In Texas. Back soon. – UPDATED

Yes indeed. No power, no water. Cell phones towers only working a few minutes a day.

What a mess. Texas has gone through two weeks of hell. Cell Phone service is still buggy and we just got running water yesterday.

Things we learned. When the power grid has problems most cell towers ether go down or restrict use to emergency services which means YOU have no communication. So unless you have a land line that is wired up old fashioned style, you are on your own. This means that CB Radios and amateur radios such as those in the 2 meter and 10 meter bands need to make a big comeback.

Have a supply of emergency food and drink. It is not just for preppers anymore.

Have sleeping bags that are rated for cold weather. If Texans had them lives would have been saved.

Have a way to go to the bathroom outside.

It seems, and we won’t know 100% until this is fully investigated, but ERCOT – those who generate power in Texas, was not honest with the state about back up reserves, winterizing of certain resources etc. This can never be allowed to happen again. There are some major lawsuits coming and the Texas Supreme Court would not be wise to give ERCOT sovereign immunity.

Expect a flood of posts soon as we are way behind. But right now we are tired.

Trump’s Lawyer’s Home Attacked “Business under siege”

After two scoops of acquittal the Democrats have failed to impeach/convict President Trump again. This is not surprising as they were caught manipulating/falsifying some of the evidence they submitted to the Senate. The law and the facts just were solidly on the President’s side.

What we wanted to focus on is the depraved sickness that Democrats have used in going after President Trump’s attorney’s. As readers might recall many attorney’s bailed on representing the President after they received threats.

Democrats have demonstrated that they believe anyone who would dare oppose them is not entitled to any defense as mandated by the constitution. Those who stand up for our rights under the constitution should have their lives, home, and businesses threatened.

This authoritarian nonsense is going to lead to great violence of it is not nipped in the bud.

Former President Trump’s defense attorney Michael Van Der Veen says since taking on the impeachment case his house, family and business has been “under siege.”

Our Take on Impeachment 2.0

Just the facts.

Statutory law and case law have very precise guidelines for what is legally called incitement. “Go over and peacefully and patriotically make your voice heard” is not even close. It is absolutely First Amendment protected speech that is not even controversial.

The House allowed no due process in the impeachment and allowed no witnesses. The Senate had four witnesses with none of them alleging President Trump’s guilt.

Impeaching a private citizen is an unconstitutional “Bill of Attainder” which is why Chief Justice Roberts wanted nothing to do with it and refused to show up.

The “Judge” in the Senate “trial” is a partisan Senator who let it be know beforehand that no matter what he was going to vote “Trump Guilty.”

Democrat ideas of “due process” make the British Drum Head trials look almost fair.

As we and others have reported with near unlimited video to back it up, there was actually very little violence on January 6th aside from one officer who should not have pulled the trigger. No buildings or businesses were burned. The police opened the gates and the doors to the capital and most of the protestors who went in were respectful of the police. There was very little property damage.

We now know that Officer Sicknick was not killed by blunt force trauma so reports that he was killed by a Trump supporter who threw a fire extinguisher at his head are proved false. The others who Democrats are claiming President Trump is responsible for killing actually died for medical reasons.

The FBI reports that known agitators planned to cause trouble before President Trump even spoke. This is another reason why accusations of incitement are political theatre.

Meanwhile Democrats defend members who call political opponents – among other things –  nazi’s & racists, & claimed that black people are going to be put back in chains if a Republican is elected.

Democrats accused political opponents of wanting starving children, of wanting old people dead (when their Gov. Cuomo actually killed old people with his covid policy).

Senator Rand Paul has been physically attacked twice. Congressman Steve Scalise was shot and almost killed when a Bernie supporter decided that he was going to kill Republican Members of Congress. The Hillary Clinton campaign bragged about hiring violent thugs to go to Trump events.

There is plenty of video all over the net and some of it posted at this very website that shows democrats calling for violence against political opponents.

