NOVEMBER – JANUARY ARCHIVED Election Fraud Evidence Links

NOVEMBER – JANUARY Election Fraud Evidence Mega Posts Page – CLICK HERE

List of 81 Election Fraud Cases And NOT ONE SINGLE COURT Has Allowed Evidence to be Argued – LINK

NEW July 18 2021 – 

“Meaningful Ballot Fraud” Confirmed in Fulton County Georgia Ballot Audit (video) – LINK

Maricopa County Arizona Ballot Audit Results in Todays Senate Hearing – Meaningful Ballot Irregularities – UPDATE – Originals of Duplicate Ballots Missing! (video) – LINK

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South Texas Police: Feds releasing COVID infected border crossers into communities.

Via CBS News DFW:

HIDALGO COUNTY, Texas (CBSDFW.COM) – The La Joya Police Department issued a public health announcement after an officer approached an undocumented migrant family at Whataburger who told him Border Patrol released them because they had COVID-19.

On July 26 the police department of the small town along the Rio Grande and Mexican border shared details of the incident. They said a concerned citizen at the restaurant waved down the officer. The citizen told him about the family “coughing and sneezing without covering their mouths and not wearing face masks.”

Whataburger management also told the officer that they wanted the group to leave as well due to “their disregard to other people’s health.”

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Mark Levin on American Marxism: Tell this to those unconvinced a Marxist revolution is happening (video)

This is a must see video. Mark Levin is a famed lawyer, writer and intellectual. Levin wrote the record selling book on the Supreme Court. 

Marxism always devolves into a form of involuntary servitude.

You can order American Marxism HERE

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Former Leftist Girl Reacts to Lecture by KGB Disinformation Officer Yuri Bezmenov (video)

Everything Yuti Bezmenov warned about in 1984 is happening today. This is amazing and surreal to watch. The former leftist girl calls herself ‘Gothix’ and she is quite charming as you will see.

Below is the entire lecture Yuri Bezmenov’s warning to America:

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AMAZING COINCIDENCE – “Dude” who attacked Tucker Carlson in Montana fishing store worked for a CIA front operation.

I am sure that someone at CNN will say that this is just a complete coincidence. 

Dan Bailey, the guy who just happened to be in a fly fishing store in Montana to verbally attack Tucker Carlson and get in his face, worked for the Asia Foundation, which is a CIA front operation….it was literally founded by the CIA. 

And right after Tucker exposed the NSA for illegally spying on him and releasing his emails and text messages to leftist journalists. And also right after Biden’s NSA Director Paul Nakasone purged Republicans from upper management in the NSA. Becker News has MORE

The CIA is probably still really mad about THIS

….and THIS.

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The individual vs the collective in a nutshell…/w special thanks to Carroll Shelby

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Why most film reviewers blatantly lie to the audience

This is yet another glaring illustration of how corrupt and dishonest the corporate media is.

If a reviewer or a journalist says a bad thing about a movie studio’s product the studio and the distributor can and very often do blacklist said review or journalist. So they have no choice but to tell you that these crappy products are great and that you should go out and see them…..otherwise no free trips, tickets, behinds the scenes interviews, access to the actors etc.

This is why they are called the “Access Media”….behave or no access.

masters of the universe rotten tomatoes

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Federal Court: No reasonable person believes Facebook “fact checkers” actually have any factual implication

Famed attorney’s Viva Frei and Robert Barnes discuss the lawsuit and the upcoming appeal.

If the video does not start at the right time the discussion of the Candace Owens lawsuit against Facebook and their phony fact checkers is at 1:03:21

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Another example of why polls of “Registered Voters” are meaningless

As we have posted many times, polling is too often used to make news. Most polls are a farce designed to manipulate the public, not reflect public opinion of those who matter, you know like people who actually vote.

Polls of  “registered voters” are useless because of “motor voter” and other legislation almost everyone is registered to vote, but most people don’t.  Polling adultism or registered voters is basically polling anyone who will answer the phone. The people who answer do not want to look like they are idiots, so they repeat to the pollster the BS they heard from CNN or on corporate news somewhere.

[For more details on poll manipulation we have a great piece on it HERE.] 

Polls of those who are likely to vote are very different from the previous polls and this sample from the LA Times shows the great contrast between the two. 

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Famed Canadian Lawyer: CNN’s Brian Stelter is Stirring Social Discord (video)

Famed Canadian attorney Viva Frei blasts CNN’s Brian Stelter for sewing social discord, hate and stupidity. Says Frei, “This is what a REAL dog-whistle sounds like.”

