Scandal ridden “Lincoln Project” are grifters from a corrupt “uniparty” DC establishment (swamp).

The reason the TEA Party and other movement got their beginning is that the leadership of both political parties would talk harshly at one another, but worked together to enrich each other and their donors at our expense. This also includes putting foreign interests like the CCP and Mexico ahead of normal Americans.

These “consultants” while being paid by the McCain campaign actually worked against it. They leaked damaging lies to help Obama all because they feared Sarah Palin who had an impressive track record fighting corruption as Governor of Alaska. These consultants on the GOP side were paid big money in congressional races, by the RNC and as congressional staffers to encourage Members of Congress to say all the right things to get votes, but not actually follow through.

Then President Trump cam and spoiled the party. Trump repealed thousands of regulations that were designed to tip the scales for political donors and against legit competitors and ordinary Americans. These grifters whop found themselves without a political home started a pressure group that even gained the support of the Chinese Communist Party.

So they put on a phony cloak of righteousness and called themselves “The Lincoln Project.” They became a smear outfit second only to “Media Matters” in their ability to say anything, No smear was too low.

Eventually, corrupt grifters, being who they are, out themselves.

EXC: Anti-Trump ‘Lincoln Project’ Funneled Over $10 Million To Its Own Founders’ Companies


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