Oscar Awards Makes Identity Politics and Subject Matter a Must To Win

What brought this on? It could be the far left’s reaction to The Joker winning so many awards. The Joker is a brilliant film which stands out amongst so much nonsense with bad writing and no edge or nuance.

Here are the key categories. Notice “merit” is no where to be found.

Of course there is nothing wrong with diversity when it is organic and not forced as the key is to have a great story that makes sense. But this is not about inclusions and never was. The way the far left does diversity is not inclusive like the American Founders idea of a melting pot of people coming together under superior ideas, but rather the exact kind of divisiveness we are seeing in the media, riots and the rhetoric coming from the far left.

A fine example of such divisiveness and hate is coming form the far left in it’s attempt to cancel Gina Carano and ruin her career. So much for their claim to support strong women:

To see how the left reacted to The Joker see this video below:

Like we said, DIVISIVE:

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ANTIFA vs Human Cheese Grater

Try not to smile 🙂

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Steve Bannon: AG Barr is Right, Partisan Prosecutors are ‘Head Hunting’ Trump Supporters

This is why Bill Clinton fired all of the US Attorney’s and replaced them when he took office.

Steve Bannon:

Here is Attorney General Bob Barr:

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President Trump signs an executive order to promote patriotic education!

Communist/Marxist indoctrination in out schools is so prevalent and so subversive that this single act makes Trump’s presidency on the the most consequential in history:

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Nearly half of donations to Democrat/ActBlue came from untraceable ‘unemployed’ donors

When you give money to an politician or a political group you must state your name and employer so they can make sure that you are not acting as a proxy for someone another person’s donation to get around campaign finance laws.

While less than 4% of donations to Republicans show no employer, almost half donated to Democrats show no employer, implying that much of the money they raise is laundered illegally.

Fox News:

Less than two months ahead of the presidential election – with concerns of foreign interference again at the forefront – a conservative political group is raising “serious concerns” about millions of donations reported by a major Democratic fundraising platform.

A preliminary computer analysis by the Take Back Action Fund, obtained exclusively by Fox News, has found that nearly half of all 2019 donations to ActBlue were made by people claiming to be unemployed.

Action Fund President John Pudner questioned the veracity of those donations and called it a loophole that must be closed for the sake of election integrity.

“After downloading hundreds of millions of [dollars in] donations to the Take Back Action Fund servers, we were shocked to see that almost half of the donations to ActBlue in 2019 claimed to be unemployed individuals,” he said. “The name of employers must be disclosed when making political donations, but more than 4.7 million donations came from people who claimed they did not have an employer. Those 4.7 million donations totaled $346 million ActBlue raised and sent to liberal causes.”

The trend is continuing this year: An Action Fund examination of 2020 data from January through August showed an uptick in “unemployed” donations through ActBlue, to 50.1% this year.

ActBlue defends the integrity of its donations and said many come from retirees and people who aren’t counted as employed, such as homemakers.

According to the findings of the Action Fund – a nonprofit that aims to “educate the public on conservative solutions for political reform” – 48.4% of ActBlue donations last year, prior to the massive loss of jobs that came with the onslaught of the coronavirus pandemic, came from those who did not list an employer or who claimed to be unemployed.

Pudner said the large number is a red flag that some donations may be illicit contributions from foreign interests attempting to impact U.S. elections.

“It is hard to believe that at a time when the U.S. unemployment rate was less than 4 percent, that unemployed people had $346 million dollars to send to ActBlue for liberal causes,” Pudner said, adding that “4.7 million donations from people without a job … raised serious concerns.”

Continue reading HERE.

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And now for something completely different!

As we and many other people have been reporting, the new “woke” marxian Star Trek form CBS all access has been a ratings and merchandising disaster.

The real challenge in watching new Trek is trying to figure out what is worse, the deliberate disrespecting of beloved characters, the bad writing, the mediocre production value or just the idiotic and poorly executed indoctrination themes.

All is not lost! A fan made this on his PC and did a better job than CBS. Maybe they should hire people based on talent instead of compliance with marxist authoritarian foolishness.

This is beautiful. Be sure to watch it at full 2K HD!:

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Me Thinks the Biden Campaign Protests Too Much….

