Republicans Cannot Trust Bob Woodward

When are Republicans going to learn NOT to trust Bob Woodward?

Woodward was Naval Intelligence and went right to being a senior reporter with the Washington Post with next to no experience. His benefactor was Mark Felt, Deputy FBI Director who was the head of COINTELPRO – the FBI’s dirty tricks division.

Woodward has been a tool of the intel community since day one. Politico for example talks about Woodward’s unprecedented “deep background sources“…just who do you think they are?

Anyone who lets Woodward near them is making a big mistake.

AIM Catches 150 School District’s Teachers/Admins Bragging About Illegally Teaching Critical Race Theory. Just Change the Name and Lie About It (video)

Just in case you think this is not going on in your kid’s school. 

Accuracy in Media (AIM) has more HERE

In Georgia CRT is banned, but school districts are still buying CRT curriculum but just calling it a different name. 

In Virginia, Marxist “equity” demands that you discriminate against high performing students, especially Asians. So students who were given National Merit Scholarships for high academic performance were not told about it.

Governor Glenn Youngkin comments: 

College Board’s AP Black History Curriculum So Insane It Must be Seen to be Believed.

Parents have heard about insane communist and other looney curriculum being taught in many schools these days, but still many parents continue to think “not in my kid’s school.” Parents might think the opposite after seeing this. 

This is from the Florida Department of Education and it is a list of what is included the College Board’s AP African American Studies curriculum:

Click to Enlarge

As you can see, it contains CRT, queer theory, anti-capitalism and other forms of Marxist indoctrination. 

The dishonest corporate media, CNN being the worst of them, accused Governor DeSantis of banning Black History studies. The truth is that a black history course is mandatory in the curriculum law passed by Republicans in Florida, but of course it really has to be “black history.” 

CNN’s approach here is so typical, “You are a fascist. Care to comment?”

Intelligence Community /w Democrat Operatives Formed Pressure Group “Hamilton 68” to Falsely Accuse Americans of Being Under Russian Influence

It is no secret that accusations accusing Donald Trump of working with Russia to rig the 2016 election were a hoax. Democrat operatives along with members of the FBI/DoJ/CIA/NSC and the House Intelligence Committee actively conspired to manufacture evidence against Trump on multiple fronts and put the country through three years of lies, phony accusations and investigations when they knew from day one it was a fabrication.

Hamilton 68 was the social media wing of a pressure group called Alliance Securing Democracy, and their job was to manufacture a narrative that the Russians were launching massive influence campaigns on social media, but the people they were accusing of being Russians were run of the mill Republicans and politically minded Americans who questioned or opposed their Democrat Party/corporate media narratives.

Released internal Twitter emails show that even Twitter knew that Hamilton 68 was a fraud, but since they were working with the Intelligence Community they went along with it anyways. 

Matt Taibbi has this latest thread showing these emails and documents. 

RNC Still Owned by Donors Wishing to Maintain the Uniparty Status Quo

The recent elections at the Republican National Committee show real problems for the grass roots and the success of the party.

There were many RNC Committeeman who were in abject fear of opposing Ronna McDaniel  in favor of Harmeet Dhillon in fear of having their states punished by cuts of RNC funds. This is why it is important to support your local party if it is competent and donate to individual candidates you trust. 

The RNC has been less than generous in supporting reform minded Republican challengers. So much so that many have accused the RNC of rather having Democrats win elections over reform minded Republicans. 

Grassroots voters and donors have also not forgotten how the RNC raised over $300 million to help Trump fight election integrity battles (we all received those fund raising emails), but kept that money while pressuring Trump’s lawyers to stop opposing Democrats in court. 

The RNC under Ronna McDaniel has not been a good steward of your money. They even had the RNC election at a Waldorf Astoria resort, one of the most expensive in the country. 

Charlie Kirk was at the RNC election:

To her credit, Ronna McDaniel is trying to mend fences and seems to be aware that the grass roots overwhelmingly supported Harmeet. 

Church Committee Hearings: How FBI Illegally Waged Dirty Tricks Campaigns Against MLK & Other Political Groups

The abuses by the CIA and the FBI revealed in the Church Committee Hearings are breathtaking. It is no surprise that the corporate media never talks about what these hearings revealed. They have been effectively memory holed.

Unfortunately, as stomach turning as the facts revealed by congressional investigators were, only a portion of the CIA/FBI’s crimes were revealed as they destroyed documents and lied, even under oath, at almost every turn. 

