American School Counselor Association Video: How to Manipulate Your Kids (Into Marxism)

Alvin Lui from Make Courage Habit took hidden cameras into the American School Counselor Association (ASCA) meeting and it was like a propaganda seminar form the Chinese Communist Party.

The American School Counselor Association has been captured by Neo-Marxist ideology, bent on being anti-parental rights. Liz and Alvin Lui take you inside the most recent ASCA annual conference to examine the materials these counselors are being fed in order to show exactly how this institution is indoctrinating your children, lying to and/or keeping parents out.

The conference literally teaches school counselors to be “master manipulators” – their words. They also teach how to manipulate around parental rights legislation In their words, “learning the rules so you know ho to break them.” ASCA teaches counselors how to use the Orwellian tactics of changing the definition of words to make you think they are saying one thing, while meaning something completely different. 

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