It is a talking point because Joe Biden went from being one of the most articulate and smooth BS artists in political history to a guy who can’t complete a thought much of the time. So everything has to be staged.

This is why the elite media is now smearing Joe Rogan. The Biden campaign cannot allow Joe Biden in a room with someone who will offer tough questions, push back and isn’t already in their pocket.

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Many of the ‘Socialist’ Rioters are White/Wealthy/Privileged Indoctrinated at School

We hear it all the time, “not in my kid’s school” well yes it is.

New York Post:

The so-called revolutionaries who were busted for rioting at a New Afrikan Black Panther Party rally took a break from their yacht club lives and modeling careers to be a part of the mayhem.

The seven “comrades” — including wealthy Upper East Sider Clara Kraebber — had their mugshots tweeted out by the NYPD early Wednesday, days after their arrests for smashing storefront windows in the Flatiron District.

They were cuffed during a protest organized by the Panthers and the Revolutionary Abolitionist Movement groups condemning the death of Daniel Prude, who was killed while in custody of the Rochester Police Department in March.

Aside from Kraebber, the redhead daughter of an architect and a child psychiatrist with a second home in Connecticut, five of the others arrested appear to also come from privileged backgrounds — leading one police source to call their actions “the height of hypocrisy.”

Frank Fuhrmeister, 30, of Stuyvesant Heights, charged with rioting and possession of a graffiti instrument, is a freelance art director who’s designed ads for Joe Coffee and has also worked for Pepsi, Samsung and The Glenlivet, among other high-profile brands, his LinkedIn profile and portfolio show.

He studied fine arts with a concentration in photography at Florida State College in Jacksonville, according to his LinkedIn, and his most recent address is a stately home on Reed Island Drive in the city’s tony Beacon Hills and Harbour Neighborhood, public records show.

Calls to Fuhrmeister went unreturned.

Adi Sragovich, 20, is a student at Sarah Lawrence College from Great Neck, LI, according to police and her family.

The young activist lost her phone during the rowdy weekend protests and promptly called up her mother, who “made arrangements” to replace the cellphone right away, her mom told The Post.

“She hasn’t been terribly in touch, she’s been off doing her own thing,” said Sragovich’s mom, Susan Jacobowitz, an English professor at Queensborough Community College.

Keep reading HERE.

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Obama Admin Had Ukrainian Embassy Spying on Americans….

And the Democrats tried to tell you that Ukraine was doing things for Trump. Look at what his Ukrainian Ambassador had the State Department and the Ambassador’s resources doing….

This story is from October of 2019, but it was woefully under reported. Those who made up the whole “Trump collusion with Russia/Ukraine” nonsense were actually breaking the law and doing it themselves. Their own documents prove it.

Sara Carter:

Judicial Watch issued a Freedom of Information Act request on Monday, to the State Department asking for “any and all records regarding, concerning, or related to the monitoring of any U.S.-based journalist, reporter, or media commentator by any employee or office of the Department of State between January 1, 2019 and the present.”

“That includes all records pertaining to the scope of the monitoring to be conducted and individuals subject to it as well as records documenting the information collected pursuant to the monitoring,” the watchdog group stated. “The FOIA request also asks for all records of communication between any official, employee or representative of the State Department and any other individual or entity.”

A source with knowledge confirmed to SaraACarter.com that Yovanovitch, an Obama appointee, had allegedly requested the monitoring of this reporter. A source, with knowledge of the information, said “Sara Carter, as well as The Hill’s former columnist John Solomon, among others, were being monitored.”

Yovanovitch was a career diplomat. She also served at embassies in Kyrgyzstan and Armenia. She was appointed ambassador to Ukraine by Obama in 2016 and was recalled by the State Department in May.

On Friday, Yovanovitch testified behind closed doors during the House impeachment inquiry against Trump.

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Kayleigh McEnany Shreds CNN Reporter Using Selectively Edited Misquote of Trump (Again)

These reporters in the White House Press Room are supposed to be the best. Yet they are caught almost every day not doing even the most basic fact checking before coming at Press Sec. McEnany with their chests all puffed up just to get deflated time and time again. One might think they would learn, but they don’t the editor of this very site believes that they simply don’t care if they are accurate any longer, they just want to resist President Trump.

After going ballistic about masks, look at what the CNN reporter does!

