Jesse Watters & Tucker Carlson Have a Field Day Over New Evidence FBI, Other Agencies, Engaged in Election Interference

Jesse Watters and Tucker Carlson have two of their best shows ever exposing and having fun with the news of more evidence dropping how FBI, and now other government agencies, interfered in our elections, including telling social media to censor information they knew was true. 

Tucker also has two great segments on the coordinated information warfare being waged on the American people by a coalition of the Democratic Party, their allies in the corporate media and government agencies they have weaponized. This is the same type of information warfare used to cause the “color revolutions” the CIA uses to destabilize foreign governments as they did to Ukraine in 2014.

The videos at the bottom go into more details about this information warfare. Scott Adams has fun with the corporate press going on and on about how “Donald Trump had documents.” The corporate press makes it’s living leaking classified information and classified documents given to them from all these “anonymous sources.”

Former FBI Director James Comey took notes on his meetings with Trump, which belong to the government and are classified, modified them, and leaked them on purpose. Yet he is cherished as a hero. 

Of course all of this “narrative” skips over the fact that the Espionage Act and the various records acts cannot apply to a president as has been found in the courts again and again. 

Alex Berenson Says Discovery Documents Show His Twitter Ban Came From the White House.

Kash Patel Former Chief of Staff for the House Intelligence Committee

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