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Glenn Greenwald: The Corporate Establishment of Both Parties Wants to Go 1938

Trump fought these people. Never forget that. And then this. We now know why Assange and Snowden did not get a pardon: Video: pic.twitter.com/kRYD58nAEn — Daniel Chaitin (@danielchaitin7) January 20, 2021

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YouTube Biden Inauguration Views Tanked, Gets Ratioed! YouTube Hides Listing!

299K views might seem like a lot, but in YouTube terms it isn’t. By comparison, Youtuber “Salty Cracker” usually gets more views on his videos. On top of that the downvotes were so high that YouTube unlisted the video. It … Continue reading

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President Trump’s farewell speech at Joint Base Andrews: We will be Back!

President Trump gives his thanks, expresses his gratitude and reviews his greatest accomplishments.

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Biden Day One: Help Russia & China by Destroying American Energy Jobs. Help Illegal Immigration by Stopping the Wall. Cancelling Initiative to Stop Marxist Propaganda in Schools.

How many thousands will lose their jobs in Pennsylvania, North Dakota, Florida, Louisiana and Texas? Who this agenda helps: Paris Agreement -> China, European diplomats Cancel Keystone -> Russian oligarchs No wall -> illegal immigrants Working class American priorities, small … Continue reading

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Left-Wing Terrorists Bombed The Senate In 1983 to Kill Republican Senators. Democrats Let Them Out of Jail.

And she went on to become a key figure in Black Lives Matter funding https://t.co/X5JIxVWVFs — Legal Insurrection (@LegInsurrection) January 10, 2021 The Federalist: On his final day in office, Jan. 20, 2001, President Bill Clinton commuted the sentences of … Continue reading

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Scandal ridden “Lincoln Project” are grifters from a corrupt “uniparty” DC establishment (swamp).

The reason the TEA Party and other movement got their beginning is that the leadership of both political parties would talk harshly at one another, but worked together to enrich each other and their donors at our expense. This also … Continue reading

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Rasmussen Daily Presidential Tracking Poll has Trump at 51%

Daily Presidential Tracking Poll – Approval at 51% https://t.co/5FJrbKheiQ — The Forgotten Man (I block bot accounts) (@ChuckNorton1) January 20, 2021 And this is of “likely voters” so this is a real poll. https://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/trump_administration/prez_track_jan20

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NYT Already Revising History on the 2020 Antifa/BLM-Led Riots

And remember that Biden Staff and Kamala Harris were raising money to get the rioters and arsonists bailed out. http://legalinsurrection.com/2021/01/new-york-times-conveniently-revises-history-on-the-2020-antifa-blm-led-riots/ New York Times Conveniently Revises History on the 2020 Antifa/BLM-Led Riots https://t.co/Xj8ky74zzm — The Forgotten Man (I block bot accounts) … Continue reading

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How could Trump incite an attack that was pre planned/started before his speech

http://rumble.com/vcrqdh-gop-rep.-makes-powerful-point-at-impeachment-hearing-what-did-pelosi-know.html?mref=23gga&mrefc=2 The FBI says that some people who assaulted police, planted pipe bombs at both the RNC and the DNC (as if Trump supporters would do that) happened before President Trump gave his speech or happened well before his speech … Continue reading

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The four types of leftists

by Chuck Norton Leftists generally fall into one of four categories. The Useful Idiot This person believes the party propaganda put out for “the rabble” by the elite media and the academic left. They have also bought the seductive “reasoning” … Continue reading

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