result of the settlement, NorthShore will pay $10,337,500 to compensate these healthcare employees who were victims of religious discrimination, and who were punished for their religious beliefs against taking an injection associated with aborted fetal cells.

This is a historic, first-of-its-kind class action settlement against a private employer who unlawfully denied hundreds of religious exemption requests to COVID-19 shots.

Westerner Making CCP Propaganda Film Accidentally Exposes Tyrannical Reality

The Chinese government pays westerners to make propaganda films and social media videos for them. There are youtubers who make $2,000-$4,000 a month doing this. 

This gentleman below, who obviously is not the sharpest pencil in the box, did not do a very good job of concealing the fact that he was surrounded by security minders and even a film crew with a long lends who got too close form time to time.

Must See: Loudoun County Parent/School Board Candidate Speaks Out

Remember Loudoun County Schools? They were cramming CRT down kids throats. Six year old’s were coming home saying that the teacher told her she was evil because she is white. They enacted a trans bathroom policy that resulted in two rapes, which the school board illegally did not report, covered up and went so far as to call the police and send lawyers after the victim’s parents. 

Now a grand jury is investigating the school board.

This is the same school board that was in collusion to get Biden’s DoJ to go after parents complaining at school board meetings because they must be “domestic terrorists.”

“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X