In the meantime Joe Biden’s nominee for OMB Director, former Hillary Clinton aid Neera Tanden, has a long history of using violent rhetoric against not just Republicans, but against Bernie Sanders who challenged Hillary Clinton for the nomination.

And of course, which unfortunately is becoming a repeating theme in the Biden Administration, is yet another nominee who is steeped in the the deep pockets of big corporate money:

UPDATE – And we almost forgot…..some might say that President Trump was wrong about the ballot fraud, but Time Magazine seems to be confirming it proudly with just a little bit of spin to “justify” what they have done:

Trump says “peaceful” protest – he means “violent insurrection”….

Time Magazine says a “well-funded cabal”, “shadow organizations” working “behind the scenes” to change “rules and laws” and “steer media coverage” and “control the flow of information” – they mean “democracy”.

Our Take on Mike Lindell’s Documentary on Ballot Fraud

Mike Lindell’s presentation is a real missed opportunity. For a man of Lindell’s resources there is no excuse for the poor production value of the video.

We know where some of the numbers Lindell mentioned came from because we have been reporting on this issue since election day, unfortunately the video does not explain how Lindell came into possession of the numbers he presented.

Lindell did not follow a script to keep his thoughts organized in a way that the audience can follow. He winged it. He went off on tangents that confused the audience. Lindell’s presentation was a distraction. During the documentary he plays with his hands, touches his face and engages in other nervous mannerisms.

His first guest was Col. Phil Waldron who is a disinformation & cyber warfare specialist. The documentary actually misspells the name “Phil” when placed on the screen. The video does not do enough to explain who Col. Waldron is to the audience so they might see him with the proper credibility. Col. Waldron says that he has all this proof, but the documentary does not show the proof to the audience so they can judge for themselves.

There are times when Lindell talks over his guests and other parts where he keeps interrupting them as they try to explain what they know making parts of the presentation word soup.

While real evidence is referred to time and time again, it is not presented to the audience in a credible way or in such a way that they can judge it for themselves. An organized, professional presentation is crucial when presenting a complex case to an audience. Lindell’s presentation is so sloppy that it undermines its own credibility.

Lindell should have hired a trial lawyer or other professional communicator to make the presentation and a real film maker to serve as a director rather than just winging it.

While we have nothing against Mr. Lindell and find him to be a rather likable figure, his documentary is so sloppy and so poorly produced that in our view it does more damage to his cause than it helps. Someone close to him should have told him so before he released this mess of a presentation.

Editor’s Note: For the record we believe by the evidence we have reported that there was likely enough fraud to swing the election.

TIME Magazine Claims An Elite Cabal Manipulated Laws, News, Threatened Politicians, to Stop Trump From Winning (video) – UPDATED

UPDATE – Famed Lawyer Viva Frei comments – see his video below!

This cabal included the Chamber of Commerce, business titans, never Trumpers, as well as left wing pressure groups and the leadership of labor organizations.

Time states how they manipulated the laws illegally (by using judges and bureaucrats to bypass the state legislature in changing the election rules) by using their money and influence to get governors, secretary’s of state and state election boards to bend to their will. They threatened politicians and office holders:

Business leaders denounced the Jan. 6 attack, and some say they will no longer donate to lawmakers who refused to certify Biden’s victory.


There was a conspiracy unfolding behind the scenes, one that both curtailed the protests and coordinated the resistance from CEOs. Both surprises were the result of an informal alliance between left-wing activists and business titans. The pact was formalized in a terse, little-noticed joint statement of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce and AFL-CIO published on Election Day. Both sides would come to see it as a sort of implicit bargain–inspired by the summer’s massive, sometimes destructive racial-justice protests–in which the forces of labor came together with the forces of capital to keep the peace and oppose Trump’s assault on democracy.


