Hillary’s Top Staff on Her Illegal Email Server, “There Is Just No Good Answer”

Democrats say that this email thing is “just BS” and here is why.

In spite of the fact that we are literally talking about hundreds of thousands of violations of the Federal Records Act. We are also talking about, with her mishandling of classified material, at least hundreds of violations of the Espionage Act.

Hillary revealed classified places, persons and methodology in her emails and it is likely that one CIA asset in Iran was executed as a result. People do not plead the 5th Amendment in mass over “just BS.”

We also know that her server was hacked at least 5 times. That could mean that foreign countries have blackmail material on the possible next President of these United States.

This email exchange happens shortly after the New York Times reported that she had an illegal email server with possible classified information.

“There is just no good answer,” Clinton aide Philippe Reines tells campaign chair John Podesta in a panicked mail from March 2015 in which they discuss Clinton’s reasoning for using a private email server. Also included in the email chain is her staff lawyer Cheryl Mills and her communications director Jennifer Palmieri.

James Comey said in July that they had no intent to do wrong, this sets the truth to that lie.

Via WikiLeaks read the email for yourself HERE


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