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All it takes for evil to triumph….

This is one of the most important scenes in film history IMO.
Dax to Worf: The Klingon Empire deserves to die. You are the most decent and honorable man I know and if you are willing to tolerate and cover for corrupt leaders like Gowron then what hope is there for the empire?

Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow (Carole King) Cover by Arcadian Walnut

Hello readers! After a month of a terrible upper respiratory infection yours truly is about 80%. We will start posting again soon and hope to get caught up.

In the mean time, this is the most lovely cover of this classic song that I have ever seen. I have no idea who this wonderful young artist is, but she gets props for this chilling and heart felt performance.

Marvel Introduces Ghost Rider II in Agents of SHIELD

From time to time we need a break from the news of how corrupt the government and elite media have become. So lets talk Marvel!

The first Ghost Rider in the MCU is Johnny Blaze who merged with the supernatural Spirit of Vengeance.

Ghost Riders are immortal, so far nothing known can harm one and their strength and power grows with the task they are immediately facing. The more evil and powerful the Ghost Rider’s opponent the more powerful the Ghost Rider will become.

The Ghost Rider passes judgment (which is always accurate) and destroys those worthy of the ultimate punishment. The Ghost Rider must also protect the innocent. Ghost Rider can also choose to let the guilty live and punish them with the “Penance Stare”, thus his target will feel the pain and anguish of the suffering his target has caused for as long as the Ghost Rider deems appropriate. Johnny Blaze easily defeated Galactus (a gigantic planet eating super being) using the Penance Stare, saving Earth from certain destruction.

Ghost Rider’s control ethereal flames and manipulate metal objects telepathically. They can also imbue a vehicle, be it a motorcycle, a car or even a horse with supernatural abilities to serve the Ghost Rider.

Worthy of note, Robbie Reyes is not aware of what the Spirit of Vengeance is and genuinely believes that Johnny Blaze, the original Ghost Rider who granted him his power, is the Devil.

Immediately after the video above, Reyes decides that it is time to go.

Jeffrey Mace, the noobsauce Director of SHIELD, who is a good guy, but prideful and a bit foolish, decides to try and take on Ghost Rider one on one. Mace is an inhuman with abilities similar to Captain America, but is quickly outmatched. Notice that Ghost Rider defeats Mace without greatly injuring him:

Star Wars: The Case That Finn is Force Sensitive & Awakens Before Rey (video)

In taking a small break from all of the bad news of just how corrupt the Democratic Party has become, thank you WikiLeaks, I ran across this brilliantly stated and edited video making the case that Finn is indeed a Force sensitive. It seems to me that the author proves his case beyond reasonable doubt.

The fan created video also makes the case that the “awakening” that Snoke detects is Finn and not Rey as he claims that Rey awakens later. I disagree with this because Ray learns to fly and repair the Millenium Falcon like a pro almost instantly, even for an experienced mechanic, and likely used the Force to look into the future for the knowledge she needs.

Finn has tested to be a gifted combatant, resists storm-trooper conditioning, and is among the top 1% of all storm-troopers as far as scoring, showing that he has been using the Force to a degree for some time.

For those dedicated Star Wars fans, it also seems clear that Rey is a “Force Bonder.” This means that she easily creates bonds or links with people using the force and as such she can feel what they feel and know what they know. Rey is also more powerful in the Force herself when she is near other Force Sensitives. Force Bonders tend to be more powerful with The Force than typical Jedi or Dark Side users.