Intelligence Community /w Democrat Operatives Formed Pressure Group “Hamilton 68” to Falsely Accuse Americans of Being Under Russian Influence

It is no secret that accusations accusing Donald Trump of working with Russia to rig the 2016 election were a hoax. Democrat operatives along with members of the FBI/DoJ/CIA/NSC and the House Intelligence Committee actively conspired to manufacture evidence against Trump on multiple fronts and put the country through three years of lies, phony accusations and investigations when they knew from day one it was a fabrication.

Hamilton 68 was the social media wing of a pressure group called Alliance Securing Democracy, and their job was to manufacture a narrative that the Russians were launching massive influence campaigns on social media, but the people they were accusing of being Russians were run of the mill Republicans and politically minded Americans who questioned or opposed their Democrat Party/corporate media narratives.

Released internal Twitter emails show that even Twitter knew that Hamilton 68 was a fraud, but since they were working with the Intelligence Community they went along with it anyways. 

Matt Taibbi has this latest thread showing these emails and documents. 

RNC Still Owned by Donors Wishing to Maintain the Uniparty Status Quo

The recent elections at the Republican National Committee show real problems for the grass roots and the success of the party.

There were many RNC Committeeman who were in abject fear of opposing Ronna McDaniel  in favor of Harmeet Dhillon in fear of having their states punished by cuts of RNC funds. This is why it is important to support your local party if it is competent and donate to individual candidates you trust. 

The RNC has been less than generous in supporting reform minded Republican challengers. So much so that many have accused the RNC of rather having Democrats win elections over reform minded Republicans. 

Grassroots voters and donors have also not forgotten how the RNC raised over $300 million to help Trump fight election integrity battles (we all received those fund raising emails), but kept that money while pressuring Trump’s lawyers to stop opposing Democrats in court. 

The RNC under Ronna McDaniel has not been a good steward of your money. They even had the RNC election at a Waldorf Astoria resort, one of the most expensive in the country. 

Charlie Kirk was at the RNC election:

To her credit, Ronna McDaniel is trying to mend fences and seems to be aware that the grass roots overwhelmingly supported Harmeet. 

Church Committee Hearings: How FBI Illegally Waged Dirty Tricks Campaigns Against MLK & Other Political Groups

The abuses by the CIA and the FBI revealed in the Church Committee Hearings are breathtaking. It is no surprise that the corporate media never talks about what these hearings revealed. They have been effectively memory holed.

Unfortunately, as stomach turning as the facts revealed by congressional investigators were, only a portion of the CIA/FBI’s crimes were revealed as they destroyed documents and lied, even under oath, at almost every turn. 

This is not to say that there were not some communist groups, some backed by Russia and/or China, in the United States that were dangerous and were legitimate national security threats, there were. But almost any political group or individual who the FBI decided was “no good” was given the same treatment as genuine national security threats.

These enemies of the FBI and the CIA included Dr. Martin Luther King, run of the mill local “women’s lib” groups, actors, journalists and more.

The spying and dirty tricks campaigns, or shall we simply call it “The Treatment” even included groups that were anti-communist such as the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE) who was the premier civil rights organization from the 1940’s through the 1980’s. CORE was aligned with the National Rifle Association so no one could make a legitimate case that they were not patriotic. The left often criticized CORE for not being radical enough.

Jean Seberg

Actress Jean Seberg made a monetary contribution to the Black Panther Party. FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover decided to ruin her life by ordering a 10 year long dirty tricks campaign against her. This included planting false stories in Newsweek and other press organizations. This caused her to be virtually blacklisted by Hollywood. When she was pregnant they planted false stories in the press that she was having affairs and that a prominent Black Panther was the father of her unborn baby. The stress of the ongoing dirty tricks campaign caused her to go into premature labor causing the death of her baby. 

FBI Order to Embarrass Jean Seberg and “Cheapen Her Image.”

Seberg eventually fled the country, staying and France and Italy, so the CIA took up where the FBI left off. The harassment campaign continued until she took her own life in 1979.

The FBI also maintained a “security index” of persons who should be placed into concentration camps with no habeas corpus. While many on the index were certainly from dangerous and subversive organizations, many were simple political activists. Congress authorized no such plans. 

Senator Phil Hart said during hearing that people close to him were telling him these activities were going on and he just didn’t believe it because he thought “the govt just wouldn’t do it.”

Deputy Director of the FBI James Adams testified in the hearings and tried to obfuscate as best he could about how the FBI waged a campaign to try and get Dr. Martin Luther King to kill himself. One of the letters the FBI sent Dr. King is shown below the video:




The Church Committee Hearings resulted in a Final Report that was six books long plus supplemental reports.

No, We Will Not Default On the Debt. Speaker McCarthy Comes Out Swinging.

There are politicians in both parties who just want to spend, spend, spend. They say falsely, that if we don’t ourrow and spend more we will default on the debt.

The United States Government takes in enough money every day to service the interest on the debt and to pay social security and retirements. Those who say differently are either ignorant of this or just lying.

The way CNN and much of the corporate media frames it, the fact that some Republicans want to get the outrageous growth in discretionary spending under control means they are the ones causing a debt crisis. They use word soup to keep you from realizing it but bring up the tope five corporate media articles on debt default and see for yourself. 

That said, current spending growth is out of control and unsustainable, if this problems is not fixed within the coming years risk of a default can become genuine. 

America can adopt policies that make the country wealthy such as selling energy, wood, coal, natural gas and other products we have more of than we could ever use. We could create a regulatory environment that promotes domestic manufacturing. Making products that are in demand literally creates wealth. We can also do more to stop China form stealing our intellectual property – Democrats keep undermining those efforts.  

Speaker Kevin McCarthy seems to have had enough: