Biden Press Secretary Makes Flippant Crack About Supply Chain Woes (video)

Can they make it any more clear that they just don’t care?

Empty shelves, crazy inflation, meat, grocery and fuel shortages. Drug shortages and more. Check out the Biden Administration response in the video below:

They tell us to lower our expectations, If Trump were in office he would whip together an emergency program to fix this. In the meantime Democrat states like California are banning most owner-operator truckers in the name of progressive utopia. 

When Democrat Jimmy Carter created an energy crisis with his foolish anti-energy policies he told America that nothing could be done, it would get worse for the rest of the century….then Reagan got elected and fixed it within 18 months. 

Pfizer Holding Virtual Gun to Heads of Smaller Countries. Insane Demands.

Pfizer is demanding military bases and embassies be put up as collateral. Demanding that the countries pass certain laws benefiting Pfizer over safety at public expense, even holding Pfizer immune should they act maliciously.

WION (India news):

The US-based company Pfizer is holding governments to ransom, interfering with their legislation, and even demanding military bases as guarantee.

STAT News:

Pfizer has been accused of “bullying” Latin American governments during negotiations to acquire its Covid-19 vaccine, and the company has asked some countries to put up sovereign assets, such as embassy buildings and military bases, as a guarantee against the cost of any future legal cases, according to an investigation by the U.K.-based Bureau of Investigative Journalism.


The Manhattan-based pharmaceutical giant has maintained tight levels of secrecy about negotiations with governments over contracts that can determine the fate of populations. The “contracts consistently place Pfizer’s interests before public health imperatives,” said Zain Rizvi, the researcher who wrote the report.

Public Citizen found common themes across contracts, including not only secrecy but also language to block donations of Pfizer doses. Disputes are settled in secret arbitration courts, with Pfizer able to change the terms of key decisions, including delivery dates, and demand public assets as collateral.

Sharon Castillo, a spokeswoman for Pfizer, said that confidentiality clauses were “standard in commercial contracts” and “intended to help build trust between the parties, as well as protect the confidential commercial information exchanged during negotiations and included in final contracts.”

Both Pfizer and Moderna, another U.S. company that developed a vaccine using breakthrough mRNA technology, are facing pressure from critics who accuse them of building a “duopoly.” Although Pfizer did not accept government funding through the vaccine development program called Operation Warp Speed, it received huge advance orders from the United States. It opposed an intellectual property waiver that could have meant the sharing of its technology.

Experts who reviewed the terms of contracts with foreign governments suggested that some demands were extreme. In contracts reached with Brazil, Chile, Colombia and the Dominican Republic, those states forfeited “immunity against precautionary seizure of any of [their] assets.”

“It’s almost as if the company would ask the United States to put the Grand Canyon as collateral,” said Lawrence Gostin, a professor of public health law at Georgetown University.

Public Citizen analyzed an unredacted draft agreement between the company and Albania, as well as unredacted final documents from Brazil, Colombia, the Dominican Republic, Peru and the European Commission. Redacted documents published by Chile, the United States and Britain provide further context, though they are missing key details.

The contract reached with Brazil prohibits the government from making “any public announcement concerning the existence, subject matter or terms of [the] Agreement” or commenting on its relationship with Pfizer without the prior written consent of the company.

Obama Defense Sec. Rips Biden: Afghanistan Made Me Physically Sick. Female Athlete Beheaded. Americans Still Left Behind. CorpoMedia Silent.

President Obama’s defense Secretary Robert Gates ripped into Biden’s failure in Afghanistan. And remember, the Biden Administration said that the Taliban are our partners…

SICK: Fauci Approved Millions in Funding for Mad Scientist Torture Experiments on Beagles

As a National Institute of Health Director Dr, Fauci approved not only millions of dollars for biological weapons research to the Wuhan Lab in China, but he also approved millions to go to insane experiments torturing beagles in Africa, as the experiments would be illegal in most of the Western World. 

It is not populist Trump supporters working in the bureaucracy who think this insanity is a good idea. Someone thinks that torturing beagles is the path to progressive utopia. How about we find these people and fire them? It is time to reform the bureaucratic state. Spending millions on this when we have disabled, veterans and the elderly to take care of is inexcusable.

Some of the content below is highly disturbing. 

Hunter Biden Offering Access to Alleged Russian Criminal Networks for Cash.

Hunter Biden tried to get Alcoa to pay him $80,000 to get plugged into the network of wealthy Russian criminal Oleg Deripaska. How is it that Hunter Biden is so well versed on Russian criminal networks….to make “introductions.”

