So, I installed Windows 11…

The day that everyone dreads who owns a PC had finally arrived. I installed Windows 11. Here is the good and bad so far.

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The Good:

Directx12 implementation on Windows 11 is noticeably better over Win 10. I was able to see noticeable image quality improvements and frame rates in Witcher 3 with the next gen update and Cyberpunk 2077 even using an older GTX 1070 video card.

Processor utilization is better in Windows 11 with my 10th Gen Intel CPU. The performance meter in the task manager shows better hyperthreading performance thus allowing more performance per core.

I must admit this was the most trouble-free operating system upgrade I have ever done.

The Bad:

Coming along with Windows 11 was the following bloat/spy ware apps –

TikTok, Instagram, WhatsApp, and a couple of other nono’s. I was able to remove them. Shutting off the “widgets app” that puts reams of MSN’s crappy news and celebrity gossip in your task bar was easy.

Windows 11 does not like Google Chrome. Chrome hesitates and just plain misbehaves in way that I did not see in Windows 10.

Windows 11 is still buggy on windows update for some older hardware when attempting to update drivers.

Windows Explorer (some people call it the file manager) is definitely less stable, but it does recover quickly when it has to reset.

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