This is the inside story of the conspiracy to save the 2020 election, based on access to the group’s inner workings, never-before-seen documents and interviews with dozens of those involved from across the political spectrum. It is the story of an unprecedented, creative and determined campaign whose success also reveals how close the nation came to disaster. “Every attempt to interfere with the proper outcome of the election was defeated,” says Ian Bassin, co-founder of Protect Democracy, a nonpartisan rule-of-law advocacy group. “But it’s massively important for the country to understand that it didn’t happen accidentally. The system didn’t work magically.

Time Magazine’s article is filled with euphemisms about the rule of law etc, but the message they are sending is very clear. The election manipulation was planned, it was not organic, and the right people were pressured before hand to be against Trump no matter what.

One such euphemism Time uses is this photo with the caption that Republicans were trying to disrupt the vote count. In reality GOP observers and lawyers were illegally kicked out of observing the vote count, which by law is supposed to be transparent. Even in violation of court orders in key counties the vote count was done illegally without the legally required observers. Barricades and walls were even set up so no one could see the vote counting.

Journalist Tim Pool does a great job analyzing and unspinning Time’s revealing piece in his video. We suggest everyone watch it. Bottom line, Trump was right:

And Twitter is already trying to censor this:

Laura Ingraham:

UPDATE – Viva Frei has a GREAT analysis!

Governor Kristi Noem: Republican “leadership” does not follow through, breaks promises and lets the rank and file voters down. (video)

Good question!

Time and time again the Republican congressional leadership sabotages real policy reforms that help ordinary Americans.

Senator McConnell keeps promoting these judges for consideration who they say are constitutionalists only to prove not to be most of the time.

Senator John McCain repeatedly ran one one set of policy decisions and then did the opposite after getting elected, including single handedly defeating the Obamacare repeal so it could be replaced with something better.

Speaker of the House Paul Ryan promised so many reforms but ultimately did very little.

Senator Lindsey Graham promises all of these hearings and “something will be done” most of the time amounting to nothing. Republican oversight of the FBI/DoJ and courts have failed to do anything about massive corruption and criminal behavior.

It is the same old story over and over again. The leadership buys into the bogus narratives of the elite media nd the Democrats. They talk much but behave like the GOP and Dem leadership are in fact a uniparty. Trump upset the uniparty and look how fast the GOP leadership such as Mitch McConnell and Liz Cheney abandoned him. ENOUGH!

Governor Kristi Noem:

INSANITY: Millions Out of Work. America Struggles. Biden Brings MORE Refugees Into the USA.

Get it straight plebe. China first, big corporations first, foreign aid first, more Chinese solar panels first, more illegal border crossings first. Buy oil form the Middle-East and Russia while destroying American energy jobs. You don’t need a good job. Here is your $600.00

Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ Brilliant Plan to Combat Big-Tech Election Interference (video)

Be sure to listen to all three parts. Essentially Facebook and Twitter among others shadow-bans or throttles back visibility of conservatives running for office while amplifying the message and reach of Democrats. In one congressional race they banned the GOP candidate altogether. In other cases they let the Democrats buy ads and deny the Republican.

This is what Florida is going to do about it under Governor Ron DeSantis’ leadership.

What a FRAUD! AOC Was NOT in the Capitol Building on January 6th!

Alexandria Ocasio Cortez (AOC), the flamboyant and pretty young member of Congress from New York who spouts far left conspiracy theories such as Ted Cruz tried to have her killed, also lied  about her experiences on January 6th.

We have all seen the interviews, the video on Twitter and Instagram:

AOC “hid in her bathroom” in fear for her life…

She heard “Where is she” as if she was being hunted.

She “wondered if she would die before ever being a mom.”

The “mob was banging on her door.”

“The rioters actually entered her office”

“Her legislative director told her to “run and hide”

…. all political theatre. Fact checkers? HA!

Cortez was not even in the building. She was in the Cannon Office Building where protestors never entered.

Sick: Officer who killed Ashli Babbitt likely not to be charged

PoliticalArena Editorial

Police are important. Good policing is critically important. Bad policing should be dealt with by training and oversight, negligent policing that leads to permanent harm should be punished. By and large the police response that day while in some ways inadequate, was a model of restraint and wisdom as to when to use force and when not to….with one exception.