The FBI raided the American homes of Deripaska last week. Of course the FBI being as corrupt as it is the raid could have been for the purpose of finding any evidence on Hunter and disappearing it.

The raid could also be a continued cover up of the Trump/Russian Collusion Hoax. Special Prosecutor Durham has already scored the conviction of an FBI lawyer for manufacturing incriminating evidence to submit to the FISA Court in order to continue to spy on Trump illegally. 

Two others involved in manufacturing evidence against Trump were DoJ Attorney Bruce Ohr and Christopher Steele Deripaska to testify (lie) against Trump. They were unsuccessful. 

Durham has indicted DNC/Clinton attorney Michael Sussmann and more are sure to come. 

Watch Woke Leftists at Harvard Try to Defend Racism Against Asians (video)

Woke leftist philosophy is simply race based cultural marxism. From when progressive icon President Roosevelt put Japanese Americans in internment camps to denying Asians choice in education today. Just as the woke left is denying inner city black Americans choice in education to keep them in failed, violent government schools ran by progressives. 

Is it any surprise that Harvard trained the monsters in the Chinese Communist Party who are in charge of the Uyghur genocide? 

The “Woke” Left is Waging War on Gifted Children

We can assure you our enemies are not doing the same. Notice the academic group does not say that academics is their greatest strength, woke neo-marxist ideology is.

“Equity” is the word the left pops out when a real explanation would make no logical sense. In this instance it means equality by the lowest common denominator. Get more details at the Daily Caller HERE

Alec Baldwin is Responsible. Will Smith, Keanu Reeves & Halle Berry Treat Every Prop Gun as Real (video) – UPDATE John Schneider Reacts

There are few things in life where every effort should be made to ensure there is no compromise and one of them is the rules firearm safety

Will Smith, Keanu Reeves and Halle Berry trained with real guns, from real shooting professionals,  on real competition tactical gun ranges using REAL gun safety protocols that are always followed.

Prop guns look and feel like real guns. There have been accidents where somehow a real gun was used on set – with real ammo that should never have been near the set – and people have died. Will Smith treats every prop gun as if it is real and loaded as everyone should. 

Watch Will Smith here because this is how it’s done:

[Editor’s Note – Even though Alec Baldwin has done foolish things for much of his life, this makes us sick inside. We do not wish what happened on the set of Rust to happen to anyone. We take no pleasure in reporting this.  Alec should have followed the basic rules of gun safety at all times period – full stop.] 


Biden Attorney General Merrick Garland’s Congressional Testimony a Disaster (video)

Joe Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland is fast becoming one of the most scandal ridden.  His testimony in front of Congress did not go well. He denied, obfuscated, avoided questions, and claimed he just didn’t know anything about the most newsworthy events involving the justice system in recent months. 

Garland has been releasing Chinese spies.  The Justice Departments hyped up  “crackdown on Chinese espionage” seems to be a show. He has been releasing criminal illegal aliens and violating immigration laws, pretty much just ignoring them and now we have 200,000 people show up at the border every month, plus countless tons of illegal drugs.

His Justice Department is not even tracking ANTIFA terrorists
At the request of a far left political group claiming to represent school boards, he sent set up an FBI hotline to report parents who show up at school board meetings to protest critical race theory (CRT) marxist indoctrination.

It gets better. Garland’s family owns a publishing company called Panorama Education that produces truly disturbing and hateful CRT materials that they sell to school who are foolish enough to buy them. 

This creates a conflict as Garland has a monetary interest in CRT. So does he obey the law which mandates these ethical conflicts be reported? Nope. 

It gets even more disturbing. The father of a girl who was raped in Loudoun Schools by a “trans” boy wearing a skirt in a bathroom who showed up to speak about it, was carried away by police. The school board covered up the rape, move the trans boy to another school where he raped a second girl. The school district did not call the police about the rapes, but called the police on the father when he complained. The police, obviously a cog in the local Democrat political machine, warned the father to not speak of the rape

It was this father who was cited in the far left political group as being a domestic terrorist who should be investigated using the Patriot Act.  So Garland sicks the FBI on parents who complain about CRT and rapes in school, but the rapes themselves, well that is a state matter he claims to know nothing about. 

They are harming children and using the Department of Justice to scare parents into liking it.