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Officer who testified at Democrat “Jan 6th” hearing defended BLM riots, posted Trump hate, lied under oath about Officer Sicknick.

phony officer Dunn jan 6th hearing

More details HERE

More details and video HERE

Antonio Branco has a GREAT cartoon on this show: Branco jan 6-Cap-Riot-Hearing-LA-1080

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Former KGB Disinformation Officer: Corporate Media “are a bunch of enfeebled snobs” (video)

This is former KGB disinformation officer Yuri Besmenov. If you have not watched all of his lectures you really should.  Yuri besmonov2

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Prager U to start teaching history online with entertaining student content (video)

Prager University to start teaching history online with lessons that are fun and student friendly.  The schools are teaching marxist/communist ideology, not history. So get your kids in front of this. 

Maybe some content like this. I like in the video how they have Thomas Jefferson playing the violin solo….he was a master violinist and an accomplished dancer. 

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Video: Dr. Fauci takes mask off after Congressional hearing when cameras shut off

fauci takes mask off after hearing

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Tucker Carlson blasts Republicans who do not stand up for medical rights (video)

Some people are allergic to Flu shots of most any kind and would rather wait for full FDA approval instead of the temporary emergency approval these vaccines have now. 

Is that position so unreasonable?

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Students told to hide CRT ‘equity survey’ questions from parents

MN studnets told not to tell parents about CRT equity survey

Watch the video HERE

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Biden Admin drops charges against five Chinese spies

After all the money the Chinese gave to Hunter Biden, the Biden Administration has been giving away the store…to both China and Russia. Also, Biden’s NSA Chief is purging Republicans from the agency.

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Dr. Rand Paul: Fauci Lied about the NIH Funding Gain-of-Function Research (Covid Origins) (video)

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D’Souza: The Coordinated Effort to Cover COVID Origins (video)

Pay attention to the names Dinesh D’Souza drops in this video. All of this is verifiable.

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Glenn Greenwald: ‘If you have faith in mainstream media institutions you are really irrational’ (video)

Famed journalist Glenn Greenwald drops so major truth bombs on the state of journalism today. 

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How Come the Left’s ‘Demands’ Never Apply to China?

Good question.

Tweet of the year on the CCP

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Gallup Poll Shows Race Relations Getting Worse (exactly what Critical Race Theory was created to do)

Democrats are in power and things are getting worse, not better. No one should be surprised by this. 

gallup july 21 CRT1

gallup july 21 CRT2

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D’Souza Explains: Democrat/FBI/DoJ January 6th “Insurrection” Narrative Continues to Fall Apart (video)

The FBI and DoJ have become a farce on the level of a banana republic.

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Was the Governor Whitmer “Abduction Plot” an FBI Orchestrated “Jussie Smollett” Job? – UPDATED!

The evidence is mounting that it was the FBI who encouraged, trained and even paid for the entire plot to happen. It also seems that there may have been more FBI assets than there were civilian “plotters”. At what point did it go from the FBI infiltrating the group to the FBI being the group?

Then of course Trump was blamed for all of this shortly before the election. How convenient. In light of the “Russian Collusion” hoax, the Ukraine hoax and the FBI covering for Hillary’s illegal home server full of classified information as well as her sale of American uranium resources to Vladimir Putin, heads of three letter agencies lying to Congress, spying on Americans illegally and spying on Congress itself……this causes people to wonder……was this whole scenario dreamed up in order to blame Trump and create a pre-election surprise. Unfortunately the FBI and DoJ are so corrupted that nothing, including this, is beneath them. 

This is the same DoJ that sent American guns to Mexican drug cartels so they could blame the ensuing violence on American gun owners and pass a new “assault weapon” ban.

We almost forgot to mention that their January 6th “insurrection” narrative is falling apart as well. 


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Top 10 Countries /w Largest Reductions and Increases of CO2 Emissions

We were reluctant to even post this because as earth science and biology science tell us that CO2 is needed for life and is not a pollutant.

However this puts the truth to the lie that the USA is the biggest offender in this as the Marxist-Left and their corporate media allies claim. Also notice that the same “environmental” groups (as we use the team lightly) as a rule will not criticize China as they are already communist.

co2 emissions changes by country china

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Inside Hezbollah Underground Terror Tunnel’s into Israel (video)

This is how far they are willing to go to kill Israeli civilians. This is simply incredible. The IDF estimates that terrorists spent $5 million creating it.

