We Warned You: American Thinker Admits Many of Sidney Powell’s Claims Debunked

And this is why we said that Sidney Powell, who really meant well, was likely the victim of a Deep State disinformation campaign. We said it and explained why in detail on November 23rd


Look how far ahead of the curve we were on this folks.

While there are certainly problems with Dominion and election integrity, the stuff being fed to Powell had parts that were over the top and either demonstrably wrong or unprovable.

This will be used to discredit/smear anyone who criticized Dominion just as we predicted. This does not mean that Dominion is trustworthy or innocent of all. We certainly do not trust their products for good reason as there are legit bipartisan critiques of Dominion. Q Anon disinformation follows the same pattern and style.

Reminder: Dems Objected to Electoral Vote Certification for the Last Three GOP Presidents

So why wasn’t it sedition and treason when Democrats did it? Where were the corporations stopping donations to democrats who did it?
This is why leftists do not debate – because they lie and anyone who does minutes of homework can find it.


Sen. Graham releases newly unclassified docs on illegal FBI spying on Trump, slams ‘corrupt’ FBI investigation.


Former Dem Congressman Displays Painting of Mao Over Fire Place

Look at the photo over former Congressman Harold Ford’s fireplace – It is Mao, the man who started the Chinese Communist Party and the biggest mass murderer in world history.
We keep telling you these people are communists….well there you go.

Here is former Obama Comms Director Anita Dunn, who will also serve in the upcoming Biden Administration saying that her favorite political philosopher is Mao:

The Democrats’ Scorched Earth Hypocrisy

Jesse Watters – The Payback Playbook:

Miranda Devine of the New York Post:

What a difference a week makes. On Wednesday, we discovered that House Democrats actually support police. They are against mob violence. They believe in law and order. They believe in harsh punishment for rule breakers. They believe in accountability.

They care deeply about civility. They believe words matter. They abhor intemperate rhetoric. They are against coarse language. Fancy that.

They believe in a peaceful transition of power, at least this time, as opposed to 2016. They believe in the Electoral College. They believe in the legitimacy of the people’s vote.

They believe in walls, at least when it comes to protecting their own place of work. They even believe in bringing in the National Guard to quell civil unrest, at least when it comes to preserving their own peace.

They believe in guns, at least when their own safety is at risk.

They revere American history and institutional norms. They honor the Founding Fathers. Hah!

This is what we learned while watching the Democrats in the House impeach President Trump for the second pointless time in 13 months.

We learned that they, almost to a man and a woman, suffer from an acute case of hypocrite-itis.

Where have they been the past four years with these noble ideas that conservatives have been begging them to defend?

Perhaps if Democrats had not normalized and encouraged violence when organized BLM-Antifa mobs began rampaging through our cities, the tragic events of Jan. 6 at the Capitol would not have occurred.

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