No, We Will Not Default On the Debt. Speaker McCarthy Comes Out Swinging.

There are politicians in both parties who just want to spend, spend, spend. They say falsely, that if we don’t ourrow and spend more we will default on the debt.

The United States Government takes in enough money every day to service the interest on the debt and to pay social security and retirements. Those who say differently are either ignorant of this or just lying.

The way CNN and much of the corporate media frames it, the fact that some Republicans want to get the outrageous growth in discretionary spending under control means they are the ones causing a debt crisis. They use word soup to keep you from realizing it but bring up the tope five corporate media articles on debt default and see for yourself. 

That said, current spending growth is out of control and unsustainable, if this problems is not fixed within the coming years risk of a default can become genuine. 

America can adopt policies that make the country wealthy such as selling energy, wood, coal, natural gas and other products we have more of than we could ever use. We could create a regulatory environment that promotes domestic manufacturing. Making products that are in demand literally creates wealth. We can also do more to stop China form stealing our intellectual property – Democrats keep undermining those efforts.  

Speaker Kevin McCarthy seems to have had enough:

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