Garland also simply refused to answer questions or take accountability on the January 6th detainees. None of them were violent and the DoJ is not charging anyone of them with insurrection or anything like the corpomedia claims. Mostly they are elderly people who followed the crowd and took selfies. 

They have been thrown into solitary confinement, denied access to medical care, the DoJ has been defying court ordered discovery and finally Federal Judge Royce Lamberth started holding Biden Administration officials in contempt of court for violating the civil rights of citizens who are innocent until proven guilty. 

There is mounting evidence through leaks, video the DoJ tried to hide from the public, court filings, etc. that federal agent agitators actually engaged in property damage at the Capitol Building on January 6th. 

Since that time federal agents agitators have been caught at another protest. Garland did not even try to deny it, he simply refused to answer.

No accountability.

National Institute of Health Confirms Fauci Lied Under Oath: Did Fund “Gain of Function” Virus Research at Wuhan Lab

“Gain of Function” is a euphemism for biological weapons research. Taking a virus and mixing it with other virus’ and DNA sources to make them more powerful and contagious. 

We have disabled people and veterans who are suffering and we are giving money to CHINA, the single worst human rights abuser in the world, money for bioweapons research. I am sure the fancy far left professors will deny that anyone would use such a thing for bioweapons because the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) is as pure as the wind driven snow. 

Those who authorized the funding lied and said that there is no way COVID came from a lab and anyone who says so is a nutty conspiracy theorist.

Then other scientists said wait a minute it does look like it came from a lab.

Then others started to admit it likely came from a lab, then even the corpomedia started to admit it likely came from a lab.

All the while Dr, Fauci was lying about this and full well knew it according to released emails. 

Now the National Institute of Health is finally admitting the truth…partially. 

NIH says that they did give money (laundered) through a non-profit called EcoHealth and they in turn gave the money to the Wuhan lab….but EcoHealth did not respond back with all the the required data in the agreed reporting requirements.  What a wonderful system which seems to be designed to make sure no one can be held accountable and everyone can point the finger at everyone else. 

But worry not! As the NIH has said that even though Ecohealth did not return all the data, they are certain that the gain of function research did not produce COVID 19…. how much would you bet on that?

This is not the only time Fauci has lied under oath. watch: 

Mandates, Lockdowns and Jabs vs Focusing on Natural Immunity and Treatment. Who Fared Better?

What works better, lockdows and the BigPharma poke or keeping things open, no mask mandates and getting natural herd immunity using all of the best treatments available so people recover well? 

The Israeli study showing that natural immunity works 27 times better than the poke, which loses almost have of its efficacy in six months, has been well reported. Now we have a set of data of three countries who did mandates, lockdowns and the poke, vs three others who kept things open, focusing on treatments and attaining herd immunity. 

Apple, Like the Rest of BigTech, Does the Chinese Communist Party’s Bidding. Bans Yahoo News App in China

This was the last outlet for Western news in China. The torture, the slavery, the child labor, the lack of environmental standards, the harvesting of organs by force and more, Big Tech like their allies in the Democratic Party, NBA , Nike and John Cena, not only do not care, but actively help to cover their crimes up. If you criticize these crimes of course you are a racist.

Yahoo news app, one of the last sources of Western news in China, is removed from Apple store amid censorship drive

Chinese internet users have lost one of their last avenues to foreign news after the Yahoo Finance app disappeared from Apple’s store, as the Communist Party intensifies its censorship of information from abroad.

The Yahoo app republishes news from foreign media organisations, including outlets whose websites are blocked in China, such as Bloomberg and Reuters, as well as stock market data.

This allowed users to skirt official censorship bans, a feature that likely drew the ire of Chinese authorities. 

Beijing’s crackdown on foreign content and influence in China has affected everything from private school curricula to karaoke bar songs.

Chinese government censors have always tightly controlled news and information, blocking access to foreign media websites and social media networks, such as the BBC, New York Times, Facebook, Google and Twitter. 

“Recently Apple has been removing many apps at the demand of the Chinese authorities,” said Benjamin Ismail, project director at Apple Censorship, an organisation that tracks which apps are available, and where. 

“But complying with governments’ orders is different than complying with law, especially in China, where the authorities often resort to extralegal means to muzzle the press, bloggers, activists or any dissenting voices.” 

Democrat’s using mandates, denial of medical privacy, other tactics to “Defund Police” by getting them to quit. Murders Skyrocketing (video)

And they just do not care about the consequences. The neo-marxist ideology uber alles.  If you live in one of these progressive marxist utopias get out before civil society completely breaks down. 