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Watch Democrat Media Desperately Try to Play ‘Gotcha’ Against Kayleigh McEnany

While CNN and their allies in this video make excuses for and cover up the riots and violence of the far left, they show their real outrage because Donald Trump held a REAL  “peaceful protest.”

Notice that none of them are trying to cover real news and the talking points they claim are “true” get nuked when Kayleigh pulls out the official numbers.

Remember, it was Donald Trump who took action against COVID early on and Democrat called him a phobe and an ist for protecting the American people:

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Democrats using same Cold War destabilization tactics against USA that the CIA used to destabilize Warsaw Pact countries.

This writer has a degree in Mass Communications and also studied political science. I made it a point to study propaganda and mess media theory used by the Soviet Union and Germany. What Darren Bettie says here is absolutely true. So true it is literally textbook. Please see our previous post for more context.

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Jordan Petersen & Yuri Bezmenov: American Leftists are Ignorant of Leftist Authoritarianism

Dr. Jordan Peterson:

Ex-KGB agent Yuri Bezmenov. In 1984, Bezmenov explained the four step plan to force Communism into the United States, and looking around today, it seems to be working:

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Joe Rogan to Host Presidential debate? Trump Says Yes!

Joe Rogan is no one’s sycophant and would be a fine choice to host a Presidential Debate. Will Biden agree?

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Hundreds of Retired Military leaders Endorse President Trump

Click to access 235-military-leaders-endorse-president-trump-final.pdf

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What Democrats Are Doing to Joe Biden is a Moral Outrage

Is there one responsible Democrat who is going to put a stop to this spectacle? Even one? Joe Biden used to be one of the most articulate and immaculate BS artists in all of politics. Now he cannot even complete a sentence. This is not good for the country and one can be sure the rest of the world sees this and is astonished. Where is Jill Biden? Anyone?

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Alan Dershowitz files $300M defamation suit against CNN: “They doctored the tape”

Fox News:

Famed attorney and Harvard Law School professor emeritus Alan Dershowitz filed a defamation suit against CNN on Tuesday seeking $300 million for what he called a “willful, deliberate, malicious effort to destroy my credibility.”

Dershowitz told Fox News that CNN selectively edited a clip of his remarks from the Senate floor during President Trump’s impeachment trial where he broke down the illegalities surrounding a “quid pro quo” as a member of the president’s defense team.

The Constitutional scholar alleges in the lawsuit that the news outlet propagated a “sea of lies” by re-airing only part of his quote, which he believes was part of a deliberate effort “from the very top” to frame him for claiming “that the President of the United States could commit illegal acts as long as he thought it would help his reelection and that his reelection was in the public interest,” The Wrap reported.

“What CNN did here, and it pains me to say this because, you know, I have friends over there. What they did is they just totally doctored the tape,” Dershowitz told Sean Hannity on Tuesday.

“If they had just show the part where I said if he does anything illegal he can be impeached — Dershowitz trailed off, “but they doctored the tape to take that out.”

Dershowitz said he plans to donate any awarding to “charities and to good causes,” emphasizing that he’s “not doing this for myself.

“I’m doing this to hold them accountable,” he explained. “They made a deliberate, willful decision we believe from the very top to purposely doctor the tape to make it look like I said something that was crazy, that a president can do anything, that he can commit crimes.

“Of course I never said that — I don’t believe it. I spent an hour in front of the Senate two days earlier saying if the president commits a crime he can be impeached and that was a whole thesis of my presentation,” Dershowitz said.

“CNN knew that and they doctored the tape and edited the tape to make me say exactly the opposite. Shame on them,” he continued,. “They’re going to have to pay and some good charities are going to benefit from CNN’s willful deliberate malicious effort to destroy my credibility as a constitutional scholar.”

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Kamala Harris protected with massive police detail she promises to defund; carrying AR-15’s she promises to ban

As usual with the marxist/communist left there are differing rules for me and thee. The simple truth is that the far left isn’t anti-gun at all, they just want all the guns for themselves and to be sure that you don’t have any so they can be sure to leave you defenseless.

Notice that a British newspaper has to point out what is so obvious here?

