Tucker: Amazon Web Services Banned Parler but Slacks on Kiddie Porn (video)

They say Parler had violent content, but the violence we saw last year was organized on Twitter and Facebook. Twitter is hosted by Amazon Web Services (AWS). Twitter and Facebook still host threats of violence from the political left – lots of it, yet MAGA people waving flags who chant USA and want election transparency just had to be banned.

Editor’s Note: We wanted to test for ourselves if there appears to be porn of what at least appears to be images and video of those who appear to be underage on Twitter. So after a few internet searches we found a thread that suggested that we search “nude selfies” on Twitter so we did. Now obviously we cannot verify the age of everyone appearing in porn images and video on Twitter, but some of them look very young. Why does Twitter feel the need to host such garbage? It seems that Tucker’s critique’s have merit.

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