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Calvin Coolidge – Civil Rights Pioneer

UPDATE – Even more on the civil rights history of President Coolidge – LINK. Kurt L Schmoke: Judging from some of the commentary in the news media, many people seemed surprised by the fact that Republican Sen. Rand Paul would visit … Continue reading

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Romney will not debate Gingrich

Herman Cain debated Newt in a long format one on one and came out OK, so what is the problem Mitt? Aren’t the American people deserving of a long format conversation that isn’t just cute 30 second responses? Mitt is trying … Continue reading

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In Honor of Calvin Coolidge, A Great President Few Remember.

The accomplishments of Calvin Coolidge are many and he was one of our greatest presidents. He helped lead the united states out of a depression caused in large part by the progressive policies of Woodrow Wilson, he helped to restore … Continue reading

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