Media/Dems Brazenly Lying About Events in DC & Capitol Building- EVIDENCE – UPDATED!

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We could explain it…as the posts, video and pictures speak for themselves. They are lying to you. It gets better. No one “had” to break into the Capitol Building (although some ANTIFA did anyway through a window), the police opened the gates and let people in. We have the video – LINK.

Editor’s Note: Remember how the elite media and Dems constantly called the TEA Party movement “violent” with no evidence or proof of arrests/convictions? – LINKLINK

They are brazen about their intent, ABC News political director Rick Klein sees his job as “cleansing” President Trump’s 74 million supporters (He deleted the tweet).

The bottom is what the elite media and Democrats call mostly peaceful.

This was Washington DC set aflame by BLM/ANTIFA again called mostly peaceful. Photo Credit The Metro UK

As far as the legitimate protestors who were let into the Capitol Building by police who just showed up and protested inside the building….it is important to remember that “Occupy” has done this very same thing for years and the elite media praised them:

Notice the legit protestors did not burn anything down or paint graffiti all over the walls on the Capital, as that is not who Trump supporters are.

The media is telling is that the National Guard is in DC right now to protect from the Trump mobs….ummm what Trump mobs….this video is just a few  hours old at the time of this posting (Thursday Jan 7th):

And you might ask yourself, why the elite media isn’t showing you this. After the police opened the gate to the Capitol Building the Trump supporters stood on the steps and sang the national anthem.

Do you see how reality is radically different from the narrative they are trying to spoon feed you?

Remember the good ole days when the left loved real political violence?


9 thoughts on “Media/Dems Brazenly Lying About Events in DC & Capitol Building- EVIDENCE – UPDATED!”


    Now that I’m back home and I’m on my laptop I can provide a little more insight into what happened yesterday.
    First, my friends and I are very involved activists. We study, research, learn, and attend all the events we can and we’ve been doing it for the last 12 years.

    We learned before even leaving for DC some of what Antifa had planned. They knew they couldn’t attack us because for this event they were vastly outnumbered. They also know Trump and his
    supporters are vilified in the media around every corner.

    They therefore concluded their best line of attack was to attend the rally as Trump supporters and make the world believe we are everything we are not. There are fringe people in every group, but the vast majority of Trump supporters are non-violent, peaceful protestors.

    We identified Antifa as soon as we arrived and we watched them inciting the crowd. We knew they about to breach the gates and said to each other “this is bad because so many don’t realize these people are Antifa and they’re going to follow right along with them. That’s exactly what happened.
    Yes, there were some Trump supporters involved in the breach and chaos, but most were not. We did not go beyond the gate and there was an Antifa guy on a bicycle screaming at us to go up on the steps to join the others. We told him we know he is Antifa and to shut up. Yes, I told him to
    “shut up”.

    Also for the most part the people on the steps were still peaceful. It was Antifa that led the breach of the building itself and that was horribly wrong. We believe that the Trump supporters that jumped on board with the breach of the building, should get their due punishment. As we walked around I can tell you there were thousands of us that never went anywhere near those steps once the gates were breached.

    Those on the left wanted this to happen because they knew the media would paint the exact picture they did.
    I wish I had taken more pictures, but I was freezing (lol) and found it difficult to take my hands out of my gloves. My friend took several pictures of Antifa and I’ll post them as soon as she sends them to me.

  2. I want to make this 100% perfectly clear. The madness in DC today was ANTIFA!!! I was there…I witnessed it first hand. When you know the opposition and we do, you can spot them from a mile away. Here’s a picture of one of them. He looks like one of us doesn’t he? He isn’t!!!
    It’s not the best picture and you have to zoom in, but if you look closely he is wearing a full face covering. Only his eyes and mouth are visible. He also had on googles because Antifa likes to spray things in your face & eyes.

    My friend had a better pix so I added it.

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