Facebook “Fact Checker’s” Brazen Deception About Cell Phone Technology Used by Law Enforcement to Track Idaho Killer’s Movements

Many of you have seen this tweet from country music superstar John Rich:

Facebook and their notoriously dishonest “fact checkers” have declared this to be false. We use the word notorious because when taken to court over their lies, FaceBook “fact checkers” argued to the court that their fact checks are “rhetorical hyperbole” that no reasonable person takes as actual fact. 


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Facebook’s “fact checker” starts off with this biased and ridiculous line: 

Cellphone data used by the “2,000 Mules” election denier movie and by Idaho police were not “the exact same,” as a tweet claimed.

Facebook’s “fact checker” knows full well most people will not read passed the headline and get into the weeds of the story. When you get into the weeds of their claim  their big difference is that 2000Mules bought the cell phone data and police used a subpoena to get it, “so it wasn’t the exactly same”…. we are not making this up: 

The movie used aggregated, anonymized cellphone location data that was purchased. Idaho police used a subpoena to obtain data specifically for the phone of the suspected killer…

Of course what Facebook’s “fact checker” leaves out is that the technology used is exactly the same. They use a misleading headline combined with burying the lead to create a false narrative. One would have to work hard to get more dishonest.

Here are reports from The New York Post, USA Today, NBC and Fox explaining how the killer’s cell dats and tower pings were used to track his movements: