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Marxist group launches propaganda kids video against the First Amendment

This is the same Marxist group that made “The Story of Stuff“. A slick propaganda video that targets kids with a series of cliche’s the communists use against American freedom and market system – LINK. Lee Doren takes their latest propaganda film apart. … Continue reading

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Just how stupid are Columbia University professors???

They are so stupid… and in this case stupid is the best word….that their latest rant against the military is that it is discriminatory against the aged and the physically disabled. Wow. We have reported just how stupid the nonsense that comes out of … Continue reading

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Lee Doren: Why I changed from a leftist to a conservative after college.

Lee worked for a leftist environmental lobby. He realized that he was helping to prevent poor people in Africa and other places from getting inexpensive energy. As a result people had to burn what the could find to cook. The result was … Continue reading

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