Ashli Babbitt was in the Capitol Building in January 6th. Was she guilty of trespass and disorderly conduct? Almost certainly. Protests are designed to make government uncomfortable. That is the point of civil disobedience.

Ashli Babbitt

That said, Ashli Babbitt should still be alive and well. A Capitol Police Lieutenant was not justified in pulling the trigger.

We have all seen the video.

Ashli was unarmed and was surrounded by armed and armored police. On one side of the broken door was Ashli along with at least four officers in full armor armed with rifles. On the other side of the broken door were at least six officers who were armed.

There is no honest case to be made that Ashli was a threat of serious harm to anyone. If the officers thought that the small number of protestors at that door were a genuine threat they could have easily gunned them down. The protestors did not attack police who were literally right next to them showing that they were not bent on doing harm.

If Ashli had gotten through that broken door what exactly was she going to do with at least 10 officers, all armed and some armored, literally surrounding her?

One officer pulled the trigger. If the threat was so real why is it that the other officers who were three feet away not firing or engaging in any force at all? The obvious answer is because those officers saw no threat. The shooting of Ashli Babbitt was not righteous, nor was it justified. It was negligent.

The spin of this incident appearing in the elite media is sickening and worrisome.

Wall Street Journal:

The officer, a lieutenant, was essentially serving as a potential last line of defense between the rioters and members of Congress, thus providing some justification for his actions and falling well short of the standard necessary to charge a police officer with a civil-rights violation for a shooting, the people said.

“That’s where he drew the line in the sand,” a fellow Capitol Police officer said, adding that the lieutenant, whose police powers have been suspended, is expected to return to his previous status, though he is afraid of being retaliated against by Trump supporters.

Really? How come the other officers who were right there didn’t see this “line?”

“Without question he should be cleared,” a lawyer for the officer, Mark Schamel of the law firm Lowenstein Sandler, said. “There’s no way to look at the evidence and think he’s anything but a hero,” he said.

Rep. Markwayne Mullin (R., Okla.), who witnessed the shooting, said in an interview with The Wall Street Journal last month that he saw a Capitol Police lieutenant in a defensive position in front of the House lobby’s doors.

The GOP congressman said he was alarmed because there were still lawmakers and press trapped in the third-floor balcony inside the chamber, overlooking the floor.

“I believe they were wanting to hurt us,” he said of the mob that was banging on the door.

Really? Then how come the small group of protestors at the door at no time tried to harm the officers who were right there with them as we saw in the video? The officers in full armor with rifles were not even taking a threatening posture. Why? Because the officers obviously understood that they were not in danger.

This Orwellian use of false narrative we see in the Wall Street Journal reminds us of the Randy Weaver trial where the government testified that they had to use snipers and rules of engagement (that basically amounted to shoot on sight orders) that were not just in violation of policy, but were unconstitutional, because “Weaver had planted booby traps on the property.” Legendary defense attorney Gerry Spence then asked the government how it was that the dogs, chickens, and other animals on the property somehow managed to avoid these terrible traps?

In evaluating such cases, federal prosecutors must establish not only that an officer used excessive force but also that the officer willfully violated someone’s constitutional rights. That high bar makes bringing federal charges against an officer difficult, and legal experts had predicted that any such case in connection with Ms. Babbitt’s death was unlikely.

We are not lawyers, but we do have some legal training. If this really is the legal standard for federal officers when they use deadly force this amounts to near full immunity for almost any negligence. Proving that an officer fired because they were hellbent on violating their target’s civil rights requires getting into someone’s head which is all but impossible. No one should have the power to use deadly force with this kind of immunity. No one.

The police investigators have made an initial determination that charges against the officer aren’t warranted, the people said, adding that Justice Department officials haven’t yet made a final determination on the matter.

Call your Member of Congress and Senators. Let your voice be heard.

