Intelligence Community /w Democrat Operatives Formed Pressure Group “Hamilton 68” to Falsely Accuse Americans of Being Under Russian Influence

It is no secret that accusations accusing Donald Trump of working with Russia to rig the 2016 election were a hoax. Democrat operatives along with members of the FBI/DoJ/CIA/NSC and the House Intelligence Committee actively conspired to manufacture evidence against Trump on multiple fronts and put the country through three years of lies, phony accusations and investigations when they knew from day one it was a fabrication.

Hamilton 68 was the social media wing of a pressure group called Alliance Securing Democracy, and their job was to manufacture a narrative that the Russians were launching massive influence campaigns on social media, but the people they were accusing of being Russians were run of the mill Republicans and politically minded Americans who questioned or opposed their Democrat Party/corporate media narratives.

Released internal Twitter emails show that even Twitter knew that Hamilton 68 was a fraud, but since they were working with the Intelligence Community they went along with it anyways. 

Matt Taibbi has this latest thread showing these emails and documents. 


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