UK Reform Party Leader Calls Out Mitch McConnell and Joe Biden

Nigel Farage is the man behind Brexit and one of the most influential party leaders in Europe. He calls out the disastrous Senator Mitch McConnel, the head of the corrupt establishment wing of the Republican Party, and Joe Biden for his outrageous hypocrisy on mob violence.

An interesting fact about Nigel Farage. Someone, perhaps Vladimir Putin, had managed to get communist apparatchiks installed in many of the key bureaucratic positions in the EU government and it had taken a very hard anti-democratic authoritarian turn. Nigel Farage and his UK Independence Party put a stop to most of it by shining the light of day on their activities and openly mocking them. His mocking was brutal. To say that Nigel Farage stopped “The Fourth Reich” we believe is not an understatement. This is how he did it. Watch and be amazed:

POLITICALARENA: “Bill & Ted Face the Music” Review


We love the Bill & Ted movies because they are fun stories about the importance of living the Golden Rule – Be Excellent to Each Other!

Bill & Ted’s daughters seen here are far from perfect, but they strive to live up to that ideal and as such set a great example. And even though at times they fail, it is the journey towards that ideal that yields its own rewards and ends up saving the world. In the end the message is clear – if you want to save the world first you must start with you by being excellent!

“Bill & Ted Face the Music” is great fun. Alex Winter and Keanu Reeves once again offer an outstanding performance, but what was unexpected is Samara Weaver and Brigette Lundy-Paine who brilliantly recreate the “Bill & Ted” magic and make it their own. We could not end this review without mentioning the outstanding performance of William Sadler, who we consider to be one of the greatest living performers, who somehow managed to exceed our already high expectations.

A product is usually great when the love is there and it shows. Well done.