Best Reactions to Biden’s Insane “Lord of War” Prisoner Swap.

Viktor Bout is one of the most dangerous men in the world. The fact that the worlds biggest illegal arms dealer, who proclaims his hate for America, is able to do Putin’s bidding in a time of war, makes him even more dangerous.  

After Biden releasing the most dangerous arms dealer in the world back to Russia and leaving $80 billion worth of arms for the Taliban, we don’t ever want to hear the words “gun control” from any Democrat’s mouth ever again.

The most important and by far the most educational take is from Russian television. They are laughing at the United States and the wokesters in the Biden Administration.

Biden has put a target on the back of any minority who travels to a place of Russian influence:

Tucker Carlson and Jesse Watters /w Dana Perino  on The Five: 

Should President Biden be congratulated for making this clip from “Lord of War” true:

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