This is not to say that there were not some communist groups, some backed by Russia and/or China, in the United States that were dangerous and were legitimate national security threats, there were. But almost any political group or individual who the FBI decided was “no good” was given the same treatment as genuine national security threats.

These enemies of the FBI and the CIA included Dr. Martin Luther King, run of the mill local “women’s lib” groups, actors, journalists and more.

The spying and dirty tricks campaigns, or shall we simply call it “The Treatment” even included groups that were anti-communist such as the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) who was the premier civil rights organization from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. CORE was aligned with the National Rifle Association so no one could make a legitimate case that they were not patriotic. The left often criticized CORE for not being radical enough.

Jean Seberg

Actress Jean Seberg made a monetary contribution to the Black Panther Party. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover decided to ruin her life by ordering a 10 year long dirty tricks campaign against her. This included planting false stories in Newsweek and other press organizations. This caused her to be virtually blacklisted by Hollywood. When she was pregnant they planted false stories in the press that she was having affairs and that a prominent Black Panther was the father of her unborn baby. The stress of the ongoing dirty tricks campaign caused her to go into premature labor causing the death of her baby. 

FBI Order to Embarrass Jean Seberg and “Cheapen Her Image.”

Seberg eventually fled the country, staying and France and Italy, so the CIA took up where the FBI left off. The harassment campaign continued until she took her own life in 1979.

The FBI also maintained a “security index” of persons who should be placed into concentration camps with no habeas corpus. While many on the index were certainly from dangerous and subversive organizations, many were simple political activists. Congress authorized no such plans. 

Senator Phil Hart said during hearing that people close to him were telling him these activities were going on and he just didn’t believe it because he thought “the govt just wouldn’t do it.”

Deputy Director of the FBI James Adams testified in the hearings and tried to obfuscate as best he could about how the FBI waged a campaign to try and get Dr. Martin Luther King to kill himself. One of the letters the FBI sent Dr. King is shown below the video:




The Church Committee Hearings resulted in a Final Report that was six books long plus supplemental reports.

No, We Will Not Default On the Debt. Speaker McCarthy Comes Out Swinging.

There are politicians in both parties who just want to spend, spend, spend. They say falsely, that if we don’t ourrow and spend more we will default on the debt.

The United States Government takes in enough money every day to service the interest on the debt and to pay social security and retirements. Those who say differently are either ignorant of this or just lying.

The way CNN and much of the corporate media frames it, the fact that some Republicans want to get the outrageous growth in discretionary spending under control means they are the ones causing a debt crisis. They use word soup to keep you from realizing it but bring up the tope five corporate media articles on debt default and see for yourself. 

That said, current spending growth is out of control and unsustainable, if this problems is not fixed within the coming years risk of a default can become genuine. 

America can adopt policies that make the country wealthy such as selling energy, wood, coal, natural gas and other products we have more of than we could ever use. We could create a regulatory environment that promotes domestic manufacturing. Making products that are in demand literally creates wealth. We can also do more to stop China form stealing our intellectual property – Democrats keep undermining those efforts.  

Speaker Kevin McCarthy seems to have had enough:

Watch Biden’s Nominees for Federal Judge Fail Basic Questions About the Constitution.

Senator John Kennedy exposes what happens when political hacks are nominated to be a judge instead of great legal minds….or even mediocre legal minds. In this case it is like this nominee never went to law school. 

Yours truly is a political researcher and a journalist and I knew the answers to these questions. There is no excuse for this. Charnelle Bjelkengren should not be confirmed by the Senate and after this performance anyone who votes for her is knowingly confirming someone grossly unqualified to sit on the bench.

While even most average citizens can tell you what Article II and Article V of the Constitution do, “Purposivism” is a legal interpretive theory that says alongside the text of a statute (or sometimes even ignoring it), the intended purpose of a statute in context should also be examined when interpreting/applying the law. This is related to what people say about how “the law” and “the law as applied” are too often very different things. 

Judicial Nominee Brookman scored a 50% on his attempt to define “Originalism”. He leaves out, through ignorance, that Originalism looks at the history and the writings of the Founders, or whoever wrote said law in question, in order to determine their perspective as to a law’s interpretation and application. Purposivism and Originalism are among the basics of constitutional legal interpretation which is the bread and butter of a federal judge. 

