Despite Sanctions, Most Everyday Products Cheaper in Russia

Why are most every day products, and even some Western brands, cheaper in Russia than they are here?

Tucker Carlson explored the subject interviewing a journalist who went to Russia in part to see the effect, if any, the sanctions are having on the average Russian. As you can see, the average Russian is paying less for most everyday products than Americans and Europeans. 

Could it be in part because the global progressive left, led by the World Economic Forum, as a part of the Green New Deal, not only wants to eliminate fossil fuels, but wants to create food scarcity by cutting the number of farms in half, a plan that is much further ahead in Europe and other countries than it is here in the United States.

Russia has rejected the WEF/Klaus Schwab/George Soros crowd as being “anti-civilization.”

Here is a link to a shopping channel in Russia. Svetlana, a Russian YouTuber, admits that prices have gone up, but as you can see, not like price increases in the United States and in Europe. In one of her videos  Sventlana shows that after the sanctions many Western products disappeared from Russian stores, only to show back up under a different name within months. 

Her video also reveals how many of the products on Russian shelves are from Europe as they have both English and Russian language on them. So much for the sanctions. 

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