It gets worse. An illegal immigrant with a long rap sheet raped a woman on a subway while others watched. Democrats refused to deport him. 

They ask why did not one on the train stop it or call police? Aside from the fact that people do not expect police to show up, aside from the fact that they know illegal alien criminals will just be released to offend again, aside from the fact that they know these Soros backed prosecutors just won’t prosecute many crimes and on top of the fact that if someone intervened they would be called a vigilante and targeted by the left….

And speaking of the border, the Biden Administration has made a deliberate choice to allow tons of deadly fentanyl across the open southern border killing thousands of Americans each year, causing homelessness, filling hospitals. They just don’t care.

Human trafficking, girls being raped and kidnapped as they are left near the border alone. They just don’t care.

Governor Ron DeSantis blasts Democrat’s divisive idiocy:

Biden’s DoJ Refusing to Arrest Criminals Who Threaten Republican Members of Congress (video)

Just when you thought the Biden Administration could not get more corrupt, crazed and authoritarian, now Biden’s politically weaponized Department of Justice is refusing to act against those who threaten Republican Members of Congress. 
A man on Twitter told Representative Gaetz that he had accepted a contract to kill him. The man then came to DC. The Capital Police asked the DoJ to have the man arrested, Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland refused. 

Of course Merrick Garland is awash with his own ethical problems

“I thank the gentleman for yielding because I think someone may be trying to kill me,” Gaetz said. “And if they are successful, I would like my constituents and my family to know who stopped their arrest. Madam Speaker, on October 8, 2021, a Twitter handle, “CIA Bob is at your door” tweeted to @RepMattGaetz, ‘Looky here, pal. I lived in Portland. Portland has ordered a hit on you. I accepted the contract. Have a good day.’”

State and Local Boards Abandoning National School Board Assoc for Naming Parents “Domestics Terrorists”

School boards as a rule like to stay under the radar. Aside from the desire to avoid controversy they know that parental ire becomes political ire very quickly.

Big education is even bigger money and that means corruption. Textbook company bribes, teacher unions in cahoots with the Democratic Party. Kick backs on everything from school building contracts, testing schemes, computer purchases, to school lunch contracts. There are also countless well funded outside pressure groups spreading money around. It all goes on outside of the bright light of transparency.

The National School Board Association (NSBA) dove head first into the culture war by going nuclear on parents opposing the overtly racist and communist Critical Race Theory (CRT) by asking Joe Biden’s Department of Justice (DoJ) to use the Patriot Act to investigate parents opposing CRT at school board meetings, declaring them to be domestic terrorists. Biden’s Attorney General Merrick Garland was all too happy to comply, sending a letter to the FBI directing them to investigate the parents. 

Antonio F. Branco





Democrats in the Biden Administration hoped using the FBI would have a chilling effect on parental involvement with education, what they got was a breathtaking degree of pushback. 

Public interest law firms leaped at the chance to take this on as civil rights litigation often means the loser pays the attorney fees for both sides. Big education has deep pockets. 

Mark Levin, Judicial Watch, America First Legal, ACLJ, Liberty Council and countless others started licking their teeth. 

It seems that leakers at the DoJ have prompted a letter to the Department of Justice Inspector General Michael Horowitz with allegations of teacher union/Democratic Party/NSBA collusion. The Daily Signal has an outstanding piece of journalism explaining all of this and we encourage all to read it: 

Schools Group That Urged Attorney General’s Anti-Parent Initiative Has Ties to Democrats, UnionsLINK

There are honest school boards that are disgusted that NSBA would declare parents “domestic terrorists” and there are others who do not want to chance that their corruption be exposed in the legal morass.

Think about it, a school board calls in the FBI, parents sue with the help of a public interest law firm such as Judicial Watch, everything gets subpoenaed and FOIA‘d. Books are opened, money is followed, crimes are discovered.

It doesn’t take a genius to see the writing on the wall: 

New York Times Reporter Bari Weiss Slams NYT and CNN Crazed Ideological Insanity (video)

New York Times reporter Bari Weiss has quit in disgust. We all knew journalism is dead, Weiss has the details. After you watch the video where she explains how the corpo media has gone mad please read her resignation letter below:

[Emphasis ours – Editor]

Dear A.G.,

It is with sadness that I write to tell you that I am resigning from The New York Times. 