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AWESOME – Famed Attorney’s Viva & Barnes Review CRT Lawsuit Brought By Drama Teacher (video)

For those who claim that Critical Race Theory (CRT) and hate are not being taught in our public schools, they need to see this lawsuit filled with examples of outrageous hate and Marxism that are being forced on very young students. The CRT curriculum is in direct violation of state and federal civil rights laws.

Canadian Attorney Viva Frie and famed American litigator Robert Barnes discus the suit:

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The CCP Waged an Information/Culture/Indoctrination War on Tibet – Then They Got Violent

This is how it always starts. Just as older Jews, or Vietnamize, Koreans, Chinese, Cubans or those who lived behind the Iron Curtain.

This is a fabulous piece by Steve Rose at American Thinker. We usually do not reprint so much of another’s article here but this is so important that the word must get out to every thinking person. 

biden CCP sponsored

Steve Rose at American Thinker:

It’s becoming increasingly clear that powerful forces are determined to undermine American from the inside. The effort is apparently either to destroy America entirely or hollow it out and transform it into something fundamentally different from what it ever was or was intended to be.

But what’s really going on, and why? For many of us, the experience is baffling.

One book, however, offers a refreshing – but unsettling – jolt of clarity: the autobiography of the Dalai Lama, Freedom In Exile. This book (and Kundun, the 1997 Martin Scorsese movie which depicts many events described in the book) describes China’s invasion of Tibet in the 1950s.

Americans might learn several useful lessons from the book and movie. Here are five.

1. The idea of deliberately eradicating culture

The idea of deliberately destroying a culture probably horrifies most Americans today. But it was apparently a key tactic during the CCP’s invasion. As the Dalai Lama describes in his book:

“…the Chinese authorities had ruthlessly and systematically tried to destroy our ancient culture.” (231)

One way of destroying the Tibetan culture was through immigration:

“…following a massive immigration programme, the population of Chinese in Tibet now comfortably exceeds that of Tibetans. My countrymen and women are today in grave danger of becoming nothing more than a tourist attraction in their own country.” (237)

2. The idea of deliberately exterminating religion

The Dalai Lama recounted a conversation in which Chairman Mao said, “Religion is poison.” (98)

He later described the CCP targeting religious leaders with tactics specifically focused on undermining religious convictions:

“This bombardment was followed by the merciless torture and execution of women and children…and, incredibly, by the disgusting abuse of monks and nuns. After arrest, these simple, religious people were forced – in public – to break their vows of celibacy with one another and even to kill people.” (110)

3. The idea of deliberately destroying conscience

Americans typically see “conscience” as something sacred. Others see it as a target.

“…the local population had begun to be indoctrinated against religion. Monks and nuns were subject to severe harassment and publicly humiliated. For example, they were forced to join in extermination programmes of insects, rats, birds and all types of vermin, even though the Chinese authorities knew that taking any form of life is contrary to Buddhist teaching. If they refused, they were beaten.” (104)

Why force monks and nuns to kill animals? This apparently wasn’t done despite their beliefs, it seems, but because of them. Forcing people to violate their consciences wasn’t an accident. It was the point. It’s effective brainwashing. To destroy a conscience is to destroy an identity, which makes individuals obedient, compliant, and easier to rule.

Another example was forcing children to murder their own parents.

“The Khampas, of all their possessions, the one the valued above all others was their personal weapons. So when the local cadres began to confiscate these, the Khampas reacted with violence… The Chinese dealt viciously with Khampa resistance: not only were public beatings and executions carried out but often these were done by the victim’s own child.” (104-105)

4. Torture and murder

Americans are almost unanimously against torture and murder. The only question – as in waterboarding – is where to draw the line. But we should keep this in perspective.

“The methods that the Chinese used to intimidate the population… crucifixion, vivisection, disemboweling and dismemberment of victims was commonplace. So too were beheading, burning, beating to death and burying alive, not to mention dragging people behind galloping horses until they died or hanging them upside down or throwing them bound hand and foot into icy water. And, in order to prevent them shouting out, ‘Long live the Dalai Lama’, on the way to execution, they tore out their tongues with meat hooks.” (124)

The Dalai Lama continues:

“Other ex-detainees…were repeatedly given shocks from the electric cattle prods…A young man had one forced into his mouth…and a nun told investigators of how she had had this instrument of torture forced into both her anus and vagina.” (266)

5. Extreme Gaslighting

CCP members seemed to imagine themselves not as villains, but as well-intentioned do-gooders, which “justified” their actions.

