Trespassing Equals Terrorism and Insurrection Now?

Tea Party activists from 2010 were called violent hate groups by Dems and the elite media. BLM/ANTIFA rioters, looters, arsonists and killers in 2020 were called “mostly peaceful”

When the Kavanaugh protestors breached the Capital and the Senate building the media praised them. Occupy lefty types have “breached” the Capital and government buildings since the 1960’s. Remember sit ins? Bernie Sanders bragged in his book how he occupied government buildings in mass protests, if one were to believe the rhetoric on Twitter and from the Democrats it seems Bernie should be facing domestic terrorism charges.

There is a breathtaking double standard here.

It is important to keep in mind that Capital Police opened the gates and opened the front doors. Nobody tried to burn the place, there was no graffiti and the property damage was minimal.

Out of almost what, half a million protestors, a few dozen entered the capital? After the police opened the gates most stood on the steps and sang the national anthem. I saw one photo of a little old lady in the Capital who just followed the crowd who was in there waving her little flag – a seditious insurrection?

I am not “justifying” anything, what I am saying is that a little perspective is helpful.

Getting passed the silly rhetoric – what exactly are we talking about here? Trespassing? In some cases disorderly conduct? …In other words the same thing “Occupy” type protestors like Bernie Sanders have done since the 1960’s. Protests are supposed to make government uncomfortable as that is the idea.

Idiotic propaganda being used to create hate and raise funds on Twitter

Trespassing is now terrorism? Insurrection? There is a ton of case law that defines these things so legally that is a non-starter. The rhetoric used by the left on Twitter is simply designed to divide and create hate. Accusations of terrorism and sedition are just bad propaganda. The Supreme Court’s Brandenburg test makes it nearly impossible to legally apply sedition to a speech.

Don’t be fooled. Big Tech isn’t shutting down accounts due to “risk”. They’re trying to control what you read, think and believe. They want control and fear as that means power. Don’t let them win.

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