Famed Attorney Robert Barnes Largely Takes Crowder’s Side in Daily Wire Dustup

Robert Barnes

Robert Barnes has represented big name talents in contract negotiations. He explains why most lawyers just it wrong in the same way Daily Wire (DW) has.

Barnes also explains why Crowder was wise to record his phone call between him and DW. Dan and Farris Wilks publish DW and are VERY litigious warns Barnes. Recording the call to defend yourself incase any dispute comes to a “he said she said” is wise under such circumstances.

We also largely sided with Crowder as we believed that the offer sent to Crowder was for such low money that it was borderline insulting considering what Crowder brings to the table. 

Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing says that this is just a beginning offer where negotiations should start and that seems fine on its face, but when dealing with creative talent that approach is foolish. Creative talents want people to take their art and their content seriously and will not take kindly to shows of disrespect. 

Lauren Chen has a similar story to tell. Daily Wire’s offer to her was the lowest of all her offers and she felt like that they either did not like her or did not take her seriously. 

Barnes explains that like most lawyers, Daily Wire makes a critical mistake in its approach to contract negotiations. in that they engage in an adversarial “worker” vs “the man” dynamic. Contract offers and negotiations should build trust and loyalty, especially when dealing with a creative talent. The adversarial approach creates a “who can get the advantage for their client” dynamic that undermines trust.

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