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Allen West dismantles CNBC “reporter” on jobs numbers (video)

Florida Republican Rep. Allen West defended his skepticism surrounding the September non-farm payrolls report in an interview on CNBC early this afternoon. The so called “objective reporter” from NBC’s cable channel,  Tyler Mathisen, got rather testy with Allen West and tried to interrupt him so he could not explain his point of view. West would have none of Mathisen’s nonsense. Mathisen is on the verge of becoming unhinged during much of the interview skin to a Chris  Mathews meltdown.

Here is the exchange:

MATHISEN: “You are alleging specifically that the president is engaging in a cover-up of the data. You are saying that the administration is actively manipulating that data. Correct?”

WEST: “Well, absolutely. Look at what happened with our GDP numbers. Fourth-quarter GDP numbers last year were 3 percent…”

MATHISEN: “Do you have any basis on which you say that? Do you have any basis on which you say that? Any source? Anyone that has come to you and said, ‘This is the case?’ I mean, do you realize how difficult it would be for someone to pull off that kind of conspiracy, given the number of people in the labor department, given the number of surveyors out there, one of whom would probably say, ‘Wait a minute! That’s not the right number!'”

WEST: “Well, if you would stop yelling in my ear and allow me to answer your questions, maybe we could get to the bottom of this. When you look at the GDP numbers — which have gone from 4.1 percent, then it went to 1.9 percent, then it was at 1.7 percent. It got revised down just about a month ago to 1.3 percent. We’ve got numbers that are all over the place. And we don’t understand the direction this economy is going. … I don’t see these numbers that people are talking about, and I don’t see how they can come back later in this month and say they’re revising the numbers from July and August. So I’m very questionable with what we do see out of this administration, because the numbers don’t add up.

Allen West on how the Democrat Leadership is “very extreme” (video)

I think it is very extreme to go from $10.6 to $16 Trillion in less than four years

I think it is very extreme when the highest annual deficit of 458 Billion (before they got elected) is shattered by four straight years of trillion dollar plus deficits

I think it is very extreme Keystone project that could have provided 23,000 direct jobs and over 100,000 indirect jobs because of the environmental lobby the President decided not to do it.

I think it is very extreme when you create 71,000 pages of new government regulations a year when you have a “Regulations Czar” who is saying they are scaling back on new regulations.

We can talk about being extreme because the facts are on our side…

Allen West: Why I don’t care about my critics; real journalism is dead (video)


“I don’t care about my critics, I understand that my country is at a very perilous situation and I’m going to use the type of words that are necessary to get the attention of the American people.”

“I want to make sure that the United States of America, that has been around for 236 years as the beacon of liberty, freedom and democracy, continues on for our subsequent generations. Our children and grandchildren. And I really don’t care about critics. I really don’t care about the liberal media”.

Initial Jobless Claims Still Hover Around 400,000 Per Week!

Some recovery. Initial claims for unemployment have been between 380,000 and 415,000 (that is 400k lost jobs per week) every time we have checked for three years now. Democrats called the George W. Bush recovery a “jobless recovery” even when unemployment dropped well below unemployment under President Clinton.

Bloomberg News – More Americans Than Projected Filed Jobless Claims Last Week

CNBC – Jobless Claims Stay Elevated as Labor Market Gains Stall

UPDATE: US Economic Growth Slows to 2.2% – LINK

Congressman Allen West comments:

For those who continue to complain that “We the People”, mainly conservatives, are cutting government too much, this should put everything into perspective. I know liberal progressives dislike me because we promulgate the truth which for them is like sunlight on a vampire. America, we are becoming a socialist egalitarian welfare nanny state and hardworking American taxpayers are on the road to Serfdom.

Allen West Piles Up Campaign Cash, So Florida GOP Tries to Gerrymander Him Out

Congressman Allen West
Congressman Allen West

There is a reason why the GOP is called “the stupid party”.

Local GOP machines are often circular firing squads rife with clique’s and personality wars. Many of the best GOP candidates try to have nothing to do with their local machine. I cannot say for a fact that this is the case in Florida but GOP operatives are very aware that this is a nationwide problem.

