AIM Catches 150 School District’s Teachers/Admins Bragging About Illegally Teaching Critical Race Theory. Just Change the Name and Lie About It (video)

Just in case you think this is not going on in your kid’s school. 

Accuracy in Media (AIM) has more HERE

In Georgia CRT is banned, but school districts are still buying CRT curriculum but just calling it a different name. 

In Virginia, Marxist “equity” demands that you discriminate against high performing students, especially Asians. So students who were given National Merit Scholarships for high academic performance were not told about it.

Governor Glenn Youngkin comments: 

College Board’s AP Black History Curriculum So Insane It Must be Seen to be Believed.

Parents have heard about insane communist and other looney curriculum being taught in many schools these days, but still many parents continue to think “not in my kid’s school.” Parents might think the opposite after seeing this. 

This is from the Florida Department of Education and it is a list of what is included the College Board’s AP African American Studies curriculum:

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As you can see, it contains CRT, queer theory, anti-capitalism and other forms of Marxist indoctrination. 

The dishonest corporate media, CNN being the worst of them, accused Governor DeSantis of banning Black History studies. The truth is that a black history course is mandatory in the curriculum law passed by Republicans in Florida, but of course it really has to be “black history.” 

CNN’s approach here is so typical, “You are a fascist. Care to comment?”