Hunter Biden’s Lawyers Admit the Laptop is His. Will the 51 “Intelligence Community” Officials Who Lied Apologize?

They lied and lied and lied in order to manipulate the election. Hunter Biden abandoned his laptop at a computer repair shop where he did not pay the bill. 

The intelligence community in league with Democrats and the Biden Campaign invented a story that it was “Russian disinformation” in spite of the fact that the FBI had already had the contents of the laptop for over a year and new full well it was genuine. BigTech censored the story and the New York Post’s twitter account was shut down.

The laptop contains evidence of multiple crimes, drug use, sex with prostitutes, including some that certainly look to be very underage girls, gun crimes and emails with their illegal business dealings, kickbacks and grifting, including emails that appear to show Hunter Biden sharing classified information with foreign interests. 

Joe Biden kept classified documents he was not entitled to have at the residence where Hunter was staying.

Sky News Australia:

Shortly after the publishing YouTube has restricted sharing of Tucker Carlson’s interview with the laptop repair man. The only way to see the video is if you put in the URL directly. Expecting this, we saved the video and uploaded it to Rumble

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