Governor Ron DeSantis Signing Ceremony for Anti-CRT Bill and Revoking the Disney Special Tax Subsidy (video)

Lt. Governor Jeanette Nuñez, famed journalist Chris Rufo and others also give great commentary. This is very much worth your time. 

Why should Disney get special tax breaks and privileges that local competitors such as Universal Studios Florida does not?

Since these Democrats are disrupting the vote is this not an “insurrection” by their own definition? 

Editor’s Note

The Disney issue is not about protected political speech.

How many Disney employees have been picked up in just the last few years on child sex and porn stings? Too many.

Sexualizing young children, encouraging others to do so “and don’t tell mommy and daddy” is NOT protected speech. Child grooming is predatory behavior. Statutory law and the Supreme Court have always ruled that the state has a compelling interest in protecting children.

That said, Governor DeSantis did not even know that Disney had these special benefits its competitors did not until recently. Disney has had these benefits since 1968. Governor DeSantis said that no corporation should have such permanent carve outs.

Why should Disney get these special benefits and Universal Studios Florida should not? No corporation has a right to a permanent tax subsidy and a corporation does not have a right to have its own police power.

Tax subsidies for corporations are almost always temporary and contingent on the company engaging in certain good behaviors such as hiring from the local community, not using H1b’s etc. Disney’s was permanent and they were not engaging in good behavior. For example, Disney fired hundreds of IT workers in Florida and flew in people from India to replace them.

If anyone can think of a good reason why Disney should get such benefits and their competitors should not please comment below.

Disney has as much free speech today as it had last year. Disney has every right to get on a soapbox and speak but the people of Florida are under no obligation to pay for the soapbox and never were.

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