I joined the paper with gratitude and optimism three years ago. I was hired with the goal of bringing in voices that would not otherwise appear in your pages: first-time writers, centrists, conservatives and others who would not naturally think of The Times as their home. The reason for this effort was clear: The paper’s failure to anticipate the outcome of the 2016 election meant that it didn’t have a firm grasp of the country it covers. Dean Baquet and others have admitted as much on various occasions. The priority in Opinion was to help redress that critical shortcoming.

I was honored to be part of that effort, led by James Bennet. I am proud of my work as a writer and as an editor. Among those I helped bring to our pages: the Venezuelan dissident Wuilly Arteaga; the Iranian chess champion Dorsa Derakhshani; and the Hong Kong Christian democrat Derek Lam. Also: Ayaan Hirsi Ali, Masih Alinejad, Zaina Arafat, Elna Baker, Rachael Denhollander, Matti Friedman, Nick Gillespie, Heather Heying, Randall Kennedy, Julius Krein, Monica Lewinsky, Glenn Loury, Jesse Singal, Ali Soufan, Chloe Valdary, Thomas Chatterton Williams, Wesley Yang, and many others.

But the lessons that ought to have followed the election—lessons about the importance of understanding other Americans, the necessity of resisting tribalism, and the centrality of the free exchange of ideas to a democratic society—have not been learned. Instead, a new consensus has emerged in the press, but perhaps especially at this paper: that truth isn’t a process of collective discovery, but an orthodoxy already known to an enlightened few whose job is to inform everyone else.

Twitter is not on the masthead of The New York Times. But Twitter has become its ultimate editor. As the ethics and mores of that platform have become those of the paper, the paper itself has increasingly become a kind of performance space. Stories are chosen and told in a way to satisfy the narrowest of audiences, rather than to allow a curious public to read about the world and then draw their own conclusions. I was always taught that journalists were charged with writing the first rough draft of history. Now, history itself is one more ephemeral thing molded to fit the needs of a predetermined narrative.

My own forays into Wrongthink have made me the subject of constant bullying by colleagues who disagree with my views. They have called me a Nazi and a racist; I have learned to brush off comments about how I’m “writing about the Jews again.” Several colleagues perceived to be friendly with me were badgered by coworkers. My work and my character are openly demeaned on company-wide Slack channels where masthead editors regularly weigh in. There, some coworkers insist I need to be rooted out if this company is to be a truly “inclusive” one, while others post ax emojis next to my name. Still other New York Times employees publicly smear me as a liar and a bigot on Twitter with no fear that harassing me will be met with appropriate action. They never are.

There are terms for all of this: unlawful discrimination, hostile work environment, and constructive discharge. I’m no legal expert. But I know that this is wrong. 

I do not understand how you have allowed this kind of behavior to go on inside your company in full view of the paper’s entire staff and the public. And I certainly can’t square how you and other Times leaders have stood by while simultaneously praising me in private for my courage. Showing up for work as a centrist at an American newspaper should not require bravery.

Part of me wishes I could say that my experience was unique. But the truth is that intellectual curiosity—let alone risk-taking—is now a liability at The Times. Why edit something challenging to our readers, or write something bold only to go through the numbing process of making it ideologically kosher, when we can assure ourselves of job security (and clicks) by publishing our 4000th op-ed arguing that Donald Trump is a unique danger to the country and the world? And so self-censorship has become the norm.

What rules that remain at The Times are applied with extreme selectivity. If a person’s ideology is in keeping with the new orthodoxy, they and their work remain unscrutinized. Everyone else lives in fear of the digital thunderdome. Online venom is excused so long as it is directed at the proper targets. 

Op-eds that would have easily been published just two years ago would now get an editor or a writer in serious trouble, if not fired. If a piece is perceived as likely to inspire backlash internally or on social media, the editor or writer avoids pitching it. If she feels strongly enough to suggest it, she is quickly steered to safer ground. And if, every now and then, she succeeds in getting a piece published that does not explicitly promote progressive causes, it happens only after every line is carefully massaged, negotiated and caveated.

It took the paper two days and two jobs to say that the Tom Cotton op-ed “fell short of our standards.” We attached an editor’s note on a travel story about Jaffa shortly after it was published because it “failed to touch on important aspects of Jaffa’s makeup and its history.” But there is still none appended to Cheryl Strayed’s fawning interview with the writer Alice Walker, a proud anti-Semite who believes in lizard Illuminati. 