Daily Mail:

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Federal Judge Rules Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf’s COVID-19 Restrictions Unconstitutional

We have reported several times about the glaring hypocrisy in COVID enforcement rules. Every Democrat gathering is fine, but any non Democrat gathering or church etc has police show up. No restrictions are good enough for most small businesses or gun shops, but corporate stores who promise to require social distancing get to stay open.


A federal judge in Pittsburgh says Pennsylvania Gov. Tom Wolf and State Health Secretary Dr. Rachel Levine had good intentions to protect people from the coronavirus but their orders went too far. The judge ruled in a court order that Wolf’s closing of “non-life-sustaining” businesses and restrictions on gatherings during the COVID-19 pandemic were unconstitutional.

“You can’t tell 13 million Pennsylvanians that they have to stay home. That’s not America. It never was. That order was horrible,” Thomas W. King, III, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.

Judge William Stickman IV ruled that the state-posed limits on gatherings violated the First Amendment and the stay-at-home and business-closing orders violated the Fourteenth Amendment.

The ruling by Stickman was made in a case in which Butler, Greene, Fayette and Washington counties are listed as plaintiffs. The counties had filed suit, claiming the shutdown orders were unconstitutional.

Stickman, an appointee of President Donald Trump, wrote in his ruling that the Wolf administration’s pandemic policies have been overreaching, arbitrary and violated citizens’ constitutional rights.

Stickman ruled in favor of individual and business plaintiffs, and he dismissed the county governments from the case. Individuals who won the favorable ruling include U.S. Rep. Mike Kelly, R-Pa.; state Rep. Daryl Metcalfe, R-Butler; and various businesses including hair salons and the Starlight Drive-In.

“This ruling stands for the proposition that even in a pandemic, the citizens of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania do not forfeit their constitutionally protected rights,” Thomas E. Breth, an attorney for the plaintiffs, told Pittsburgh’s Action News 4.

The attorneys say their clients are still willing to voluntarily abide by health guidelines such as masks and social distancing.

Viva Frei analizes:

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J-Post: Oman expected to send representative to Israel normalization deal signing

President Trump has literally gotten more done in Middle-East peace than all other presidents have done in the last 50 years.


Oman is expected to send a representative to Tuesday’s White House ceremony where Israel will sign normalization deals with the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain, a senior administration official said.

The official said Oman’s ambassador to the United States was expected to attend. The development was likely to fuel speculation that Oman could be the next Gulf state to sign a normalization deal with Israel.

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Daisy Ridley Confirms: Disney SJW Star Wars Had No Plan. They Winged It.

Star Wars was the most valuable intellectual property (IP) in the entertainment world. Disney has squandered it. New trilogy toys aren’t selling. Toy makers are losing interest in making any toys other then for the original Lucas trilogy.

Disney Lucasfilm started out on a very sour start. New Disney Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy made it clear that Star Wars would be used to push SJW toxic feminism. Movie posters of “A New Hope” with Luke Skywalker’s face crossed out were put on display at Lucasfilm headquarters:

Luke Skywalker had to be erased. Kathleen Kennedy set out to destroy Luke Skywalker, turn him into a phony, unlikable, blue moof milker who abandoned everything be believed in all because he is a “toxic white male.”

Luminaries at Lucasfilm attacked the fans, calling them “ists and “phobes” for rejecting this crap. On Twitter they mocked Star Wars fans, attacked Christians and fathers (remember that the marxist left wants to bring an end to the patriarchal nuclear family), and waged war on social media against anyone who critiqued their new vision.

These are the priorities Kathleen Kennedy put into Disney Star Wars. There was no overarching story plan. Kennedy made it clear that each writer/director could do whatever he wanted so long as they met Kennedy’s “guidelines.”

Star wars films under-performed and fans straight up rejected The Last Jedi going so far as to boycott the stand alone Han Solo film which lost money.

Disney then admitted that they betrayed George Lucas and his vision for Star Wars.

