RNC Still Owned by Donors Wishing to Maintain the Uniparty Status Quo

The recent elections at the Republican National Committee show real problems for the grass roots and the success of the party.

There were many RNC Committeeman who were in abject fear of opposing Ronna McDaniel  in favor of Harmeet Dhillon in fear of having their states punished by cuts of RNC funds. This is why it is important to support your local party if it is competent and donate to individual candidates you trust. 

The RNC has been less than generous in supporting reform minded Republican challengers. So much so that many have accused the RNC of rather having Democrats win elections over reform minded Republicans. 

Grassroots voters and donors have also not forgotten how the RNC raised over $300 million to help Trump fight election integrity battles (we all received those fund raising emails), but kept that money while pressuring Trump’s lawyers to stop opposing Democrats in court. 

The RNC under Ronna McDaniel has not been a good steward of your money. They even had the RNC election at a Waldorf Astoria resort, one of the most expensive in the country. 

Charlie Kirk was at the RNC election:

To her credit, Ronna McDaniel is trying to mend fences and seems to be aware that the grass roots overwhelmingly supported Harmeet. 

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