The paper of record is, more and more, the record of those living in a distant galaxy, one whose concerns are profoundly removed from the lives of most people. This is a galaxy in which, to choose just a few recent examples, the Soviet space program is lauded for its “diversity”; the doxxing of teenagers in the name of justice is condoned; and the worst caste systems in human history includes the United States alongside Nazi Germany.

Even now, I am confident that most people at The Times do not hold these views. Yet they are cowed by those who do. Why? Perhaps because they believe the ultimate goal is righteous. Perhaps because they believe that they will be granted protection if they nod along as the coin of our realm—language—is degraded in service to an ever-shifting laundry list of right causes. Perhaps because there are millions of unemployed people in this country and they feel lucky to have a job in a contracting industry. 

Or perhaps it is because they know that, nowadays, standing up for principle at the paper does not win plaudits. It puts a target on your back. Too wise to post on Slack, they write to me privately about the “new McCarthyism” that has taken root at the paper of record.

All this bodes ill, especially for independent-minded young writers and editors paying close attention to what they’ll have to do to advance in their careers. Rule One: Speak your mind at your own peril. Rule Two: Never risk commissioning a story that goes against the narrative. Rule Three: Never believe an editor or publisher who urges you to go against the grain. Eventually, the publisher will cave to the mob, the editor will get fired or reassigned, and you’ll be hung out to dry.

For these young writers and editors, there is one consolation. As places like The Times and other once-great journalistic institutions betray their standards and lose sight of their principles, Americans still hunger for news that is accurate, opinions that are vital, and debate that is sincere. I hear from these people every day. “An independent press is not a liberal ideal or a progressive ideal or a democratic ideal. It’s an American ideal,” you said a few years ago. I couldn’t agree more. America is a great country that deserves a great newspaper. 

None of this means that some of the most talented journalists in the world don’t still labor for this newspaper. They do, which is what makes the illiberal environment especially heartbreaking. I will be, as ever, a dedicated reader of their work. But I can no longer do the work that you brought me here to do—the work that Adolph Ochs described in that famous 1896 statement: “to make of the columns of The New York Times a forum for the consideration of all questions of public importance, and to that end to invite intelligent discussion from all shades of opinion.”

Ochs’s idea is one of the best I’ve encountered. And I’ve always comforted myself with the notion that the best ideas win out. But ideas cannot win on their own. They need a voice. They need a hearing. Above all, they must be backed by people willing to live by them. 



Greenwald: Mountain of Data Showing How Authoritarian Democrats Have Become (video)

Polling and other evidence shows that Democrats are largely in favor of violations of the First, Fourth, Eighth Amendments and more so long as it is their side who is violating it. Greenwald’s presentation is well presented and virtually indisputable by honest means. 

Glenn Greenwald

In this video report on Democrats’ authoritarianism, the evidence demonstrates overwhelming Dem support for: * internet censorship by tech monopolies *and* the state * both FBI and CIA * large media corporations * no-fly lists (based on political preferences).

How is that not an authoritarian movement?

Homeland Security Secretary Tests Positive for COVID. At Least the Drug Companies Got Immunity….

Turns out the only people who got immunity from the consequences of the poke were the drug companies.

Chinese Communist Party is Behind U.S. ‘Climate Change’ Activism Conference.

The FBI opens a new counter-espionage investigation against Chinese spies every 10 hours. Joe Biden, who son Hunter took millions from the Chinese Communist Party (CCP), can’t release the spies fast enough. Others in the Biden Administration are on the take as well.  The CCP controls the World Health Organization  (WHO) that the United States pays most of the bill.

And while donations from CCP front groups, businesses and foundations have influenced establishment anti-populist Republicans, they have owned the Democratic Party since Bill Clinton and Al Gore were in power.


China, like Russia, fund marxist environmentalist extremist groups and have been for years. Even the “no -nukes” protests of the 1970’s around the world protesting US nuclear powered naval vessels were orchestrated by the KGB according to released KGB archives.

In the meantime China and Russia use any means of producing energy possible and do not do it cleanly. China literally builds coal (not clean coal like ours) plants to power the factories that make solar panels and batteries for Americans.  The panels and batteries when retired create toxic waste.
China and Russia are using environmental extremism to wage war on the free economies of the world. Socialist politicians, who already have a soft spot for left-wing authoritarianism, abandon all critical thinking and run with it.

The National Pulse:

Next time you see a climate change protest in the news, be aware it may be backed by the Chinese Communist Party.

Chinese Communist Party-linked foreign influence group sponsored a climate change conference seeking to mobilize youth advocates in America, the National Pulse can reveal.