“I told him point-blank that it was wrong for them to have done such a thing. But this only started an argument. My criticisms were an insult to the Motherland, which wanted only to protect and assist my people. If some of my countrymen did not want reforms – reforms which would benefit the masses because they would prevent their exploitation – then they could expect to be punished. His reasoning was lunatic.” (111)

From the start, the CCP narrative was that they were “liberating Tibet from the hands of imperialist aggressors.” (51). (The Dalai Lama, apparently, was the “imperialist aggressor” in this scenario.) This narrative rationalized the entire invasion.

“…A harsh, crackling voice announced that…’over the last hundred years or more’ aggressive imperialist forces had penetrated into Tibet and ‘carried out all kinds of deceptions and provocations.’ It added that ‘under such conditions, the Tibetan nationality and people were plunged into the depths of enslavement and suffering.’ I felt physically ill as I listened to the unbelievable mixture of lies and fanciful clichés.” (63)

From Clause One of China’s “Agreement” for the “Peaceful Liberation of Tibet”:

“The Tibetan people shall unite and drive out imperialist aggressive forces from Tibet. The Tibetan people shall return to the big family of the Motherland – the People’s Republic of China.” (63)

Nobody actually believed this narrative, it seemed, including the people declaring it. But that didn’t matter. Words, to them, weren’t descriptions of reality, but tools of power.

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Dr. Fauci Among Other Biden Administration Officials Using COVID to Attack Free Speech and Academic Freedom.

Frontpage Magazine:

After Biden’s spokeswoman boasted that the administration was ordering Facebook to censor some people’s speech, Fauci joined the campaign by appearing on CNN to warn about the dangers of letting anyone say whatever they think. “We probably would still have polio in this country if we had the kind of false information that’s being spread now,” he falsely claimed.

fauci face palm memeFauci, as usual, is wrong about everything.

The polio vaccine was the subject of numerous controversies which played out in public.

There were anti-vaccine campaigns long before Facebook. The most bracing of these took on the polio vaccine with the headline, “Little White Coffins” declaring, “Only God above will know how many thousands of little white coffins will be used to bury the victims of Salk’s heinous, fraudulent vaccine.”  Walter Winchell, who at his peak reached over 50 million people, warned that one particular version of the vaccine, which contained a live virus, was a “killer”.

Contrary to Fauci’s fantasies (aided and abetted by a media eager to find a pretext for censoring any open marketplace of ideas), the fifties were not a totalitarian dystopia in which free speech did not exist. Many of the same controversies as today, from socialism to science, played out to large audiences across a bewildering array of national and local newspapers, radio stations, mailings, books and magazines in a country where the media had not yet been consolidated.

Today, much of the newspaper, radio, and television markets, not to mention publishing, are controlled in one way or another by a handful of giant companies. While the fifties had their massive chains and networks, they were far more intellectually diverse, and had plenty of different owners and perspectives in the mix. The American cultural environment today would strike people from that era as Communist because it resembles the tight centralized control of the Soviet Union. America has never had as little free and open debate as it does now because never have the means of debate been clutched in as few hands as is now the case.

Continue reading HERE.

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A Bit of Perspective on Voter ID

A Fraudulent vote is the same thing as denying someone the right to vote.

Our compliments to the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

voter is perspective

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Biden White House Proudly Admits They Are In Collusion /w Tech Companies to Censor “Misinformation”

This more or less makes the tech companies a defacto agent of the federal government, thus making this a First Amendment violation.

The problem is that big tech are only doing this for the CCP and for the Democratic Party. 

Can you imagine the corporate media outrage if President Trump sent in the feds to stop social media from spreading the Russian Collusion Hoax? The Golden Showers Hoax, The Stormy Daniels Hoax, the Trump “didn’t pay his taxes” hoax? 

Yet social media banned newspapers and people who posted the TRUE story of the bribes, illegal drug use and sex parties with Asian girls that are on Hunter Biden’s laptop.

Remember those 50 intelligence officials who lied and said that the Hunter Biden laptop story was “Russian Disinformation?” Think about it, those 50 people swore an oath to defend America and her Constitution and yet they all lied. It is yet another example of how the left does not see objective truth as a value. 

Big Tech also censored people who posted information about the Chinese laboratory, they have censored doctors and information that Big Pharma didn’t want you to know about and more. 

“Misinformation” is any story the left doesn’t appreciate.

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