The Air & Water in East Palestine are Fine Says the Man in the Hazmat Suit….

What do you do when the government tells you that what you are seeing with your own eyes just is not the case?

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According to the government…. We are not spying on you illegally. We are not engaging in mass domestic surveillance. We are not using intelligence tools to spy on your lawyer to get around attorney/client privilege. We did not lie to the FISA Court. The CIA does not spy on Members of Congress.

Government lies way too much, but at least most of the time they make a good effort at maintaining the lie. In the case of East Palestine, Ohio the government is lying with an Orwellian bravado that amounts to gaslighting.

Just two days after telling the population around East Palestine to escape, as the poison cloud they created with the fire was deadly, government, including Ohio Governor Mike DeWine said it was safe to return.

The gases are a deadly mixture which included phosgene, a gas used as a WWI era chemical weapon. A list of the chemicals released by the train derailment can be found HERE.

Instead of cleaning up the dangerous chemicals using more conventional methods, Norfolk Southern Rail Company pushed for a “controlled burn” which allowed them to repair the tracks and get trains moving sooner rather than later.

According to dozens of local reports people are getting sick. They have found at least 3,500 dead fish in local waterways. Dogs, chickens and wild animals miles away are dying and the government claims that such instances are anecdotal. It is all just a coincidence. How many times have we heard that before?

Governor DeWine, has shown an indifference and lack of curiosity that is breathtaking. Many pundits, including Fox News hosts Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters, are openly musing if it is because two of the major shareholders of Norfolk-Southern are significant political establishment donors such as Blackrock and Vanguard. Only after significant public backlash, today, after two weeks, DeWine asked the federal government for assistance.

While the EPA is not giving any details other than saying that it is safe, their workers are showing up in full hazmat suits. FEMA has refused to help local residents in spite of the fact that incidents like this are why FEMA exists.

There was a townhall meeting in East Palestine Wednesday and Norfolk-Southern did not even show up claiming they feared for their safety, which tells you how safe East Palestine is. Governor DeWine said that “people” will be coming to resident’s homes to test the water, soil and air. Who ended up showing up in hazmat suits? Contractors who told homeowners that if they signed a release promising not to sue Norfolk-Southern, they could get the tests.

Should it comfort those affected that Norfolk-Southern gives inspectors 60 seconds to perform a safety inspection on each car?

This is a stunning failure of government at the state and federal level. It seems because of political donors who appear to be running the show, there is no political will to protect innocents affected. Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg has not even spoken about it and much of the legacy corporate media is simply not covering the story. If Trump were President and these failures were happening what would their reaction be?

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