Facebook Exec Admits Illegal Censorship Coordination /w Biden Administration

The government, much to the distress of the Democratic Party, may not regulate most forms of speech and that especially includes political, cultural and religious speech. 

Government may not pay, influence, coerce or coordinate private companies to act as their agents to regulate protected speech. This illegal behavior is exactly what has happened. 

This censorship is blatantly partisan. Time and time again accurate speech about politics or the COVID vaccine were removed as “misinformation.” Yet when President Biden falsely said repeatedly that if you get the poke you wont get COVID, which is a straight up lie, his misinformation was not censored or even labeled as false. 

Facebook Executive Chris Cox not only admits this is happening in testimony before the Unites States Senate, but seems quite proud of it. Senator Josh Hawley is stunned by his brazen justification of the indefensible.

A lawsuit against several BigTech companies by several state attorney generals generated discovery documents that unveiled a vast censorship enterprise between social media companies such as Facebook and the Biden Administration including weekly meetings and instructions on who to censor, 

We encourage readers to examine our other reports on Facebook and BigTech censorship and propaganda efforts HERE

Speaking of whopping disinformation for partisan reasons…

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