The entity sponsoring the recent conference, the China-United States Exchange Foundation (CUSEF), is part of Beijing’s “United Front” effort, which the U.S. government identifies as seeking to “to co-opt and neutralize sources of potential opposition to the policies and authority of its ruling Chinese Communist Party” and “influence foreign governments to take actions or adopt positions supportive of Beijing.”

CUSEF’s website notes that it “sponsored” the Sino-American Youth Dialogue on Climate Change, carried out in collaboration with two schools: the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Tsinghua University.

“Co-hosted by Tsinghua University and the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, the Sino-American Youth Dialogue on Climate Change (SAYD) will be held in October 8, a month prior to COP26. The aim of the event is to offer a platform for young people from China and the U.S. to put forward ideas and suggestions for the COP26 to address climate change and sustainable development,” CUSEF explains before posing the following questions to attendees:

What should governments do to confront climate emergency?

How should businesses develop sustainability strategies to achieve net zero emissions?

What are the actions that we, as individuals, could do to reduce wastage and gas emissions?

The conference explicitly seeks to mobilize youth activists, as its theme is “making carbon neutral, youth in action.”

“Through discussions and sharing among youth delegates and field experts, the forum hopes to reach consensus on the issue and form valuable policy recommendations,” the conference’s website adds.

Among the event’s speakers were CUSEF founder Tung Chee-hwa, Chinese Communist Party officials, and presidents from both MIT and Tsinghua University. Tsinghua University’s involvement in the conference also follows the school reportedly launching cyberattacks against the U.S. government and having a “clear connection” to the Chinese government on issues of technology and national security according to the U.S. State Department.

The school is the alma mater of regime leader Xi Jinping and hosts a “Marxist” journalism school, training the next generation of Chinese state-run media propagandists with the assistance of the New York Times, CNN, and others.

“We should be committed to a firm and correct political orientation. Our School has been actively exploring the theory and practices of Marxist Journalism, namely, to applying the Marxist theory in observing the world, selecting and handling news production,” the dean’s introduction letter reads.

WHO’s New ‘COVID Origins Investigation’ Team: CCP Advisors & Known Wuhan Lab Collaborators/Liars.

So why is it that we pay most of the budget for the World health Organization (WHO) and yet the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) controls it? 

This is why President Trump pulled us out of WHO and for the exact same reasons why Joe Biden put us back in…..namely that the CCP is still in charge. 
So the WHO, in light of new evidence that COVID19 came from a lab, created it’s seconde investigative team, as the first one was discredited because it was doing the bidding of the CCP. 

The Second team not only has many of the same people from the first team, but includes people directly involved in the Wuhan coverup who signed the Lancet Letter which claims that anyone who thinks the virus came from a lab is a wild conspiracy theorist, but released emails from those who wrote the letter show that not only did they know the virus was created in a lab, they helped secure American funding for it. 

National Pulse

The second round of the World Health Organization’s (WHO) origins investigation effort follows the first round of investigators, which included individuals who failed to disclose their ties to the Wuhan Institute of Virology and Chinese Communist Party, despite confidently dispelling the “lab leak” theory.

Team member Christian Drosten, one of the 26 newly announced investigators, was a signatory on the infamous Lancet letter on the origins of COVID-19, which was organized by chief Wuhan Institute of Virology collaborator and Anthony Fauci-funded researcher Peter Daszak. The letter prematurely debunked the possibility of COVID-19 counting lab origins and failed to disclose its authors’ conflicts of interest.

Another individual appointed to the WHO team, Supaporn Wacharapluesadee, is also tied to Daszak’s EcoHealth Alliance.

Wacharapluesadee was listed as a co-investigator on a grant application led by Daszak from August 2020. The paper focused on the emergence of zoonotic diseases in Southeast Asia with experiments including the “building of chimeric SARS-like bat coronaviruses.”

Holdovers from the WHO’s original, compromised COVID-19 origins investigation team account for six members of the new team:

  • Marion Koopmans;
  • Thea Fischer;
  • John Watson;
  • Vladimir Dedkov;
  • Hung Nguyen-Viet;
  • Elmoubasher Farag.

The National Pulse has previously exposed Marion Koopmans’s ties to the Chinese Communist Party, including advising Chinese state-run scientific bodies and accepting grants from the regime.

In an interview unearthed by The National Pulse, fellow holdover Thea Fischer admitted that the previous WHO investigation was not a “lab audit” but merely a question-and-answer exercise with Wuhan lab personnel.