Eventually, the money always wins and Disney let it be known that they wanted these problems fixed. Kennedy was under pressure to make sure that the last film, “Rise of Skywalker” performed. The film went through rewrites and re-shoots and Lucasfilm denied rumors that they had no plan for the trilogy and that what they did was the plan all along……perhaps that was a mistake:

Star Wars Theory:

Overlord DVD:

Geeks & Gamers:

Actor John Boyega (Finn) who was hyped up in the beginning as the Storm Trooper (of color) who deserts and trains to be a Jedi ended up getting totally sidelined. Boyega let Disney Lucasfilm have it; demonstrating once again that SJW “diversity” is only skin deep:

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Bloomberg to spend at $100 Million to help Biden in Florida

Former New York Mayor and billionaire oligarch Micheal Bloomberg to spend $100 million in Florida alone to help Joe Biden. So much for Democrats helping the poor, if they are for the poor and want to sock it to the rich why are so many super wealthy oligarchs supporting Democrats? The answers are obvious for those willing to do a little homework.

KVUE News:

Former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is committing at least $100 million to help Joe Biden’s presidential campaign in the crucial battleground state of Florida.

Bloomberg’s late stage infusion of cash reflects Democrats’ concerns about the tight race in a state that is a priority for President Donald Trump. A victory for Biden in Florida, the largest of the perennial battleground states, would significantly complicate Trump’s path to reaching the 270 Electoral College votes needed to secure a second term.

The billionaire Bloomberg launched his own campaign for the Democratic nomination late last year amid worries about Biden’s strengths. Despite spending $1 billion on his campaign, Bloomberg struggled and dropped out in March, quickly endorsing Biden.

Bloomberg’s new spending is intended to boost Biden before the start of early voting in Florida, which begins on Sept. 24. A Bloomberg adviser said much of the money will go to television and digital advertising.

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Star Trek Day Fails. SJW’s at CBS Ruined Trek

Star Trek was one of the greatest, most well written and intelligent shows ever, until a new group of marxist social justice warriors (SJW) at CBS were handed the reigns to Star Trek and with the Discovery series it has been a ratings and merchandising disaster.

It is clear that Alex Kurtzman, who was given control of Star Trek at CBS had nothing but contempt for Gene Roddenberry’s vision for Star Trek. Not being a fan of the show and having no reverence for its importance he used the Star Trek intellectual property (IP) to produce SJW propaganda.

The writers of Star Trek Picard have admitted and written on Star Trek dot com that their goal with the Picard TV show was to humiliate Picard and tear him down. Why? Because Picard was a privileged white guy.

On “Star Trek Day” William Shatner, Captain Kirk Himself, was not even invited to participate. In the poster for the event CBS made him the smallest face on the poster.
William Shatner had a problem with that:

Star Trek Day was a last ditch effort by the Alex Kurtzman crowd to generate public and investor interest in his new Commie Trek. As Overlord DVD reports below it did not go well:

[Editor’s Note: While Overlord DVD, the man in the mask below, may at first seem silly and over the top, he delivers industry insider news accurately time and time again. Studios watch his channel to see what leaks out. We suspect that behind the mask he is a “somebody” at a major production studio or otherwise in a position to get insider information.]

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Cuties is undefendable. Those defending it are lying & everyone who has seen the film knows it.

Or if you doubt, what if a man took these same films of an 11 year old girl and posted it online…..

It is NOT just a “right” thing from Timcast:

“Anna – That Star Wars Girl” who is not political, watched the film and describes it ….in detail. You have been warned:

Jeremy from Geeks & Gamers:

Viva Frei – Law Video Blog:

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Samantha: Democrat Predictions of Doom & Gloom After Trump’s Election Didn’t Happen

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The Amazing Story of How Candace Owen’s Got Red Pilled

This is one of the most fascinating “red pill” shock stories ever.

Candace Owens on the Rubin Report:

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What the Media Was Afraid to Tell You This Week 9-12-20

You mean they lie to us? Academic fraud to manipulate you….or one could just call it junk science.

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What Have the Democrats Done With Their House Majority Since 2018?

Feel represented?

Former Navy Seal and combat veteran Dan Crenshaw:

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New Revelations on COVID Death Count (video)

While it all may seem like satire, this is very true. COVID was not the threat originally thought and some states have used this as an excuse to do some real damage by leveraging “safety regulations” against those who they perceive as political enemies, such as most small businesses, churches, gun stores, etc.

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Will Chamberlain: The media has adopted Antifa’s ethos: “conservatives don’t have rights!”

Lawyer Will Chamberlain explains how the media has taken on the point of view that non-leftists, Christians, Republicans, conservatives, etc have no legal rights of free speech or self defense, like they are less than human.

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