Newsmax Censors Mike Lindell (video)

Just 10 seconds into an interview with Newsmax, MyPillow CEO Mike Lindell started a rant on the rigged election-prompting Newsmax anchor Bob Sellers to storm off set.

What a disgrace to journalism.

There is PLENTY of evidence of vote fraud and the courts have not examined the issue as Newsmax falsely claims. The vast majority of courts dismissed the cases so that the evidence could not be put on record. Much of that evidence has been given to state legislatures in under oath testimony. That includes evidence from the Data Integrity Project, Jovan Pulitzer as well as hundreds of whistleblowers from both parties.

How about a Lincoln Douglas style debate between that Newsmax anchor vs Robert Barnes, a forensic scientist from the Data Integrity Project, Rich Baris and Jovan Pulitzer?

The Epoch Times covered this evidence in detail so why is Newsmax so scared of?

Gamestop Rebellion Reveals Illegal Hedge Fund/Media/Govt Collusion To Rip Off American Companies and Small Investors

It isn’t just us saying it. It is investors, lawyers and former masters of Wall Street corruption like “The Wolf of Wall Street” Jeremy Belfort.

We have been digging into this scandal and waited to report because we wanted to make every effort to get it right.

Famed Attorney Robert Barnes weighs in:

Ask yourself. How is it that certain hedge funds can seemingly predict which companies are about to have their stock price fall? How do they know which companies will have a stock price that tumbles at just the right time to benefit the billionaire hedge funds while they are “short selling?”…and do it over and over and over again?

This kind of prediction is not as simple of having insider knowledge such as Nancy Pelosi’s husband buying electric car options just before President Biden announces that the entire DC fleet of federally owned cars will be replaced with electric vehicles. What hedge fund companies are pulling off, if you ask them, is a near magical business and financial acumen to help them make these predictions and profit off of other companies and other investors misery.

Acumen? Or is the game rigged? According to journalists, lawyers, investors and others who have come forward the rigging seems to work as we attempt to explain below.

Super billionaire hedge fund talks up a stock weeks or months in advance. The hedge funds will take stocks out on loan while the price is high. They start rumors and/or leak to finance journalists who are pining for “access” and pretty much willing to report anything that sounds interesting or that they are told to report. Smaller investors buy the stocks and increase the price…..and when the time is right multiple hedge funds will take out “short bets” against the stocks of targeted companies. Talking heads will go on CNBC or some other outlet and say “This company is in trouble” or “this stock is going to zero” or “A Tsunami is coming!!!!”

About that Tsunami….

If necessary the hedge funds will kick off a selling panic by selling the stocks they have in “Company X” back and forth to each other…them sit back and watch as the smaller investors sell and sell driving down the price and when said stock price seems near rock bottom they will rebuy the stocks. They burrowed the stock, sold it at a high price, drove the price down, and then rebought the stock at a decimated price to hand it back from where it was borrowed.

Media Calls YOU The “Rabble” And The Bad Guys In The GameStop Story, Says Hedge Funds Are GOOD GUYS. Spread Manipulation on Silver:

It is our understanding that such manipulation is highly illegal. So where are the government regulators and enforcement? Just one example of why that might be is that Citadel, a hedge fund company, paid incredible sums of money to Treasury Secretary (and former Fed chair) Janet Yellen for “speaking fees.” Having seen video of a speech she has given we can assure you that watching paint dry is positively exhilarating by comparison. It is no secret that super rich companies have at times managed to capture government regulators with lobbyists, bribes, and other forms of pressure political or otherwise.

Going back to the sub prime mortgage collapse of 2008, the government regulators, Members of Congress and others knew that the sub prime mortgage securities were garbage, but peddled them anyways because they assumed they were government backed “garbage” so they had nothing to lose and everything to gain. When it all collapsed countless people lost their homes and jobs, the economy was devastated and the government picked winners and losers as to who to bail out and who to let twist in the wind. How do you think the biggest political donors faired in that process?

