Lawless Judge: No bail for Jason Chansley “Because he is a symbol”

We are still looking for the statute in the criminal code for “being a symbol”…

Charge him for trespassing sure…but since police let him in that charge might prove difficult to stick.

Jason Chansley was escorted into the capitol by police which is on video. He and his friends thanked police which is on video. He and his friends prayed and sang inside the capitol. Again all on video. Almost every step he took was recorded. He attacked no one he harmed no one.

Yet the Judge in his case is holding him without bail because “he is a symbol of insurrection” – last we checked being a symbol is not a crime.

Charge him with trespass and maybe even disorderly conduct like they do most protestors and let the jury decide.

This is further evidence that our court system is broken. Too many judges do not even consider the law in their rulings and we have not just Democrats to thank for this, but Mitch McConnel, The Federalist Society and big academia for producing lawyers who think they can just make the law up as they go.

Sure he is a Qanon pinhead, but being a pinhead is not a crime.

For those of us who are old enough to remember, Star Trek has repeatedly warned us what happens when courts become politicized and when legislators, the media and the mob hold “Drum Head Trials”…

Tucker: Dem lawmakers calling for “Secret Police” domestic agency

Democrat lawmakers want to start a domestic secret police agency to target their political opponents.

Grab this video before it is pulled down. Use a YouTube video online downloader to capture it. Tucker also verifies our previous post.