Is Kyle Rittenhouse a Hero?

Kyle Rittenhouse cleaning graffiti.

Kyle is not heroic for what he did do, he is heroic for what he didn’t do.

Kyle used only the force that was necessary and controlled his fire like a pro. Many would have panicked a sprayed the crowd that was out to kill him. How many police have unloaded their gun at a perp in fear?

Do you know what it takes to not give in to fear? That is what heroes do.

What Kyle is guilty of is not fathoming the type and degree of pure evil he was standing up to. Naive to be sure, but even in that he has the spirit to serve and to stand up and do something, and that spirit puts him ahead of 97% of everyone else when it comes to personal character.

In ten years, if you called a cop or an EMT for help and looked up and it was Kyle, tell me you would not be relieved.

One thought on “Is Kyle Rittenhouse a Hero?”

  1. He is someone that would be of benefit to any police force, any military branch, and any position where protecting is important. He is someone my friends and I would love to buy a cup of coffee.
    I wouldn’t call him a hero. He was just doing what he saw was right, wasn’t afraid as we shouldn’t be, then defended himself when all other choices were gone. Those he defended himself against, from what we saw, read, and heard, did everything to require Kyle to defend himself.

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