Nominee Merchant does a little better at answering the question and then Senator John Kennedy, rather brilliantly, starts playing rope-a-dope with the three nominees to test their confidence.

Lastly, Senator Kennedy asks about the “Independent state legislature theory” which basically means that Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution (AKA the Elections Clause)  says what it means and means what it says – that the time, place and manner of voting is up to individual state legislatures with federal and state courts, governors, secretaries of state or boards of election having no say.

The issue is in front of the Supreme Court right now and none of them are aware of it. It is believed that the court will uphold the simple text of the Elections Clause  6-3.

Lauren Boebert Passes First Open Floor Amendment in the House Since 2016 /w Bipartisan Support. See What Her New Law Does.

We have not had “regular order” in the House of Representatives for years.

The result was that Bills were no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments were allowed to be introduced. No debates on the House Floor. Members could just appoint someone else to vote for them who stayed at the Capital so Members did not even have to show up for work.  No one even saw most proposed legislation until an hour before they were supposed to be voted on. Changing this is what the 20 hold outs in the Speaker fight were demanding.

Democrats call Lauren Boebert a dumb bimbo who should have an Only Fans account. The video below puts truth to that lie.  

INSANITY: Pfizer Scientist Admits Making New COVID Virus’ In Hopes of Pre-Inventing New Treatments. Project Veritas Video.

This is a threat to the public health. This is not all that different from what the Wuhan Lab was doing, so says the Pfizer scientist caught on camera.

Think of the poor animals who are suffering because of these experiments and of course the threat to public health.

Says the scientist, Pfizer is a revolving door of employing (paying) government officials so they do not get regulated or legislated against.

Many thanks to Project Veritas.

UPDATE: And of course YouTube moves to censor to help protect Pfizer. So here is the RUMBLE link to the video:

UPDATE – Corporate Media/BigTech moves to censor: 

Speaker McCarthy Destroys Reporter Who Wants Schiff and Swalwell on the Intelligence Committee (video)

We have been tough on Speaker McCarthy to be sure, but this is a complete homerun. He is 110% correct:

Former DNI Ric Grenell:

Famed Attorney Robert Barnes Largely Takes Crowder’s Side in Daily Wire Dustup

Robert Barnes

Robert Barnes has represented big name talents in contract negotiations. He explains why most lawyers just it wrong in the same way Daily Wire (DW) has.

Barnes also explains why Crowder was wise to record his phone call between him and DW. Dan and Farris Wilks publish DW and are VERY litigious warns Barnes. Recording the call to defend yourself incase any dispute comes to a “he said she said” is wise under such circumstances.

We also largely sided with Crowder as we believed that the offer sent to Crowder was for such low money that it was borderline insulting considering what Crowder brings to the table. 

Daily Wire’s Jeremy Boreing says that this is just a beginning offer where negotiations should start and that seems fine on its face, but when dealing with creative talent that approach is foolish. Creative talents want people to take their art and their content seriously and will not take kindly to shows of disrespect. 

Lauren Chen has a similar story to tell. Daily Wire’s offer to her was the lowest of all her offers and she felt like that they either did not like her or did not take her seriously. 

Barnes explains that like most lawyers, Daily Wire makes a critical mistake in its approach to contract negotiations. in that they engage in an adversarial “worker” vs “the man” dynamic. Contract offers and negotiations should build trust and loyalty, especially when dealing with a creative talent. The adversarial approach creates a “who can get the advantage for their client” dynamic that undermines trust.

Democrats/Corporate Media in Fits Over New House “Church Committee” Hearings to Investigate FBI/CIA

The Church Committee Hearings from the 1970’s revealed that CIA’s domestic operations along with their FBI counterparts in COINTELPRO took political dirty tricks to a dark and disturbing level.

How disturbing? The list includes illegal domestic break-ins, forgeries, planting of false evidence to engage in election interference, psy-ops, colluding with corporate media to lie to Americans, and ran covert programs that engaged in illegal human medical experimentation.

They sent disturbing letters to MLK in an effort to get him to commit suicide.  They sent letter to target’s houses designed to break up their marriages. They murdered journalists and certain political operatives. If you are inclined to think “our government wouldn’t do that” we recommend you watch the hearings and see for yourself.

Now we have a situation where the intelligence community is interfering with elections again. The Trump/Russia hoax was a cooperative effort to frame Trump as being in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was all false and they put the country through years of hell in the process. 

