Elite Media Lies/Hypocrisy on Political Violence Would be Laughable if Not So Orwellian


They are brazen about their intent, ABC News political director Rick Klein sees his job as “cleansing” President Trump’s 74 million supporters (He deleted the tweet).

Just what was Twitter’s reason for banning President Trump?

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NYT Knowingly Lies About ANTIFA in the Capitol Building. UPDATE – CNN Gives ANTIFA Rioter a Platform.

UPDATE – It seems that the rest of the world has caught up with us on this story. See the “update” section below.

This is ANTIFA Activist John Sullivan. He is a real piece of work as you can see here:

John Sullivan organized ANTIFA’s near the US Capital Before It Was Entered. He tweeted about BLM Buses in DC on January 6th:

There are about a dozen pics of this guy in the capital building and KUTV has video of him in thereLINK

ABC News ran video of him:


He was even on CNN:

But according to the New York Times neither he or his “activist” friends were even there!LINK

And of course Sullivan was let go without charges according to journalist Millennial Millie. For the record we also know that the police let the protestors in the Capital Building, so we are not sure the word “storming” is entirely accurate…

So much for the New York Times…

UPDATE – The rest of the world catches up with the story, better late then never guys 🙂
The FBI has arrested Sullivan and has filed charges.