New Twitter Document Dumps: FBI Imbedded at Twitter, Candidates Shadow Banned, Weekly Censorship Meetings /w Biden Admin. More…

UPDATES – You can read the new reporting from Matt Tiabbi and Bari Weiss

Shortly after this writing Twitter released document Part IV with Michael Shellenberger. Michael reveals that the culture of censorship got to the point where Twitter targeted famous conservatives to come up with new policy violations that applied uniquely to them. 

Bari Weiss has posted Part V. She explains how even though Twitter understood that Trump did not break the rules, they went through pretzel logic to accuse him of inciting violence anyways.  This while other world leaders were literally calling for the killing of Jews and other groups who Tweets were not given a second look, or a first one for that matter. 

Tucker Carlson at Fox got around to explaining what we revealed to you days ago, that the Intelligence Community was imbedded at Twitter. 


Be sure to examine Part I of this unfolding story here:


Where to start? So much stunning information is coming out so fast that not even we are sure how to organize it. 

The Intelligence Community (IC), especially the FBI and ONI but including the CIA and Homeland Security, was heavily imbedded into Twitter. According to LinkedIn searches show the IC was well represented in the upper echelons of Twitter before 2019, but starting with the 2019 election season Twitter hired IC personnel, mostly with intel back grounds, at a furious pace. Many of these people were wise enough to purge their LinkedIn after Elon Musk announced his intention to uncover these files, but many were not and we saved every profile. 

[Editor’s Note: We also did similar searches for IC personnel at YouTube and Google and the list went on for dozens of pages.]

The excuse they used to ban President Trump is that in the context of his tweets over the last four years he was using “coded incitement to violence.” Keep in mind that to the woke crowd, and they say this all the time, words they don’t agree with “are violence.” All this in spite of Trump’s several tweets that day to protest peacefully.

This comes as no surprise as Missouri Attorney General Eric Schmidt’s lawsuit against the Biden Administration for coordinating with BigTech in a mass censorship enterprise showing regular meetings with the Democrat Party officials and the Biden Administration. Twitter executives were having so many censorship coordination meetings, including FBI, DHS, and DNI, that they started to hide them on their computer system calendars to make it was less obvious. 

FBI was scouring Twitter actively looking for information to censor that could harm Democrat’s, especially about Hunter Biden’s laptop and the unreliability of mail in voting, to censor. 

Conservatives and medical professionals who were effective or who merely bucked government’s propaganda narrative were put on black lists and shadow banned in various ways: 

Twitter had a secret censorship committee that engaged in censorship/moderation consisting of Vijaya Gadde, Yoel Roth, Jack Dorsey and Parag Agrawal. 

We know more about Twitter banning James Woods came about. It was spite.

Democrat’s who spread obvious disinformation were given a pass.

Jessie Watters Delivers the Perfect Summation:

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