We know from emails and internal documents from Twitter and various government agencies including the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security, that Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, have been doing their bidding. This includes the banning and/or shadow banning of users, journalists, and medical professionals who went against the Democrat’s phony COVID narratives. Thousands of Americans were silenced in the name of protecting us from Russian influence.

Those who suffered COVID “vaccine” injuries were also censored. 

This censorship included the silencing of the New York Post and most of corporate media who lied to the American people for two years about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop that detailed the crimes of not just Hunter Biden, but the grifting and crimes of the Biden family.

Democrats and their allies in the corporate media are panicking that House Republicans are bringing back the Church Hearings to get to the bottom of the intelligence community’s crimes and election meddling. 

Tucker Carlson has details and the footage of Democrats and their corporate media allies being most unhappy:

Tucker: Did the CIA engineer Watergate to take out Nixon because like JFK he challenged the Intelligence Community?

NOTE: The Church Committee hearings revealed that CIA’s domestic operations along with their FBI counterparts in COINTELPRO took political dirty tricks to a dark and disturbing level. This includes break-ins, forgeries, planting of false evidence to engage in election interference, psy-ops, colluding with corporate media, and illegal human medical experimentation. They sent disturbing letters to MLK in an effort to get him to commit suicide. They also murdered journalists and certain political operatives. If you are inclined to think “our government wouldn’t do that” we recommend you watch the hearings and see for yourself.

Tucker Carlson grew up in Washington DC and knows pretty much everyone. Yours truly met Tucker long before Tucker was on Fox. His ability to remember even the most obscure people is amazing. The first time I met Tucker I mentioned that I had a college publication and as soon as I mentioned the name of it he put his hand on my chest and called my by my first name. I was stunned. He knew who I was. I mention this not just in the interest of full disclosure, but to tell you something about Tucker and the kind of guy he is. 

Before we get into the meat of this story some back ground is required. Remember when Tucker accused the NSA of spying on his text messages and emails? People said he was nuts but in time he was proved correct about this. 

Someone, a patriot in the intelligence community (IC) who has knowledge of the inner workings of the NSA, alerted Tucker about the spying and NSA’s intention to leak what they find. Days later, the contents of his emails and text messages were leaked to Axios

Tucker Carlson is the number one rated news/commentary show and considering the volumes of people on both sides of the isle he is friendly with, it is virtually certain there are several intelligence community sources leaking to Carlson, just as 20 FBI Agents have come to Congress to blow the whistle on the illegal activities of the Biden Administration. 

Tucker Carlson was then leaked information about the CIA’s involvement in the JFK as assignation.  

Information has been piling up, leaked, discovered and released, for years showing the Intelligence Community involvement in the killing of President Kennedy. Congress passed a law requiring all of the documents the CIA has on the event to be released. The CIA has been slow walking the release of these documents by releasing a few thousand a year, these releases contained evidence and clues showing that Lee Oswald was certainly military intelligence and later worked as a contractor of some kind for the CIA.

NOTE: there are thousands of articles, documentaries and books examining this evidence which readers can easily find for themselves. Numerous polls show that most people believe the intelligence community was involved in the JFK’s murder.  

Like the Clintons, the IC have lawyers and other experts who are trained to not leave smoking gun evidence just paying around for anyone to pick up, yet overtime there has been plenty of evidence that makes connecting the dots less and less difficult (More video showing “connecting of the dots” will appear at the bottom of this column).  

The 1991 Oliver Stone’s JFK film was derided by the corporate media as fan fiction. Over the years as more documents have been released and more evidence discovered it has become more clear that the film was at least directionally accurate.

Recent document releases have confirmed the main premise of the film, that Clay Shaw, who was alleged to have a peripheral role in the plot both in the film and by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, was confirmed by the CIA as having worked for them as a contractor after decades of denials.  


Tucker Carlson – How the intelligence community took out Nixon because he knew about CIA’s involvement in the JFK murder and it looks like Joe Biden is next because he has outlived his usefulness.

Having seen the report above, there is no question that Tucker could not have connected these dots and put this narrative together on his own. We speculate that someone is feeding him this information. 

Tucker is correct that four out of the five “Plumbers” were CIA. Former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt was known as a ruthless operative. Hunt was always believed to have had a bench warming role in the JFK plot. Hunt was the personal assistant to former CIA Director Allen Dulles and admitted to the Church Committee that he engaged in dirty tricks to smear candidate John F. Kennedy.

