Tucker: Did the CIA engineer Watergate to take out Nixon because like JFK he challenged the Intelligence Community?

NOTE: The Church Committee hearings revealed that CIA’s domestic operations along with their FBI counterparts in COINTELPRO took political dirty tricks to a dark and disturbing level. This includes break-ins, forgeries, planting of false evidence to engage in election interference, psy-ops, colluding with corporate media, and illegal human medical experimentation. They sent disturbing letters to MLK in an effort to get him to commit suicide. They also murdered journalists and certain political operatives. If you are inclined to think “our government wouldn’t do that” we recommend you watch the hearings and see for yourself.

Tucker Carlson grew up in Washington DC and knows pretty much everyone. Yours truly met Tucker long before Tucker was on Fox. His ability to remember even the most obscure people is amazing. The first time I met Tucker I mentioned that I had a college publication and as soon as I mentioned the name of it he put his hand on my chest and called my by my first name. I was stunned. He knew who I was. I mention this not just in the interest of full disclosure, but to tell you something about Tucker and the kind of guy he is. 

Before we get into the meat of this story some back ground is required. Remember when Tucker accused the NSA of spying on his text messages and emails? People said he was nuts but in time he was proved correct about this. 

Someone, a patriot in the intelligence community (IC) who has knowledge of the inner workings of the NSA, alerted Tucker about the spying and NSA’s intention to leak what they find. Days later, the contents of his emails and text messages were leaked to Axios

Tucker Carlson is the number one rated news/commentary show and considering the volumes of people on both sides of the isle he is friendly with, it is virtually certain there are several intelligence community sources leaking to Carlson, just as 20 FBI Agents have come to Congress to blow the whistle on the illegal activities of the Biden Administration. 

Tucker Carlson was then leaked information about the CIA’s involvement in the JFK as assignation.  

Information has been piling up, leaked, discovered and released, for years showing the Intelligence Community involvement in the killing of President Kennedy. Congress passed a law requiring all of the documents the CIA has on the event to be released. The CIA has been slow walking the release of these documents by releasing a few thousand a year, these releases contained evidence and clues showing that Lee Oswald was certainly military intelligence and later worked as a contractor of some kind for the CIA.

NOTE: there are thousands of articles, documentaries and books examining this evidence which readers can easily find for themselves. Numerous polls show that most people believe the intelligence community was involved in the JFK’s murder.  

Like the Clintons, the IC have lawyers and other experts who are trained to not leave smoking gun evidence just paying around for anyone to pick up, yet overtime there has been plenty of evidence that makes connecting the dots less and less difficult (More video showing “connecting of the dots” will appear at the bottom of this column).  

The 1991 Oliver Stone’s JFK film was derided by the corporate media as fan fiction. Over the years as more documents have been released and more evidence discovered it has become more clear that the film was at least directionally accurate.

Recent document releases have confirmed the main premise of the film, that Clay Shaw, who was alleged to have a peripheral role in the plot both in the film and by New Orleans District Attorney Jim Garrison, was confirmed by the CIA as having worked for them as a contractor after decades of denials.  


Tucker Carlson – How the intelligence community took out Nixon because he knew about CIA’s involvement in the JFK murder and it looks like Joe Biden is next because he has outlived his usefulness.

Having seen the report above, there is no question that Tucker could not have connected these dots and put this narrative together on his own. We speculate that someone is feeding him this information. 

Tucker is correct that four out of the five “Plumbers” were CIA. Former CIA operative E. Howard Hunt was known as a ruthless operative. Hunt was always believed to have had a bench warming role in the JFK plot. Hunt was the personal assistant to former CIA Director Allen Dulles and admitted to the Church Committee that he engaged in dirty tricks to smear candidate John F. Kennedy.

In September 1971, Hunt forged and offered to a Life magazine reporter top-secret State Department cables designed to prove that President Kennedy had personally and specifically ordered the assassination of Ngo Dinh Diem and his brother Ngo Dinh Nhu. Hunt told the Senate Watergate Committee in 1973 that he had fabricated the cables to show a link between President Kennedy and the assassination of Diem, a Catholic, to estrange Catholic voters from the Democratic party, after Colson suggested he “might be able to improve upon the record.”

In 1977 Bill O’Reilly interviewed former CIA operative and Watergate Plumber Frank Sturgis who tells a similar story as Tucker Carlson. At the time, Sturgis was considered to be one of the most dangerous men in the world.

The only Watergate Plumber who did “hard time” was the only one who was not former CIA and would not turn against Nixon and that was G. Gordon Liddy.

Tucker is quite right that FBI Deputy Director Mark Felt was the head of a program called COINTELPRO which was a series of covert illegal projects designed to surveille, infiltrate, discredit, and disrupt domestic American political figures and organizations. 

An example of their handy work, COINTELPRO sent highly disturbing threatening letters to Dr. Martin Luther King pressuring him to commit suicide. 

Here is that letter: 

Below are the “connecting the dots” video’s we mentioned above.