What the 20 House Speaker Holdout Republicans Accomplished for You

This maybe one of the most important pieces you ever read here at PoliticalArena.

UPDATE – The new House rules The Twenty fought for have passed. 

Instead of having an open floor debates in the House and Senate as the Founders intended, for years we have a backroom deals where everything is decided and bills are written behind closed doors.

The leadership of both parties has so bastardized the rules that the entire process has no transparency. They eliminated transparency by shutting down what is called “regular order.” Bills are no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments have been allowed to be introduced to bills on the House floor in years. No one sees bills until an hour before they are supposed to be voted on. 

Former Speaker John Boehner, as well as almost the entire Republican Party, railed against this lack of process:

The House and Senate were designed for open floor debate and floor fights over the issues, just like in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

The Twenty Republican holdouts had to fight like hell just to get a portion of regular order restored on just appropriation bills to get a residue of transparency on how our money is spent. The rest of the Republicans were fine with the status quo.

Before the voting started when “The Twenty” went to McCarthy with the list of reforms below, which every Republican voter will recognize as promises the Republican Leadership has been making for years, but Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the leadership laughed them out of the room.

As part of this list is to have people on certain committees that are serious about investigating the crimes of the Biden Administration, the FBI and the intelligence community, as well as the subpoena power to back it up so the committee is not toothless, along with the aforementioned ability to amend appropriations bills to use the power of the purse to defund federal agencies who do not comply with Congressional oversight – this way congressional hearings are not just a show for the television cameras.

Without “The Twenty” these investigations would have been a sham. Remember, when they first asked for that subpoena power they were laughed out of the room by the Republican leadership…or shall we say “uniparty.” McCarthy was perfectly willing to let the Biden Administration cover up these crimes. 

Even President Trump’s lawyer, Jenna Ellis, praised the rules changes “The Twenty” were able to secure in writing: 

Another key provision “The Twenty” were able to get from McCarthy and the Republican Leadership is Freedom Caucus membership on key committees that control appropriations and oversight. The Speaker (McCarthy) normally hand picks cronies to sit on these committees so even if their was a partial return to regular order on appropriations the changes would have been meaningless. Glenn Beck explains: 

Do you see anything in this list of common sense reforms that is anything even close to “extreme?” Is there anything in this list that hasn’t been promised by Republicans for some time? 

Yet, “Republicans” in the corporate press attacked “The Twenty,” called them names and demanded that they drop their demands, get behind McCarthy and “Go After Biden,” but without their demands being agreed to, there would have been no “going after Biden” that could have made any difference.

The House appropriations process is essentially the ATM machine for the Treasury Department. It is an incredible amount of power. The reason why spending bills that are thousands of pages and dropped an hour before the vote has been done this way for years is because taxpayer dollars are being used to generate kick backs to the campaign coffers of politicians and to companies that get government contracts – contracts that drive up the stock price of these companies. The same companies that Members of Congress and their families have recently bought stock in by complete coincidence of course.

Because “The Twenty” stood in the way of this corruption members of The Swamp got really upset: 

At the end of the battle, Speaker McCarthy took credit for all he had been forced to agree too, and bragged how they are going to use the power of the purse and the subpoena to get the job done. Now you know who really deserves any credit at all:

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