In September 1971, Hunt forged and offered to a Life magazine reporter top-secret State Department cables designed to prove that President Kennedy had personally and specifically ordered the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu. Hunt told the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973 that he had fabricated the cables to show a link between President Kennedy and the assassination of Diem, a Catholic, to estrange Catholic voters from the Democratic party, after Colson suggested he “might be able to improve upon the record.”

In 1977 Bill O’Reilly interviewed former CIA operative and Watergate Plumber Frank Sturgis who tells a similar story as Tucker Carlson. At the time, Sturgis was considered to be one of the most dangerous men in the world.

The only Watergate Plumber who did “hard time” was the only one who was not former CIA and would not turn against Nixon and that was G. Gordon Liddy.

Tucker is quite right that FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt was the head of a program called COINTELPRO which was a series of covert illegal projects designed to surveille, infiltrate, discredit, and disrupt domestic American political figures and organizations. 

An example of their handy work, COINTELPRO sent highly disturbing threatening letters to Dr. Martin Luther King pressuring him to commit suicide. 

Here is that letter: 

Below are the “connecting the dots” video’s we mentioned above. 

“Woke” Netflix CEO Reed Hastings Resigns as Stock Drops Dramatically /w Subscriber Loss

Go woke go broke. It may be cliché but in the case of Netflix that is exactly what has happened. $50 Billion is a lot of money.


The drop caused Netflix to shave more than $50 billion off its market cap. It is now the worst-performing stock of 2022 in the S&P 500, down 62.5% year-to-date.

This has been a disastrous year for Netflix and not just with the Meghan and Harry backlash. 

Netflix lost Henry Cavill who was working for a discount in The Witcher, one of the most exciting IP’s today, so long as they stayed true to the source material. In short, not only did they simply refuse to do so, the writers expressed open hostility to the source material

Perhaps Netflix didn’t know that Andrzej Sapkowski, who grew up in Soviet occupied Poland, wrote The Witcher to teach children the evils of moral relativism, a propaganda/psychological warfare technique commonly used by leftists and cultural Marxists  designed to break down the ability to discern the difference between right and wrong. Woke ideology is literally a form of cultural Marxism so it is no surprise that the writers found the source material to be repulsive.

Netflix and the show runner Lauren Hissrich had a choice, get back to something resembling the source material or continue down the woke path with Henry Cavill and the fans abandoning the show. They chose to stay woke and the fan backlash was breathtaking. 

Netflix also chose to go woke with the Vikings: Valhalla series and the resulting audience score was 51%

About That Daily Wire Steven Crowder Dust Up…

Steven Crowder

This editorial is the view of yours truly, not the view of anyone else involved with PoliticalArena. In the interest of full disclosure yours truly met Steven Crowder in 2011 – PLEASE see the UPDATE at the bottom.

You have seen the Steven Crowder “Big Con” video and you have seen Daily Wire (DW) CEO Jeremy Boreing’s response.

Let’s look at the numbers and certain stipulations to see what was left unsaid. In our view DW was not completely serious in its attempt to get Steven Crowder unless the potential profits were incredible for them so that is what their initial contract offer reflected.

DW offered Steven Crowder $12.5 million per year. Since it is known that Crowder insists on producing his own content the sets, camera and sound people etc would all come out of that $12.5. DW would assume promotions, marketing, quarterly and yearly special projects.

Steven Crowder’s “Mug Club” behind the pay wall member’s content has over 350k subscribers at $10 a month – that is $42 million PER YEAR – FULL STOP.

Think about that number for a second. If only 250k of Crowder’s Mug Club subscribers were to sub to DW to see his behind the pay wall content, that is a minimum of $36 million in new revenue. DW would very quickly TRIPLE it’s money. It is also reasonable to assume through promotion and marketing DW would likely generate 500K new subs over the course of the proposed four year contract.

Now lets add Crowder’s Rumble, Spotify, Apple Podcast and other such revenue.

NOTE: YouTube has demonetized Steven Crowder’s videos in spite of the fact that they make tens of millions of dollars a year off of him. This is why it is critical that YOU support alternative platforms like Rumble, Locals, Substack, YouMaker, Truth Social, Getter, Parler and Twitter (under Musk).

Seriously, you 4.9 million Crowder YouTube subscribers, get off your butt and follow Crowder on Rumble as well as downloading the Rumble app on your phone.

