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Our Take on the Rand Paul vs George Stephanopoulos Ballot Spat (video)

Although Sen. Paul did a good job defending himself an ideal response would have been something like this. George Stephanopoulos’ argument as it is a lie of omission. AG Bill Barr did indeed say there was no widespread fraud but … Continue reading

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Matt Gaetz to Campaign Against Liz Cheney

How is it that Matt Gaetz is so honest and courageous? It is actually rather simple. He takes no money form foreign interests nor does he take money from the mega-corporation PACS. Congressman @mattgaetz: “Unfortunately, @RepLizCheney is just yet another … Continue reading

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Republicans Win First Post Election Lawsuit

Virginia did what Pennsylvania, Arizona, Georgia, Michigan and Wisconsin did. Either the Governor, Board of Elections, Sec. of State and/or a Democrat state judge changed the election laws contrary to the will of the state legislature on their own. Not … Continue reading

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Tulsi Gabbard Warns Democrats: Stop the Authoritarian 1938 Talk (video)

As soon as Biden was inaugurated Democrat luminaries and members of Congress started talking about monitoring and legally going after political opponents as domestic terrorists. Turning our intelligence community into a STASI like secret police. Tulsi Gabbard’s warning here should … Continue reading

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Fans React to the Epic Return of the REAL Luke Skywalker (video)

Step one of the retconning of the disastrous sequel trilogy. We already know how it will be retconned and no we aren’t going to tell you 🙂 But you will enjoy this as much as we did.

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