MLK Would Rebuke Woke Politics, CRT and “Anti-Racism”

“Woke” identity politics is the most divisive flavor of cultural Marxism to date. Critical Race Theory (CRT) expresses the idea that if you are white or Asian you are an evil oppressor. If you are most other colors you are a victim.

Their solution is what they call “anti-racism” meaning that the only way to make up for past racism is to be racist against white, Asian, Jewish or others who they consider to be privileged or “doing better.” To them everything is about race and any scholarship or facts which explains any disparities whatsoever outside of racism are lies invented to advance the ‘oppression.”

In schools across the country “woke” teachers are literally telling very children that they were born evil because they are white.

Dr. Martin Luther King rejected all of this many times. One such example was his speech to Stanford University on April 14th, 1967:

Now let me say finally that we have difficulties ahead but I haven’t despaired.

Somehow I maintain hope in spite of hope. And I’ve talked about the difficulties and how hard the problems will be as we tackle them. But I want to close by saying this afternoon, that I still have faith in the future. And I still believe that these problems can be solved.

And so I will not join anyone who will say that we still can’t develop a coalition of conscience.

I realize and understand the discontent and the agony and the disappointment and even the bitterness of those who feel that whites in America cannot be trusted. And I would be the first to say that there are all too many who are still guided by the racist ethos. And I am still convinced that there are still many white persons of good will.

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