Watch Biden’s Nominees for Federal Judge Fail Basic Questions About the Constitution.

Senator John Kennedy exposes what happens when political hacks are nominated to be a judge instead of great legal minds….or even mediocre legal minds. In this case it is like this nominee never went to law school. 

Yours truly is a political researcher and a journalist and I knew the answers to these questions. There is no excuse for this. Charnelle Bjelkengren should not be confirmed by the Senate and after this performance anyone who votes for her is knowingly confirming someone grossly unqualified to sit on the bench.

While even most average citizens can tell you what Article II and Article V of the Constitution do, “Purposivism” is a legal interpretive theory that says alongside the text of a statute (or sometimes even ignoring it), the intended purpose of a statute in context should also be examined when interpreting/applying the law. This is related to what people say about how “the law” and “the law as applied” are too often very different things. 

Judicial Nominee Brookman scored a 50% on his attempt to define “Originalism”. He leaves out, through ignorance, that Originalism looks at the history and the writings of the Founders, or whoever wrote said law in question, in order to determine their perspective as to a law’s interpretation and application. Purposivism and Originalism are among the basics of constitutional legal interpretation which is the bread and butter of a federal judge. 

Nominee Merchant does a little better at answering the question and then Senator John Kennedy, rather brilliantly, starts playing rope-a-dope with the three nominees to test their confidence.

Lastly, Senator Kennedy asks about the “Independent state legislature theory” which basically means that Article I, Section 4 of the Constitution (AKA the Elections Clause)  says what it means and means what it says – that the time, place and manner of voting is up to individual state legislatures with federal and state courts, governors, secretaries of state or boards of election having no say.

The issue is in front of the Supreme Court right now and none of them are aware of it. It is believed that the court will uphold the simple text of the Elections Clause  6-3.

Lauren Boebert Passes First Open Floor Amendment in the House Since 2016 /w Bipartisan Support. See What Her New Law Does.

We have not had “regular order” in the House of Representatives for years.

The result was that Bills were no longer marked up in public committee hearings, no amendments were allowed to be introduced. No debates on the House Floor. Members could just appoint someone else to vote for them who stayed at the Capital so Members did not even have to show up for work.  No one even saw most proposed legislation until an hour before they were supposed to be voted on. Changing this is what the 20 hold outs in the Speaker fight were demanding.

Democrats call Lauren Boebert a dumb bimbo who should have an Only Fans account. The video below puts truth to that lie.  

INSANITY: Pfizer Scientist Admits Making New COVID Virus’ In Hopes of Pre-Inventing New Treatments. Project Veritas Video.

This is a threat to the public health. This is not all that different from what the Wuhan Lab was doing, so says the Pfizer scientist caught on camera.

Think of the poor animals who are suffering because of these experiments and of course the threat to public health.

Says the scientist, Pfizer is a revolving door of employing (paying) government officials so they do not get regulated or legislated against.

Many thanks to Project Veritas.

UPDATE: And of course YouTube moves to censor to help protect Pfizer. So here is the RUMBLE link to the video:

UPDATE – Corporate Media/BigTech moves to censor: