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Obama is wrong, most illegals do not pay their “fair share”

The numbers just don’t add up. Most illegals would not earn enough to have to pay the income tax anyways…. Via American Thinker: Last night’s presidential address on decreeing that millions of illegal aliens can stay here in violation of … Continue reading

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Exactly who is “the establishment”?

This wonderful column by Steve McCann eloquently describes many of the problems this very web site was created to address and it is one of the most important columns of the year. “Yet there is no sense of urgency or … Continue reading

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USA Today: Real 2011 Deficit $5 Trillion

And that is not the debt folks, that is one years deficit spending. USA Today: The typical American household would have paid nearly all of its income in taxes last year to balance the budget if the government used standard … Continue reading

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Social Security now in permanent deficit, Medicare Trustees admit the system is in trouble, liberal ‘Think Tank’ fails at statistics in deficit denial…

The system is not sustainable. The bureaucracy is huge and government employees earn 30-300% higher than their private sector counterparts and have gold plated benefits. Every dollar that goes to a bureaucrat who is not accountable to you and has … Continue reading

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