Crowder also gets a portion of his live advertising revenue.  Joe Rogan also gets a portion of his live advertising revenue, but there is a key difference – almost no one cares when Joe Rogan advertises the new “lawnmower 4.0” pube shaver – Crowder’s supporters are much more engaged and passionate. When Steven Crowder tells his considerable audience that such a product is great it is certain that he will generate serious sales numbers.

Crowder has a Walther PPK handgun displayed on his desk during his show. There is no doubt that Walther has sold tens of thousands of their premium handguns as a result.

One of the key contract stipulations that upset Crowder is that DW wanted to dock Crowder 20% of that $12.5 million if his content was demonetized by YouTube and 10% for each other common social media platform.

Crowder is already demonetized by YouTube and there is no reason to believe that YouTube would not demonetize a new “DW Crowder” channel. The Walther handgun display alone would instantly demonetize the show.

Daily Wire already self censors to generate revenue.

It is no secret that Ben Shapiro has become, shall we say, “less edgy” as Daily Wire has become more wealthy. Ben stays well clear of certain topics and is careful not to say things the YouTube overlords will not  tolerate. Ben is much more candid when he does his live tours. Ben also adopts certain corporate media false narratives such as when he promoted the completely scientifically wrong COVID poke nonsense, he said Trump would appoint liberals to the Supreme Court, he won’t talk about election fornication and other subjects.

There is also another large X-factor in the social media docking features of the proposed Crowder contract.

DW, as well as Steven Crowder, fully understand that just as Twitter (before Musk) did not follow its own rules when it comes to strikes and censorship; YouTube, Facebook etc do not follow their own rules either. They do what they want. Most of the time YouTube will not even tell you why they demonetized or banned your video.

Now that BigTech has seen how DW contracts work, they now have a Sword of Damocles over each DW talent. Democrats and their partners in the intelligence community are going to pressure them to use it against bolder talents such as Michael Knowles and Jordan Peterson. Imagine what they would do to hurt Steven Crowder.

Thanks to Elon Musk releasing the Twitter Files, we know that the overwhelming majority of censorship requests coming from government agencies was for content that was true, not “misinformation” as they claimed. Crowder could just as easily be banned for reporting something accurately as he could for saying something salty – so in essence Steve would have to censor himself from saying things he knows are true just to stay in the good graces of YouTube. Even that might not help because they are just as likely to ban him for being successful.

Make no mistake, what DW offered Crowder is a significant pay cut – in exchange for what? Better marketing and promotion reach to be sure, but Crowder wants DW to assume more of the risk and considering Crowder’s “Mug Club” and live advertising revenue alone which more than triples DW offer of $12.5 million investment DW absolutely should, especially since Crowder is willing to eat the daily production costs.

DW is not satisfied with just doubling their money, they are willing to tolerate the watering down of their message to quadruple their profits. DW has said money times that their goal is to be a direct competitor to Disney and merely doubling or tripling of their money is not going to get them the wealth they are looking for. What Crowder’s audience is expecting requires a level of boldness that DW simply cannot offer with their current business model.

This is not to say that DW is useless. While their news department is no Epoch Times, they are a decent news aggregator and several of their hosts offer valuable content to be sure. Their films such as “What is a Woman”, “Terror on the Prairie” and “Run Hide Fight” are absolutely terrific and in that content category there is no one better.

UPDATE – Steven Crowder responds to Jeremy Boreing.

Steven makes the case that is not about the money it is about the country and we cannot be honest with the audience while trying to please the crypto-fascists at YouTube and Facebook. We cannot be beholden to them.

We will say what Steven will not, with just new subscribers DW easily triples its investment into Crowder and more, any advertising revenue and social media revenue is just icing on the cake. So why hold the Sword of Damocles over Crowder’s head? Why give the YouTube CEO that kind of power?

DW is literally making the case that if they cannot at least quadruple their money it’s no deal. So when DW hosts criticize Steven saying “it is just about the money” when he was willing to take a massive pay cut just to get his brand out with DW, it becomes clear that DW is projecting.

UPDATE II – Jeremy from The Quartering, who has a HUGE following weighs in and get’s it right. DW is ignoring the revenue from subscriptions. 

Facebook “Fact Checker’s” Brazen Deception About Cell Phone Technology Used by Law Enforcement to Track Idaho Killer’s Movements

Many of you have seen this tweet from country music superstar John Rich:

Facebook and their notoriously dishonest “fact checkers” have declared this to be false. We use the word notorious because when taken to court over their lies, FaceBook “fact checkers” argued to the court that their fact checks are “rhetorical hyperbole” that no reasonable person takes as actual fact. 