Small investor apps like Robinhood…

It’s free they say. No fees they say. When it comes to social media or computer apps, if they are free than YOU become the product. They take all of your information and data-mine it. This way they have a gauge as to how many small investors are buying when they manipulate a stock up and who to target when they want to manipulate a stock down. You are not the customer, the hedge fund who these free apps report to are the customer. If the behavior manipulation is successful, apps like Robinhood act essentially as a one way valve with your investment losses going to them.

Viva Frei – Robinhood takes from the poor to give to the rich:

Of course, evil of all evils GOOGLE had to get in on the rigging as well – LINK.

On que, now that the smaller investors have found a way to team up using Wall Street Bets on Reddit and the billionaire hedge funds are fighting against an army of David’s vs a few Goliaths, now the Goliaths are asking the government to “do something.” Robinhood rigged it’s app sop you could not buy Gamestop and only sell it (which forces the price of the stock down). Discord, a popular chatting program often used by gamers, banned Wall Street Bets because they accused them in engaging it hate speech (racism?). It seems that everything the corrupt establishment doesn’t like is “hate” or “racist” and must be silenced. How convenient.

Former SEC Commissioner Laura Unger wants those evil small investors dealt with!

Will there be a real credible investigation? Or will the federal government just see to it that the investigation just serves to secure the cover up? Disgraced former FBI agent Peter Strzok is arguably one of the most corrupt and dishonest people to ever serve in the FBI leadership. Guess who his wife is?

RIGGED COURTS: FBI Document Forger Who Lied to FISA Court Walks

As we reported on December 7th, famed attorney Robert Barnes exposed how the Department of Justice (DoJ) sentencing memoranda against convicted liar, forger and ex FBI senior counsel Kevin Clinesmith showed that the Special Prosecutor John Durham, picked to investigate the illegal spying on President Trump is infect the special prosecutor in charge of finishing the cover up.

In order to spy on the Trump Campaign to make it look legal, the FBI had to make Trump campaign advisors Carter Page, George Papadopoulos and General Michael Flynn appear to either be be secret Russian agents or otherwise compromised to be in league with Vladimir Putin allegedly with President Trump’s blessing. They are all innocent.

The DoJ Inspector General’s report, as well as court documents and declassified FBI/DoJ notes prove that the FBI/DoJ knew full well that the Trump/Russia allegations were manufactured by partisans in the FBOI/DoJ and other parts on the intelligence community. They knew it before Special Prosecutor Mueller started his fiasco of an investigation.

What did Kevin Clinesmith do? When the CIA informed the FBI with a letter that Carter Page was in fact an asset working for the CIA, he altered the letter to say that Page was not working for the CIA.

Clinesmith submitted the altered/forged letter, along with other false evidence to the FISA Court, in order to get them to reapprove spying warrants on the Trump campaign and transition. Clinesmith was caught red handed by the DoJ Inspector General so Durham had to charge him and Clinesmith plead guilty.

Durham did not lean on Clinesmith at all to get other bad actors and criminals in the FBI such as Peter Strzok, James Comedy, and Andrew McCabe. Rather the FBI sentencing memorandum recommended six months in jail. By Contrast they threw the book at George Papadopoulos for misremembering a detail about another FBI paid liar Josef Mifsud and the same DoJ asked the judge to give Roger Stone eight years in prison for lying about something that turned out to be inconsequential to Congress. The difference is that Papadopoulos and Stone supported Trump and Kevin Clinesmith is a self proclaimed member of “The Resistance”.

Robert Barnes “It’s rotten to the core”:

Judge James Boasberg who was elevated to the US District Court for the District of Columbia by President Obama, sentenced Clinesmith to PROBATION. It gets better, Judge Boasberg actually had the temerity to say he “does not believe political bias against the Trump campaign influenced Clinesmith’s actions.”

It gets even better, Judge Boasberg used to sit on the FISA Court, which makes one wonder how many judges on the FISAQ Court were in in the illegal spying. There used to be a time when federal judges got upset when they were lied to. It seems those days are long gone.

The Reactions: