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Nigel Farage: This EU is the New Communism. It is Power without Limits. (video)

So right he is…

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Nigel Farage on Borroso: This bloke is an idiot. Europe has been led by a group of “ex-communists” (video)

What is a Borroso? – LINK. This is SO good 🙂

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AWESOME: Nigel Farage Goes Nuclear on the Euro Bailoits (video)

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Video: MEP Daniel Hannan Comparison Between US And Europe

Daniel Hannan is a Member of the European Parliament “If you look at the policies being pursued by your current rulers they amount to a comprehensive strategy towards Europeanization. This is a sustained attempt to change the  character of The … Continue reading

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How the EU Makes a Law – Stalin Would Be Proud

Do you think that politicians who brutally critique the EU are over the top? If you do you are about to change your mind. There is sometimes a gulf of a difference between the law and the law as applied. … Continue reading

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Video: Nigel Farage vs Sarkozy

Sarkozy is smooth. Of that there is little doubt. So smooth he can say something with an attitude that makes you feel one way, while the substance of it actually means the opposite. Politicians by their nature are great at … Continue reading

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Nigel Farage of the UKIP has had enough: Goes nuclear on corrupt EU officials

[Flashback of a piece I wrote in March 2011 – Editor] While most Americans are not aware of it, the EU has become expensive, wasteful, and more undemocratic.  It is becoming a regulatory leviathan rife with corruption and power hungry genuine Maoists and other communists … Continue reading

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MEP Nigel Farage: EU Financial Transactions Tax is Kamikaze Economics

The only thing more economically ignorant than American leftists are economically suicidal European leftists as MEP Farage so correctly demonstrates. The tax that has been proposed is so painfully du…. well I will let him say it. He has the … Continue reading

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