No, Trump Did Not Say He Wanted to Terminate the Constitution.

The corporate press is taking a partial quote and built a bogus narrative around it…again. If you will fall for this, you will fall for anything.

We went to Trump’s Truth Social page and looked for ourselves and this first thing we noticed is that the corporate press ignored President Trump’s follow up comment:

After seeing that the corporate press ignored Trump’s follow up comment completely. We examined his original comment to see it in the original context:

“A Massive Fraud of this type and magnitude allows for the termination of all rules, regulations, and articles, even those found in the Constitution. Our great “Founders” did not want, and would not condone, False & Fraudulent Elections!”

If the Founders are great why would the Constitution need to get subverted? It makes no sense…until you read the statement again without the bogus false narrative.

Trump is simply saying that the fraud terminated the Constitution. He is correct.

Several states certainly violated the electors clause in the Constitution and that is not in honest dispute. The Supreme Court is taking up that case shortly – see Moore v. Harper.

The 1st Amendment was violated with big tech colluding with the FBI, DNC and the Biden campaign to censor people and the NY Post.

The 4th Amendment was violated with all the illegal domestic spying.

The 6th Amendment was violated when they lied to the FISA court and tried to manufacture the phony Russian collusion evidence and then bad judges tossed the lawsuits when Trump tried to stand up for his rights.

The lesson learned here is to never let a royally dishonest corporate press get you wound up in another one of their phony narratives.

The corporate press hates you and they certainly hate the Constitution. Be skeptical when all of the sudden they claim to be the guardian of Constitution for thirty seconds to spin their zinger before they go right back to undermining it.

2 thoughts on “No, Trump Did Not Say He Wanted to Terminate the Constitution.”

  1. So you and he are not saying it should be terminated, but that it already has been. Not much different. I hadn’t noticed the termination of the constitution. Maybe that was because there wasn’t any fraud. The constitutionally established courts are the place to judge his claims, not twitter or “truth” social. The constitution worked just fine when his claims were rejected there.

    [Political Arena Editor Responds: While we hope that Daniel means well, his comments are inaccurate in that he left the most important details out of his comment to set up a false narrative.

    All of the post 2020 Trump election lawsuits were thrown out on “standing,” meaning that the damage was already done and unofficially the courts try to avoid political hot potatoes. There is not a single court on those post 2020 election lawsuits that had an evidence hearing, allowed for discovery, witnesses to testify and be cross examined. To be accurate, the claims were not rejected, the claims were not even considered because officially the courts said that the damage was already done.

    What Daniel likely does not know, is that many similar lawsuits were filed to prevent the same thing from happening in 2022. Many of those lawsuits were successful. The idea of mass mail in ballots with no signature verification and no dates or postmarks was thrown out by the Pennsylvania Supreme Court.

    –NOTE: the fact that Democrats wanted mass mailout ballots and ballots summited with no post mark, no dates and no signature verifications and ballots being allowed even after election day should speak volumes —

    Many other states had election boards, lower court judges and Secretary’s of State that just changed election law on the fly to benefit Democrats. That is a violation of law and some states banned that practice. Georgia unfortunately is not one of those states and a Democrat lower court judge just rewrote state law as if he was the legislature and people let him get away with it, which played a big role in Warnock winning.

    The biggest lawsuit that was tossed in 2020 was the “elections clause” lawsuit. The Constitution says that state legislatures (not judges, or election boards or Sec. of State) have the authority to set up the time, place and manner of voting. The Supreme Court just took oral arguments on this case this week and scholars believe it will likely turn out in the Republican’s favor 6-3.

    Lastly, Daniel’s claim that there was no sign of fraud is simply untrue on its face. There have been a number of people convicted of illegal ballot harvesting in multiple states from the 2020 election. States have completed a number of election audits that have revealed that many thousands of illegal ballots were counted in 2020. The evidence demonstrated in the Dinesh D’Souza film 2000 Mules has not been effectively disputed, in spite of certain pundits claiming they “debunked it” whose “debunking” cannot withstand minutes of cross examination.

    Daniel, we hope that you will learn from this and be humble and mindful. After all you do not want to be the one who leads the flock astray do you?]

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