Federal Court: No Reasonable Person Believes Facebook “Fact Checkers” Make Statements of Fact – “Rhetorical Hyperbole”

Facebook Exec Admits Illegal Censorship Coordination /w Biden Administration

Facebook Insider Reveals Massive Anti-Republican Bias/Censorship on Hidden Camera.

Facebook’s “fact checker” starts off with this biased and ridiculous line: 

Cellphone data used by the “2,000 Mules” election denier movie and by Idaho police were not “the exact same,” as a tweet claimed.

Facebook’s “fact checker” knows full well most people will not read passed the headline and get into the weeds of the story. When you get into the weeds of their claim  their big difference is that 2000Mules bought the cell phone data and police used a subpoena to get it, “so it wasn’t the exactly same”…. we are not making this up: 

The movie used aggregated, anonymized cellphone location data that was purchased. Idaho police used a subpoena to obtain data specifically for the phone of the suspected killer…

Of course what Facebook’s “fact checker” leaves out is that the technology used is exactly the same. They use a misleading headline combined with burying the lead to create a false narrative. One would have to work hard to get more dishonest.

Here are reports from The New York Post, USA Today, NBC and Fox explaining how the killer’s cell dats and tower pings were used to track his movements: 

WISCONSIN STUDY: 150,000 2020 Election Votes Tied to an Invalid Address

The Epoch Times

Election Watch (EW), a Wisconsin election integrity watchdog organization, has discovered that more than 150,000 votes cast in the 2020 presidential election cannot be connected with a valid address.

EW computer analyst Peter Bernegger said the group’s study of Wisconsin’s voter rolls found 45,000 such occurrences involving people who were living out of state in the Nov. 3 ballot, with another 107,000 documented instances on the part of voters who moved to another address within the state and cast a ballot in a different jurisdiction from the one in which they actually reside.

“That’s over 150,000 votes cast in the 2020 presidential election that cannot be tied to a valid address,” said Bernegger. “That’s illegal in the state of Wisconsin.

“Though there may be a reasonable explanation for most of these, the number of instances is so large that if only two out of 10 were nefariously cast votes, that was enough to tip the election to Biden.”

Chicago Education Inspector General: 447 Cases of Teacher Sexually Grooming, Assaulting, Raping Students Last Year

Woke ideology approves of what they call “minor attracted persons” or what normal people call pedophilia.

The Daily Caller:

The Chicago Board of Education’s Office of Inspector General (OIG) annual report found hundreds of Chicago Public School (CPS) teachers were accused of adult-to-student sexual misconduct in the 2021-2022 school year.

The OIG’s Sexual Allegations Unit (SAU) opened 447 cases investigating teachers for allegedly grooming, sexually assaulting, or raping CPS students last school year, following the 325 opened in 2021. Of the open cases, the SAU closed 600 over the past 12 months, according to the OIG annual report, reported ChicagoCityWire.

SAU investigated a Chicago high school substitute teacher for grooming several students for sex and engaging in sexual acts with at least one student on school property, the OIG found.

The CPS teacher allegedly talked to students about their sex lives in person and through social media, cell phones, and “other common grooming techniques,” according to the OIG. The report stated the teacher gave the “student unnecessary passes to exclude her from class, and encouraging students to confide in him about personal problems.”

SAU claims he made “intimate physical contact with students (including kisses, sexual hugs, and back-rubs), openly solicited sexual acts (such as asking a student to recruit another student for a ‘threesome’).”

It is not just Chicago

This isn’t the only damage they are doing: 

First Days of New Republican House Prove Lively!

UPDATE – The new House Rules The Twenty fought for have passed. 

To see in detail the Republican’s new agenda famed defense attorney Robert Gouveia explains it all here:

Jim Jordan holds his first hearing and exposes seven facts Dr. Fauci kept hidden while Democrats sit in silence:

What the 20 House Speaker Holdout Republicans Accomplished for You

This maybe one of the most important pieces you ever read here at PoliticalArena.

UPDATE – The new House rules The Twenty fought for have passed. 

Instead of having an open floor debates in the House and Senate as the Founders intended, for years we have a backroom deals where everything is decided and bills are written behind closed doors.