Remember what I said about stupid?

Washington Post:

And, in Florida the Republican-drawn map, which has to adhere to a new fair redistricting law, makes a tough reelection fight for Rep. Allen West (R) even tougher. His seat goes from one Sen. John McCain (R-Ariz.) would have won 48 percent to one in which the 2008 GOP nominee would have won just 44 percent.

While it’s just a first draft, the Republicans’ decision to weaken West doesn’t bode well for his chances under the final GOP plan.

Freshmen are generally more vulnerable in redistricting, lacking the senority [sic – Look a spelling error in the WashPo – Editor] to fight for safer seats. Outspoken tea party [Tea Party is supposed to be capitalized  or can also be spelled TEA Party as TEA is an acronym – Editor] conservatives are in even more danger, because even in GOP-controlled states, establishment politicians are usually the ones drawing the maps.

This would move Florida 22 from a D+1 district to a D +5 which is almost impossible to win.

Allen West is a GOP fund-raising machine. 

Crowley Political Report:

Good lord? Really? Crowley Political Report does not shock easily but Florida Republican Congressman Allen West raised a stunning amount of campaign cash during the three months ending Sept. 30.

$1.9 million.  Yup. $1.9 million.

Consider this – Democratic U.S.  Sen. Bill Nelson raised nearly $2 million. Let’s call it a tie.

There are two Democrats hoping to win West’s District 22 seat – former West Palm Beach Mayor Lois Frankel and Broward County businessman Patrick Murphy.

Frankel says she raised $415,000. Murphy raised $313,000. That would be a combined $728,000 for the two Democrats compared to West’s $1.9 million.

Should Frankel and Murphy just go home?

Frankel has raised a total of $1.1 million since starting her campaign. Murphy has raised $1.2 million.

West has raised  $3.9 million.

Fun with math – Two Democrats total – $2.3 million. West – $3.9 million.

Fun fact – Much of the money Frankel and Murphy raised will have to be spent in the Democratic primary. West does not have, and is not like to have, a serious primary opponent.

Nope, West is just going to keep raking in the dough. A few more million for West and the DCCC may take West off their target list.

No matter how much Democrats would like to get that seat back, Frankel and Murphy are going to need a whole lot more cash to pull it off.

Unless of course the Florida GOP does the work for the Democrats. Take this seriously folks, there are many “establishment” GOP types who would rather see a Democrat elected than principled conservative. We have seen it in NY special elections, we have seen it with David Brooks and David Frum, and as Rush Limbaugh and so many others have pointed out for years, there are some in the GOP who believe that we are better off as a minority party in the US House. One of the reasons for that is because there are many in the GOP who talk conservatism but whose bread is buttered by government largess.

Florida Republicans need to start demanding some new party leadership and/or start opening your wallets and start funding challengers (or at least threatening to). They will tell you that “the rules are making us gerrymander him out”. Don’t you buy that for a minute.

Allen West: Liberal Progressive Agenda is Antithesis of Who We Are as a Republic

Now some of you will watch this and think he is being over the top. But is he?

Allen West he defines tyranny as the Founders did. Think about the situation, what would the Founders think of the following:

All three branches of government are now legislating on their own and against the will of the people. We have a breakdown of separation of powers. Federalism is all but eliminated. Government is infringing on private property rights more and more, government owns most of the land west of the Mississippi to prevent us from using our own resources, Congress banned the Thomas Edison light bulb, government uses the tax code and other regulations to pick winners and losers and funnel money to their allies, judges and other office holders do not respect the limits of their office or the Constitution. The government is becoming so big that it is becoming ungovernable.

Congress spent almost $4 trillion last year with $2.08 trillion of that being new deficit spending which is 10 times higher than the yearly deficit the last year the Republicans had budgetary control.

Does anyone doubt for a minute that George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, Ben Franklin, James Madison, Jon Jay, Ben Rush, George Mason, Gouverneur Morris, Sam Adams, or Alexander Hamilton would say otherwise? Would Abe Lincoln, Frederick Douglass or Joseph Story?