What is a Constitutional Moderate?

By Chuck Norton

People from anarchists to progressive secular leftist statists call themselves liberals. Others from Libertarians to fabian progressive statists call themselves conservatives. The terms liberal and conservative have not only lost meaning, but have been situationally and selectively defined to use as pejoratives by the elite media.

The term Constitutional Moderate is intended to accurately define a certain point of view.

Constitutional Moderates believe:

1 – Government has a proper limited collective role in society, but in that role people should manage government, government should not manage the people.

2 – Office holders should recognize and respect the limits of the office, work within the boundaries of their charter, and not exist for the purpose of expanding their power and influence.

3 – The trajectory of government should not be to always expand its power at the expense of the people and the economy. Mega-corporations and government should not become one.

4 – Taxes should be more proportional and fair. Taxes and regulations should not be used in such a way to pick winners and losers, promote cronyism, stifle competition, etc.

5  – Taxes should be visible and not hidden.

6 – A limited social safety-net is tolerable. For those with sound mind and body it should be a step up, not a hammock. For those who are disabled and have genuine need it should not amount to barely sustainable misery. Economic growth, real creation of wealth and a stable currency are needed so as to afford the safety-net as painlessly as possible.

7 – While some debt is tolerable, excessive debt impairs our global influence and creates instability.

8 – Government needs new checks and balances to help restrain and address these problems.

James Madison
James Madison

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“If you are not careful, the newspapers will have you hating the people who are being oppressed and loving the people who are doing the oppressing.” – Malcolm X

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