US backed Biolabs in Ukraine story is not a hoax. Here is the evidence. UPDATED – Tulsi Gabbard Responds

UPDATE June 10, 2022 – After denying the labs exist and lying about them for months, the Department of Defense has admitted that the labs are there….but now they are expecting us to believe a new story, including the guile of accusing other countries of spreading misinformation about them. 

Senator Obama in Kiev, Ukraine being shown a tray of weaponized Anthrax. Source : Andrew Weber with the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (shown right). This is one of the biolabs corporate media, “fact-checkers” and the Biden Administration claimed do not exist.

UPDATE – Tulsi Gabbard:

UPDATE II – Independent Journalist Ivory Hecker finds an American PR video putting a positive spin about US built biolabs (that don’t exist) but they admit they are “storing dangerous biological pathogens created in the Soviet Union”  – but after all these years why not destroy them?

Below is another video from the US Cooperative Threat Reduction Program about a US Built biolab in Georgia (bordering Russia). On one hand they say they are working on food and animal health research and later in the video they say they have extremely dangerous pathogens on site.

What is the US Department of Defense doing funding food and animal health research? Hmmm.  Are you buying this? Like we don’t have food and animal health in our own country?

“Food and animal health research” and we need to maintain Soviet bioweapons to do that? And we simply MUST do it just a short drive from the border of an enemy nuclear super power.

Keep in mind that just a few weeks ago our own government, the “fact checkers” and the corporate media said that these labs do not exist.


The Nunn-Lugar Act of 1991 was designed to secure and dismantle Soviet era nuclear/biological/chemical warfare programs. The act created the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program (CTRP) to accomplish this goal.

Specifically, according to the Center for Arms Control and Non-Proliferation their mission is: 

1 – Dismantle Former Soviet Union (FSU)’s Weapons of Mass Destruction (WMD) and associated infrastructure.

2 – Consolidate and secure FSU WMD and related technology and materials.

3 – Increase transparency and encourage higher standards of conduct in adherence to nuclear agreements and nonproliferation activity.

4 – Support defense and military cooperation with the objective of preventing proliferation.

Click to Enlarge

Somehow, sometime, some way, that mission was changed into preserving and continuing that research while maintaining weaponized agents and biologicals. 

They did this in Ukraine, one of the most corrupt and dangerous places in the world to maintain such biologicals agents. The shear stupidity of what the United States government has been caught doing is breathtaking. After the global COVID pandemic such a lab could endanger the entire world. 

These labs are not a conspiracy theory. Rather, evidence of these labs was not difficult to find even on some of our own government web sites. 

Robert Pope, the former head of the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program spoke to the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Pope claims that while they have weaponized strains frozen in these labs, they are not biological weapons programs, they are there to study the strains terrorists or foreign countries might use. 

You see the problem with such logic. They are maintaining bioweapons strains, just not for the purpose of bioweapons use, but they are still weaponized strains, in one of the most corrupt places in the world, which happens to border a nuclear super power. What could go wrong?

Report from the Journal on Geopolitics and International Relations on US backed biolabs in Ukraine – LINK

Lara Logan is likely the best war and national security journalist in the world: 

Becker News has more of these government documents HERE.

The New York Times revealed the existence of these labs in 2001 describing how the US is skirting international treaties banning such research: 

Washington Post: U.S. to Aid Ukraine in Countering Bioweapons:

Really, 2005 and still not cleaned up yet? So much for the labs being a conspiracy theory. 

The first tip off that the Biden Administration was lying to us was the poor quality of the lies they were telling. First, the story was that these labs don’t exist.

But Victoria Nuland, the State Department Ukraine Czar, was asked in under oath testimony in front of the Senate if Ukraine had biological and chemical weapons. Nuland ignored the question and answered a different question, which indicates that the answer to Senator Rubio’s question is “yes.” Nuland’s answer was a bombshell. See below:

Nuland’s bombshell admission that “Ukraine has biological research facilities” that are dangerous enough to warrant concern that they could fall into Russian hands.

Then the story changed. The labs exist, but they are old Soviet Era labs that we are helping to clean up.

The Soviet Union collapsed 30 years ago, the labs still are not cleaned up yet? 

Then the story changed to, Well no, the clean up started in 2005 in accordance with the Nunn-Lugar Act.

Okay, so in 17 years you could not clean up the labs, and the research that is STILL onsite is so bad, according to Victoria Nuland, that we fear that the Russians will get a hold of it. If it was Soviet era should they not have it already?

The story from the Biden Administration keeps changing depending on who you ask.

Glenn Greenwald’s detailed report on the Ukrainian biolabs is HERE

Andrew Weber with the Cooperative Threat Reduction Program:

China as well as Russia are demanding answers. China wants to know why the United States is not allowing UN weapons inspectors to inspect these labs:


A list of biolabs around the world from the National Institute of Health includes labs in Ukraine – LINK


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