Why Kevin McCarthy Must Not Become Speaker of the House

The facts, when examined objectively, make a case that is irrefutable.

When Kevin McCarthy joined the leadership the debt was $11 trillion, now it is $32 trillion. Time and time again Obamacare, Benghazi, illegal domestic surveillance, Devin Nunes getting subpoena power to get to the bottom on the Trump/Russia hoax, FBI/DoJ corruption, etc. Kevin McCarthy, with some of the other Republican leadership, joined with Democrats to steamroll Republicans.

McCarthy abused leadership PAC funds, which is our money, to back invertebrate candidates in open seats, when said invertebrates lost Kevin cut off funds from the conservative winners and let them twist in the wind and get outspent by Democrats up to 10-1. Because of what McCarthy did Republicans lost between 5-15 close House races that  could have been won, but he was afraid those challengers would oppose the “uniparty.”

Instead of having an open floor debates in the House and Senate as the Founders intended, we have a backroom deals where everything is decided behind closed doors – so that way the status quo remains the status quo.

The House and Senate were designed for open floor debate and floor fights over the issues, just like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Now the narrative has so changed that we must abandon regular order just so we don’t see vigorous debates on TV? Anyone who adopts that narrative put out by the corporate media is doing something wrong.

The leadership of both parties has so bastardized the rules that the entire process has no transparency. Bills are no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments have been allowed to be introduced to bills on the House floor in years. No one sees bills until an hour before they are supposed to be voted on. It has to stop.

4 thoughts on “Why Kevin McCarthy Must Not Become Speaker of the House”

  1. McCarthy/McConnell put up:
    $10-15 million+ Against @AnthonySabatini
    $9 mil+ Against @MoBrooks
    $4 mil+ Against @joekent16jan19
    $2 mil+ Against @CollinsforTX
    $1.7 mil against @CawthornforNC
    $10-12 million + against @bgmasters
    $5 mil against @GenDonBolduc
    $9 mil against @KellyForAlaska
    $1.5 mil+ against @CarlPaladinoNY
    $1 mil+ against @kleavittnh
    $9 mil against @DavidGiglioCA
    $2 mil against @Kathy4Truth
    $4+mil against @SandySmithNC

    All because Kevin McCarthy thought he had seats to spare.
    Guess he didn’t.

    Our “leaders” care more about being surrounded those aligned with the establishment than saving this nation.

    Imagine if we had those ppl in congress now to stand with you.

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