The leadership of both parties has so bastardized the rules that the entire process has no transparency. They eliminated transparency by shutting down what is called “regular order.” Bills are no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments have been allowed to be introduced to bills on the House floor in years. No one sees bills until an hour before they are supposed to be voted on. 

Former Speaker John Boehner, as well as almost the entire Republican Party, railed against this lack of process:

The House and Senate were designed for open floor debate and floor fights over the issues, just like in “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

The Twenty Republican holdouts had to fight like hell just to get a portion of regular order restored on just appropriation bills to get a residue of transparency on how our money is spent. The rest of the Republicans were fine with the status quo.

Before the voting started when “The Twenty” went to McCarthy with the list of reforms below, which every Republican voter will recognize as promises the Republican Leadership has been making for years, but Kevin McCarthy and the rest of the leadership laughed them out of the room.

As part of this list is to have people on certain committees that are serious about investigating the crimes of the Biden Administration, the FBI and the intelligence community, as well as the subpoena power to back it up so the committee is not toothless, along with the aforementioned ability to amend appropriations bills to use the power of the purse to defund federal agencies who do not comply with Congressional oversight – this way congressional hearings are not just a show for the television cameras.

Without “The Twenty” these investigations would have been a sham. Remember, when they first asked for that subpoena power they were laughed out of the room by the Republican leadership…or shall we say “uniparty.” McCarthy was perfectly willing to let the Biden Administration cover up these crimes. 

Even President Trump’s lawyer, Jenna Ellis, praised the rules changes “The Twenty” were able to secure in writing: 

Another key provision “The Twenty” were able to get from McCarthy and the Republican Leadership is Freedom Caucus membership on key committees that control appropriations and oversight. The Speaker (McCarthy) normally hand picks cronies to sit on these committees so even if their was a partial return to regular order on appropriations the changes would have been meaningless. Glenn Beck explains: 

Do you see anything in this list of common sense reforms that is anything even close to “extreme?” Is there anything in this list that hasn’t been promised by Republicans for some time? 

Yet, “Republicans” in the corporate press attacked “The Twenty,” called them names and demanded that they drop their demands, get behind McCarthy and “Go After Biden,” but without their demands being agreed to, there would have been no “going after Biden” that could have made any difference.

The House appropriations process is essentially the ATM machine for the Treasury Department. It is an incredible amount of power. The reason why spending bills that are thousands of pages and dropped an hour before the vote has been done this way for years is because taxpayer dollars are being used to generate kick backs to the campaign coffers of politicians and to companies that get government contracts – contracts that drive up the stock price of these companies. The same companies that Members of Congress and their families have recently bought stock in by complete coincidence of course.

Because “The Twenty” stood in the way of this corruption members of The Swamp got really upset: 

At the end of the battle, Speaker McCarthy took credit for all he had been forced to agree too, and bragged how they are going to use the power of the purse and the subpoena to get the job done. Now you know who really deserves any credit at all:

Why Kevin McCarthy Must Not Become Speaker of the House

The facts, when examined objectively, make a case that is irrefutable.

When Kevin McCarthy joined the leadership the debt was $11 trillion, now it is $32 trillion. Time and time again Obamacare, Benghazi, illegal domestic surveillance, Devin Nunes getting subpoena power to get to the bottom on the Trump/Russia hoax, FBI/DoJ corruption, etc. Kevin McCarthy, with some of the other Republican leadership, joined with Democrats to steamroll Republicans.

McCarthy abused leadership PAC funds, which is our money, to back invertebrate candidates in open seats, when said invertebrates lost Kevin cut off funds from the conservative winners and let them twist in the wind and get outspent by Democrats up to 10-1. Because of what McCarthy did Republicans lost between 5-15 close House races that  could have been won, but he was afraid those challengers would oppose the “uniparty.”

Instead of having an open floor debates in the House and Senate as the Founders intended, we have a backroom deals where everything is decided behind closed doors – so that way the status quo remains the status quo.

The House and Senate were designed for open floor debate and floor fights over the issues, just like “Mr. Smith Goes to Washington.”

Now the narrative has so changed that we must abandon regular order just so we don’t see vigorous debates on TV? Anyone who adopts that narrative put out by the corporate media is doing something wrong.

The leadership of both parties has so bastardized the rules that the entire process has no transparency. Bills are no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments have been allowed to be introduced to bills on the House floor in years. No one sees bills until an hour before they are supposed to be voted on. It has to stop.