Reporting on Day 2 of Biden Administration

Putting on our CNN hat. Joe Biden has been in office just over two days. He signed a mask wearing executive order that applies to federal property and then promptly violated it. In two days there have been more than twice the number of COVID deaths than people who were killed on 9/11. Biden’s Keystone executive order killed over 11,000 construction jobs, socking it mostly to Alaskan Inuit Native Americans. The worst Democrat racism since Andrew Jackson. Canada is suing the United States for violating the Keystone agreement.

The Keystone executive order will also cost an estimated 42,100 supporting jobs. Biden’s order cancelling border wall and enforcement construction will cost 10,000 jobs.

China, Russia, and Saudi Arabia sent President Biden thank you cards.

DIA Trying New Ways to Get Around 4th Amendment Protections To Spy On You.

Unclassified Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) memo: the DIA is purchasing your cell phone data to get around warrant requirements. Why get a warrant when you can just buy the info of millions of Americans? Troubling.

The DIA is the Pentagon’s own little CIA. They are not supposed to be engaged in domestic spying but they illegally are. This is why we encourage readers to use secure encrypted apps such as Signal, Protonmail and a good VPN service for your phone and PC (Protonmail offers that service as well. Its $9 a month.)

We have nothing to hide – BUT THAT ISNT THE POINT. The 4th Amendment is NOT a suggestion.