The WHO effort also features Yungui Yang, the Deputy Director at the Chinese Communist Party-run Beijing Institute of Genomics.

More Protests Against Left Wing Fascism Around the World (video)

Last week we reported the protests against tyranny and fake science from all around the world. The protests continue to grow. 

Via Antonio F. Branco

They hand $83 billion with of state of the art weapons to the Taliban, they are in league with the human rights violations of the CCP, they help Putin build his pipeline while stopping ours. 

Mandates were never about our health, it was about getting around HIPPA laws, medical ethics laws, the Nuremberg Code and SCOTUS’ “Strict Scrutiny” test on the First Amendment.

John Kerry Has Over $1 Million Invested in Chinese Company That Funds CCP Uyghur Genocide

Former Senator John Kerry is Joe Biden’s Climate Czar, so of course Kerry in invested heavily in companies owned by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). 

The CCP produces brand new old fashioned non-clean coal power plants to power factories that make solar panels for the United States. Panels and batteries that have toxic waste and use child labor. 

John Kerry has also admitted that human rights is simply not a priority. The swamp gets even thicker. John kerry is invested in a company that targets and surveilles Uyghur minorities in China, which is used to persecute them. They are also in labor camps, killed to have their organs harvested etc. 

Leftist MSNBC “Journalist” Mocks UK Politician Stabbed to Death by Islamist

Fox News

How Mark Zuckerberg Got Around Campaign Finance Laws to Spend $419.5 Million Helping Democrats

Mark Levin on big business dark money political donations –

Zuckerberg used the same trick that George Soros and the Chinese Communist Party do to funnel money to Democrats.

Democrats create these tax free non -profit groups and foundations that are supposed to be non-partisan but they never are because enforcement is lax. They are just fronts for the Democratic Party.

UK Daily Mail:

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his wife gave nearly $420 million into nonprofits that aided in the administration and infrastructure of the 2020 election – and heavily favored Democrat counties, according to a new report.

Zuckerberg, 37, and his wife Priscilla Chan, 36, donated $419.5million to The Center for Technology and Civic Life (CTCL) and The Center for Election Innovation and Research (CEIR), nonprofits that provided grants to counties and helped fund the administration of the election.

Both CTCL and CEIR provided funds to local governments and helped implement administrative practices, voting methods, data-sharing agreements, and outreach programs, according to a report published in the Federalist.

The research shows Biden-winning counties were three times more likely to get funding from the organizations than Trump ones, and the Democrats were reportedly given a significant boost in swing states through promotion of practices that have typically favoured their voters, such as mail-in voting.

The bombshell report sparked outrage from senior Republican on Wednesday, with Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis blasting the Facebook founder during a news conference and saying recent election reform had ‘banned Zuckerbucks’ in the state.

‘So, Zuckerberg, he spent over $400 million through these, quote, nonprofits to, quote, help with election administration,’ DeSantis said.

‘But what they would do is they would require certain things to be done like mass mail balloting, ballot harvesting, and they would focus on partisan voter turnout, basically. That was totally unacceptable.’

Senator Ron Johnson of Wisconsin – one state that was reportedly targeted by the non-profit’s practices – said: ‘I continue to question whether Mark Zuckerberg’s highly partisan 2020 election spending was even legal.’

And Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky tweeted: ‘Are our elections for sale? Did Mark Zuckerberg purchase the Wisconsin Presidential election?’

While CTCL and CEIR are both non-partisan organisations, the report calls the non-profits ‘demonstrably ideological’, and claims both likely contributed to the record-breaking turnout that lead to Joe Biden’s win in 2020.

Zuckerberg’s funds may have helped get more voters to the polls in Arizona, which Biden won by 10,000 and Georgia, which he won by 12,000, according to analysis by the Caesar Rodney Election Research Institute – a Delaware-based think tank.

‘We have good reason to anticipate that the results of our work will show that CTCL and CEIR involvement in the 2020 election gave rise to an election that, while free, was not fair,’ wrote Dr. William Doyle, the principle researcher behind the analysis.

‘The 2020 election wasn’t stolen — it was likely bought with money poured through legal loopholes,’ he concludes in the report.

Fox News: Network of liberal dark money groups, billionaires, and Democrats attacking our elections –  LINK

The New York Post has a fantastic piece complete with graphics on this. Mark Zuckerberg spent $419M on nonprofits ahead of 2020 election and got out the Dem vote – LINK

“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X