Democrats/Corporate Media in Fits Over New House “Church Committee” Hearings to Investigate FBI/CIA

The Church Committee Hearings from the 1970’s revealed that CIA’s domestic operations along with their FBI counterparts in COINTELPRO took political dirty tricks to a dark and disturbing level.

How disturbing? The list includes illegal domestic break-ins, forgeries, planting of false evidence to engage in election interference, psy-ops, colluding with corporate media to lie to Americans, and ran covert programs that engaged in illegal human medical experimentation.

They sent disturbing letters to MLK in an effort to get him to commit suicide.  They sent letter to target’s houses designed to break up their marriages. They murdered journalists and certain political operatives. If you are inclined to think “our government wouldn’t do that” we recommend you watch the hearings and see for yourself.

Now we have a situation where the intelligence community is interfering with elections again. The Trump/Russia hoax was a cooperative effort to frame Trump as being in league with Russian President Vladimir Putin. It was all false and they put the country through years of hell in the process. 

We know from emails and internal documents from Twitter and various government agencies including the CIA, FBI and Homeland Security, that Twitter, as well as other social media platforms, have been doing their bidding. This includes the banning and/or shadow banning of users, journalists, and medical professionals who went against the Democrat’s phony COVID narratives. Thousands of Americans were silenced in the name of protecting us from Russian influence.

Those who suffered COVID “vaccine” injuries were also censored. 

This censorship included the silencing of the New York Post and most of corporate media who lied to the American people for two years about the authenticity of Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop that detailed the crimes of not just Hunter Biden, but the grifting and crimes of the Biden family.

Democrats and their allies in the corporate media are panicking that House Republicans are bringing back the Church Hearings to get to the bottom of the intelligence community’s crimes and election meddling. 

Tucker Carlson has details and the footage of Democrats and their corporate media allies being most unhappy: